Monday, May 31, 2010

Tons of Downtown Events Kicking Off Soon!

It's time for another round of summer events in Downtown San Jose, and this year's lineup is as strong as ever! Even the sluggish economy and late-blooming summer weather isn't enough to slow us down. With high-rise condos starting to fill up and the word getting out that Downtown is a safe, dynamic, and exciting place to be, I wouldn't be surprised if attendance records are broken this year. Here is some info straight from the SJDA on what to look forward to over the next couple weeks:

• Dine Downtown June 2 - 12, with the wonderful "City Bites" sampler kickoff, June 2 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
• Music in the Park June 3, with Cold War Kids kicking off the series
• Downtown Doors reception, June 4, 5 p.m.
• SubZero, June 4 - special 'First Fridays' - the SJDA is working on this in conjunction with their friends at Anno Domini and the SoFA committee
• Starlight Cinemas, June 9 - First movie will be "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in San Pedro Square; series will move throughout downtown Wednesdays through the summer
• The Farmers' Market on San Pedro Square will continue as well!

Tomorrow I'll have the final list of restaurants participating in the Dine Downtown event kicking off on Wednesday. I know at least one new one has been added to the list since the last time I posted!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"A taste of Vegas in Silicon Valley?"

DLO from SJ21 found a great article in the Merc about a major casino development where Garden City would move to a new location less than a mile away from Bay 101. However, the new building would be much more than a casino (or card-club technically). It would be a $100m+ project featuring a 600-room upscale hotel, a theater for live acts, and several restaurants including one tied to a celebrity chef crowning a 15-story glass tower. Definitely an interesting read. Click here for the full article!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Chance to Get a Little Italy San Jose Brick!

Want to preserver your family legacy and contribute to one of the most exciting projects in San Jose right now? There is only one week left where you can purchase a Little Italy brick engraved with your information or a message of your choosing. The bricks will be placed in Piazza Piccola Italia, which is the centerpiece of the Little Italy project. Picture a beautiful courtyard trellis featuring olive trees, lemon trees, and a fountain all surrounded by historic Victorian homes. This is the place where musicians, singers, and wine tastings occur according to the Little Italy website.

$100 really is a very reasonable amount to pay for something like this, especially considering where the bricks are going to be located. That amount is also tax deductible, so really you're looking at a net $50-70 cost... that's pretty much what you'll pay for a single dinner for two. To order your brick, click here!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sante Grill!

I finally got to chance to try out Downtown's newest restaurant (twice actually). Located between Starbucks and what will soon be an expanded La Vic's, Sante Grill fills an important retail gap on Santa Clara Street at the entrance of San Pedro Square.

Sante Grill is a quick food concept focused on healthy eats. There's no fryer in the back as even the French fries are air baked. The first thing I noticed when walking in was a nutritional guide on the wall listing the calorie/fat/sodium content of the entire menu. Many of the numbers were shockingly low. In fact they have an entire set of complete meals under 360 calories. Even more shocking was that the food actually tastes good despite being in the "healthy" category. The wraps and salads we tried were delicious, as were the sides of fries, mashed yams, and crispy string beans (tastes like tempura, but they're baked and something like 130 calories). Next time I think I'll try the portabella sliders.

The icing on the (lowfat) cake is that they are open until midnight on Fri and Sat. While this is their first and only location, there is also a rumor that they are planning to open a second store in Palo Alto. Will this continue the legacy of Downtown San Jose launching new chains? (Togo's, Sonoma Chicken, Iguana's, and I'm sure there are more).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Jose Sharks: A Short Reflection of the 2010 Season.

As an avid Sharks fan, it is never easy to see their elimination from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, especially since they have shown terrific promise this year. Despite the less-than-desired exit, one cannot say the Sharks “performed badly post-season as usual” or “failed to perform” this year. The team had a fantastic year, finishing first in the Western Conference (second overall in the NHL), and advancing to the Conference Finals of the playoffs, falling short only to another incredibly strong team; one that had been seeded behind the Sharks by only one point. In the process, fans saw some huge wins, and had witnessed some very talented and contributive individuals. We have watched players such as defenseman Dan Boyle, arguably the best offensive defenseman to play today, new star Joe Pavelski, the Sharks’ current top clutch player, and the usual suspects Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Dany Heatley lighting up and entertaining the home crowd. Say what you want about Dany Heatley, but his regular season performance was what helped push the Sharks to their top seed in the first place. With some well-needed rest and off-season training, there is no doubt the Sharks will return to the next season ready to go.

