Friday, April 1, 2011

San Jose Purchases San Francisco!

When one of the most egregious accounting errors of the 21st century came to light earlier this week and it was revealed that San Jose is actually running an undisclosed surplus for 2011, many wondered how this new found wealth would be spent. This morning it was announced that San Jose would be purchasing the city of San Francisco. After being pounded by budget deficits up to a half billion year after year, sources say the deal was a bargain for San Jose.

While no immediate changes are planned, there appears to be talks of a potential name change to mark the change in ownership. The San Jose city council have been tossing around options such as San Josisco, El Puble de San Francisco de San Jose, Almost Silicon Valley, and New Alviso.  Mayor Chuck Reed stated "We'll probably narrow it down to our top 2, then flip a coin."

More info to come as the story breaks!