In addition, there was veteran captain Rob Blake, rock solid forward Ryane Clowe, star rookie Logan Couture, faceoff and forechecking king Manny Malhotra, goal clincher Devin Setoguchi, and workaholic Scott Nichol – all with amazing seasons. Never have I been so amped to watch the Sharks play hockey, because this year, they were really good.

As many of you know, the Sharks have typically fared well in the regular season the past few years. Now, it is up to the team to find out how to properly play in clutch situations. Besides the obvious conclusion about needing the “want” and the “hunger” to win, here are a few observations I have made concerning the Sharks that could help them in future playoff seasons:

1) The Sharks need more snipers. A sniper is a player that can, quite literally, score at will if they are given the chance to have a decent shot. They have the ability to shoot fast and hard and and put the puck in just about any corner they wish. Unfortunately, the Sharks do not have a player that (specifically) fits this category, although there are a lot of good shooters on the team. Sharks’ goals are mainly scored from wonderful puck handling plays, tip-ins, and close range shots. If the Sharks can get at least one, possibly two players in this category, they can put together lethal scoring lines. It is evident the Sharks lack snipers mainly due to their typical dominance of the “shots on goal” counter but not necessarily the scoreboard.

2) The Sharks need to improve some aspects of their defensive game. This is not to take a jab at the skill level of the Sharks’ current defensive lines. (As a defenseman myself, I idolize players like Dan Boyle.) However, it is important to improve where the Sharks failed to perform well. In particular, and especially when watching other teams with terrific defensive configurations, the Sharks must do a better job of choking up the slot and covering shooters. Most of the goals scored against the Sharks were from lines rushing into the zone, passing the puck in ways to open up shooters, where one would be able to rip a shot either from the high slot or in another lethal shooting zone. I found that the Habs (Montreal Canadiens) did this very well after watching their games so far this series. Being able to play well in this manner will diminish the amount of shots on the Sharks net.

3) The Sharks need more big hitters (enforcers, if you will). Although the Sharks have had some in the past, like current New York Rangers forward Jody Shelley, there is currently no dedicated enforcer, at least one that I know of. Enforcers need not essentially fight all the time, but be the ones to line up players of the opposing team to deliver hits. Players like Joe Thornton may be able to dish out some pretty massive hits, however he is primarily known for his ability to play as a power forward and set up some great plays. What the Sharks need is, more or less, a dedicated enforcer, sent out on the ice to rile the other team up. The Blackhawks, for instance, found their heavy enforcer in forward Ben Eager, who on many occasions would throw his massive frame around to knock some unsuspecting Sharks players off of the puck and on to the ice.

Although I am sure there are more subtle details on how the Sharks could have improved their game, these three stuck out huge. It is one thing to have some fantastic players, but it is another to have the complete package. Especially when faced against an incredibly fast Chicago Blackhawks team, having some players with specific roles are what are needed to have pure competition.

From the spectator’s standpoint, there may have been some players who did not perform up to expectations during the playoffs, however all can change next season. I have the confidence the Sharks will put together a massively powerful team this year to become a top contender for the next year’s Stanley Cup. Although the Sharks may have some work to do, it is up to you, the FANS, to continue your diehard support for your local team, and keep rocking the teal!

Remember, San Jose is not just home to Silicon Valley…it is also the Sharks Territory!

Thank you for all of your support this year! There is a reason opponents loathe playing games at the coveted HP Pavilion: it’s because of you, the fans, showing your support, and making it known that our team, the San Jose Sharks, are a force to be reckoned with!

2010 NHL Playoffs: History in the Making?

It makes me wonder. What if the fans of the Montreal Canadiens gave up on their team when they trailed three games to one? What if the fans of the Philadelphia Flyers gave up on their team when they trailed three games to none? How fitting that the “History Will Be Made” theme is for the NHL Playoffs this year. Some of the best teams have been knocked off and some of the most amazing comebacks in history have been made.

Sharks fans have already watched the first three games versus the Blackhawks: seen the Sharks’ fantastic puck control, backchecking, and getting more shots on net. Everything has been going in favor of the Sharks – except the score sheet, and in some cases, the fans. For instance, many of you gave up on Dan Boyle when he inadvertently shot the puck into his own net in Denver during an overtime of Game Three versus the Colorado Avalanche, yet since then he has demonstrated to be one of the strongest players and contributors on the Sharks, making brilliant defensive plays and tallying points in every game thereafter that series.

As Sharks fans, we must continue to cheer on our team with the same great intensity as we do when the Sharks have momentum when playing at the HP Pavilion, much like Game Five, at home, versus the Detroit Red Wings.

The Sharks know what they need to do. It is not a matter of who is more skilled, but who wants it more. The want to make it all the way, no matter how steep the uphill battle may be. While the Sharks can do it, they cannot do it without your support. Let us start with a win in Chicago to bring the series back home!

What if Sharks fans gave up on their team? History will be made.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other Retail Openings in San Jose (Non-Downtown)

The Alameda Neighborhood Business District

New Retail Openings:
• The Usuals – 1020 The Alameda
• Elefante Blanco – 1343 The Alameda

Retail Under Construction:
• Beauty Salon – 1345 The Alameda - Opening 3rd Quarter 2010

North 13th Street Neighborhood Business District

Retail Under Construction:
• Apatzingan Mercado – 901 Oakland Road - Opening 2nd Quarter 2010

Story Road Neighborhood Business District

Retail in Permitting Phase:
• Fox’s Pizza Den – 1698 Story Road #40 - Opening 2nd Quarter
• Nubi Yogurt – 1698 Story Road #20 - Opening 2nd Quarter 2010
• Metro PCs – 1698 Story Road #60 - Opening 2nd Quarter 2010
• Bank of America – 1107 S. King Road - Opening 2nd Quarter 2010

West San Carlos St. Neighborhood Business District

Retail Under Construction:
• Moda Italia (expansion) - 350 Bird Avenue - Opening 2nd Quarter 2010

Winchester Business District

Retail Under Construction:
• Pho 24 Restaurant - 747 S. Winchester Blvd. (First Financial Plaza) – Opening 2nd Quarter 2010
• Game Place (retail/service) - 747 S. Winchester Blvd. (First Financial Plaza) – Opening 2nd Quarter 2010

Strong Neighborhoods Initiative Retail

Hoffman/Via Monte SNI Retail Under Construction:
• Whole Foods (Pueblo Plaza at Blossom Hill Road/Almaden Expressway) – Opening 3rd Quarter 2010

West Evergreen SNI New Retail Opening:
• Sonoma Chicken Coop – 1735 E. Capitol Expressway (former Bakers Square at Silver Creek Plaza)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharks Down 0-2 in the Conference Finals

I would like to begin by pointing out some simple facts about playing on the road by answering the following question: As an away team, what is the best way to silence an exuberant home crowd?

Score the first goal, and perhaps the second as well. As I was seated in the HP Pavilion for Game Two, that is exactly what had happened. Even with the extremely impressive pre-game display of Sharks highlights and the on-ice holographic display of swimming sharks and San Jose Sharks players, prompting fans to shake their pompoms and scream in playoff glory, it was not enough to curb the disappointment of the Chicago Blackhawk goals. Although my sister (who was seated right next to me) and I would sometimes start chanting, “Sharks! Let’s go Sharks!” and the video monitor scoreboard would display the “noise meter” with the “Get Playoff Loud!” text to get fans to scream and cheer on their home team, many of the fans around us remained quiet.

The solution, however, is clear, as the only way to get fans riled up and cheering is to score goals. No need for a noise meter, a screen prompt, or randomly starting to chant in support of the home team. Goals and maintaining leads are what make fans excited and loud. There is no doubt in my mind the Sharks love their home crowd, as one could easily see that the louder the loyal San Jose crowd gets, the better they play, which is why Sharks tend to score goals in bursts at home, building off of the supportive cheers after every goal.

Unfortunately, the Blackhawks used the silencing technique to their advantage in Game Two. Not only did they grab an early lead, they also (arguably) had the support of the referees, who through replays and reviews, clearly missed Blackhawks-executed penalties (such as the numerous interferences and the one jersey-grabbing instance) and called extremely questionable penalties on the Sharks. This did nothing but annoy the sellout home crowd, most of whom arrived with the expectation the Sharks would win. Who could blame them? The Sharks demonstrated in the first game that they were the better team as far as puck control and shots on net, despite losing by only one goal. Additionally, as the Sharks also demonstrated, they pulled off an epic playoff win against the powerful Detroit Red Wings, arguably a better and more dynamic team than the Blackhawks.

Even though the Sharks lost again at home, there were select members of the team that played very well (namely the Sharks’ second line of Pavelski-Malhotra-Setoguchi). Unfortunately, like Game One, shots tended to miss the net, players would hold on the puck too long, and there were several passes that either missed completely or sailed directly to the other team. Again, the Sharks outshot the Blackhawks, and rightly so, further pointing out that although 27 shots on net were recorded, I would surmise that several rebounds had not been counted in the Sharks’ favor. Blackhawks’ goaltender Antti Niemi again stood on his head, making unbelievable saves to help stun the Sharks a second time. On the other hand, Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov showed his anti-clutch performance side by allowing some weak shots into the net, notably Andrew Ladd’s wrist shot from the point with minimal screening as he entered the zone. Although I love it when Nabokov enters his hot streaks, it is unfortunate to sometimes see him crumble under pressure. With that being said, the Sharks really need to put focus on covering Blackhawk shooters and choking the front of the net to keep shots from getting through. Besides defenseman Dan Boyle, who seems to always have a solid performance, the Sharks’ defensemen did not have a stellar game, although it was nice to see veteran Rob Blake make a few nice breakout passes.

Despite heading to Chicago down by two games, the Sharks can still pull off a series win, but to do so, select players need to, quite literally, wake up and start acting like they are in the playoffs. So far, I have seen great plays and opportunities executed by the second line of Joe Pavelski, Manny Malhotra, and Devin Setoguchi, and they need to keep the pressure on. Although it was nice to see Patrick Marleau score the Sharks’ two goals, his line really needs to step it up if they want to continue their path of domination. In the case of star forward Dany Heatley, he really had not been on his game, and Joe Thornton needs to start shooting the puck instead of looking for passes. It is clear that more shots on the net will mean more goals, especially those that can go in but miss because either the player had bad aim or took to long to shoot.

I understand that shots need to be made from better angles, out of traffic (so the shot is neither blocked nor deflected by others in front of the net), and away from other players, which makes the Sharks’ in-zone passing game understandable. Additionally, I understand the game’s rules and how difficult it is to play hockey against the world’s best players. However, by watching some of the best teams, including the current Blackhawks lineup, shooting more when the opportunities exist (however momentarily) work to any team’s advantage. It does not need to take an Alexander Ovechkin or a Brett Hull to unleash wicked fast and accurate shots at the net. It takes focus, discipline, and the hunger to win.

To the fans of the San Jose Sharks: there is a lot of hockey left, as the series is far from over, so let us keep up our strong support and let us carry our team to eventual victory! Now that our Sharks understand how the Blackhawks play, it is time to execute our plan of attack and start winning games!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SJ77 - New Creative Writing Site Focused on San Jose

Feeling creative today? A new community writing site geared around our favorite city is just about ready to exit beta. Each week contributors have a specific topic to opine about, with one requirement... has to be 77 words or less. Also, the more poetic the better. So why don't you head on over to SJ77 and give a piece of your mind on this week's topic, The Convenience Store.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

San Pedro Square Market History

Sharks Narrowly Lose Game One

Game One of the Western Conference Finals is over and the Chicago Blackhawks emerge victorious, with the final score of 1-2 Blackhawks. The game may have been well played from both sides, although it was Blackhawks’ goaltender Antti Niemi who kept the Blackhawks in the game, and eventually in the lead. He allowed only one goal in 45 shots, many of the shots well placed and almost in the net. Only the shot from Jason Demers during the San Jose Sharks’ second power play was the lone goal that had been able to escape Niemi’s grasp. Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov too made some fantastic saves for the Sharks, although allowed what some would say easier shots, into the net. There is no question the goaltending had been outstanding during the game, further evidenced by Niemi and Nabokov becoming first and second stars of the game, respectively.

The Sharks may have learned the hard way the speed and powerful offense of the Blackhawks during Game One, however it was also clear the Sharks, when they wanted it, had an all-around more solid team, from offense to defense, and not simply weighed upon either the forwards or the defensemen. Sharks forward Joe Pavelski had been able to make some great plays and turnarounds during the game as well as defenseman Dan Boyle and the Marleau-Thornton-Heatley line. For now, it will be the matter of finding a way to beat goaltender Antti Niemi. While the Blackhawks played a powerful fast-paced offensive game, the Sharks made it clear they had been able to better control the puck, and that must be used to their advantage for the rest of the series.

Despite the stellar goaltending played by both sides, both teams played phenomenally well, showing off each sides’ offensive speed and playmaking abilities. Due to the relative evenness of the teams, a mistake made by either side could result in goals, as seen by the fans when the Sharks allowed the two goals against this afternoon. The Blackhawks’ first goal, scored by forward Patrick Sharp, resulted from a 3 on 2 where Sharp’s jittery shot had been able to sneak by the two Sharks defenseman and through the five hole (under the legs) of Nabokov. For the Blackhawks’ second goal, forward Dustin Byfuglien had been left wide open, and after receiving a nice pass from young star Patrick Kane, was able to comfortably sling a shot into the net from the slot.

Sharks fans need not be worried, however. This game looked extremely similar to the Sharks’ first game versus the Colorado Avalanche, the only other Sharks loss at home this playoff series, where they too lost 1-2. Additionally, the Sharks’ play looked similar, due to some highlighted puck giveaways, missed passes, and clear shots missing the net (without being blocked or deflected). Although the Sharks had the edge with puck possession in today’s game, they must, between today and Tuesday’s contest in San Jose, need to adapt and overcome the Blackhawks offense and start finding a way to get the puck past the Blackhawks’ Niemi, much similarly to the way they did versus the Avalanche’s Craig Anderson during the first series of the playoffs.

Remember, this is the playoffs, and only the conclusion to the first game this series. Anything can happen, as most of us have seen so far. Let us continue to cheer on our Sharks and lead them to victory!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ruffled Feathers Eatery Info!

A couple days ago I posted a list of new retail coming to Downtown San Jose in Q2 and Q3 of this year. An anonymous reader found the Ruffled Feathers Eatery Facebook page and suggested I take a look. Turns out Ruffled Feathers is taking over what used to be Asqew Grill (was Zing before that) in a heavily trafficked corner on First, right behind the Fairmont at 200 S. First St., Ste. 10. I asked a couple questions on Facebook and below was the response. Can't wait to try this place out!

Ruffled Feathers Eatery

"Hi Josh!
Ruffled Feathers Eatery will be serving delicious, nutritious, and affordable food. Our menu is filled with rotisserie chicken, salads, and pitas with a few pastas and pita pizzas to mix it up. We will also have an amazing dessert bar with treats ranging from fondue to cupcakes and frozen yogurt.

An important part of the restaurant will be that the produce will be locally grown when ever possible. This will ensure that it is always fresh as well as helping our local community.

We chose San Jose because it is the best city around, isn't it? After countless hours of searching for the right location, our corner spot had us jumping with joy when we found it. We are looking forward to meeting the locals, having a party, and eating that bird with you on the patio!

Please let us know if you have any more questions and we will be sure to keep you posted on our progress as we get closer to opening!"

If you guys have any questions, post em in the comments or head over to their Facebook page!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sharks’ Weeklong Rest Ends Sunday

After the Sharks’ deciding victory against the Detroit Red Wings last Saturday in San Jose, Sharks players were able to take some time off to rest and prepare for their next opponent in the next stage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (As seen here to the left, here is my friend pictured with Sharks star forward Dany Heatley at the Santana Row Starbucks earlier this week. From what I hear, he is very kind and personable, so thank you Dany for being such a good sport – now let’s see some continued dominance this series!) On Tuesday, NHL fans discovered that their opponent is to be the Chicago Blackhawks, after their victory over the Vancouver Canucks in Game Six in Vancouver. Although the Red Wings were arguably the strongest opponent for the Sharks in the playoffs, they should not underestimate the potential of the Blackhawks, the same team that had the upper hand on the Sharks during the regular season. This year, the Blackhawks have a young, fast team. Similar to the Sharks, the Blackhawks have powerful offensive lines with the ability to get the puck into the opposing team’s zone and position the puck well enough to score goals.

Rest aside, the playoffs are only halfway over, and eight games still must be won in order to achieve victory. Sunday begins the challenge against the obstacle that is the Chicago Blackhawks. Fortunately, the Sharks begin the series with two home games. It is time for Sharks fans to rally behind their team and help push them past the Blackhawks, another force to be reckoned with. Their forward line of Patrick Kane, captain Jonathan Toews, and Dustin Byfuglien have already demonstrated this playoff season they can score, and score well. Evgeni Nabokov must be completely on top of his game to defend against the onslaught of Blackhawks shots, Sharks defense must force the puck to go outside to keep the Blackhawks from shooting, and Sharks forwards must continue their dominant in-zone play by winning their faceoffs and using their speed to get around the Blackhawks defense and quick shots to score goals. We have seen some fantastic play by the Sharks this playoff season, and we need to see that continued against the Blackhawks.

Starting Sunday, when this next series begins, we need to see some continued pressure. Time for the Sharks to step it up again and win this series! We have seen this from their experience playing the Detroit Red Wings, and now we need to see the same dominance against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Good luck Sharks!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Downtown San Jose Retail - Q2 and Q3 2010

The latest San Jose Redevelopment Agency monthly report is out and it has an updated list of new retail opening it's doors Downtown through September. Details below!

Retail Under Construction
There are twelve retail stores or restaurants Downtown currently under construction or in the permitting process.

Opening Second Quarter 2010
• Ruffled Feathered Eatery (200 S. First St., Ste. 10)
• The Pasta Market (579 Coleman Ave., Unit #80 - San Jose Market Center)
• Sante Grill (143 West Santa Clara St.) Now Open!
• La Victoria - expansion (131 W. Santa Clara St.)
• Teagre Tea Shop (33 North Almaden Ave. - San Pedro Square)
• Panda Express – (567 Coleman Ave. - San Jose Market Center)
• Tutti Frutti Yogurt – (567 Coleman Ave. - San Jose Market Center)
• Paesano’s Sicilian Restaurant (350 W. Julian St., - Little Italy)

Opening Third Quarter 2010
• Ross Dress for Less (27 South First St.)
• Morton’s Steakhouse – expansion (177 Park Ave.)
• Pho 69 Restaurant (321 South First St.)
• The MMoon Empanada Restaurant (177 W. Santa Clara St. - San Pedro Square)

To read the full report, click here!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

Last post of the day, let's end it with the song that's the closest thing we have to an anthem (its even a modernized version).

San Jose Photos & Images From the Past Year!

And one that's a bit older than the last year, but worth posting anyway:

Dine Downtown San Jose - RESTAURANT WEEK JUNE 2-12, 2010!!!

More juicy bits on Downtown San Jose's second Restaurant Week! This event has grown from 27 restaurants last year to 31 restaurants this year. There is only one restaurant not participating that was part of the original run, A.P. Stumps (sadly no longer open). The 5 newcomer restaurants are: Affinity, Hanuman Thai Cuisine, Motif, Pagoda, and Sonoma Chicken. For all the details, keep on reading!


Dine Downtown Ad

facebook logoBecome our FAN

2010 Dine Downtown Participants
Click on a restaurant to see their special Dine Downtown Menu
    Parking ValidatedParticipating restaurants displaying this sign offer two hours of validated parking at designated parking lots and garages.

    Some restrictions may apply. These restrictions may include (but are not limited to):
    • Prix Fixe menu prices do not include tax, beverages and gratuity (unless otherwise noted).
    • Prix Fixe menus are per person (unless otherwise noted) and may not be split or shared.
    • Prix Fixe menus may not be valid with Passport Cards, Discover Downtown San Jose cards, Downtown Arts & Dining Gift Certificates, other promotional offers, coupons, or discounts.

    Please call individual restaurants for details about their restrictions.