A UK Town Is Replacing Its Buses With Driverless PodsSEXPAND
It's happening, folks. The self-driving car phenomenon is finally jumping from the test track onto public roads. And the revolution isn't just happening in the United States—it's happening in the UK, too.
The small town of Milton-Keynes, just north of London, will soon deploy 100 driverless pods to replace its noisy, pollution-blasting bus system. These so-called Ultra Pods can carry four people plus cargo at a neck-breaking speed of 12 miles-per-hour on a set track. The battery-powered vehicles are already safely in use on a closed track at London's Heathrow airport, where there hasn't been a single safety incident in over two years of use.
The UK is ahead of the curve on this one, but not by much. Nissan says it'll start selling a self-driving car by 2020, and companies like Volvo and Mercedes aren't far behind. But will they look like a family-friendly amusement park ride crossed with a Stormtrooper? Highly doubtful. [PhysOrg]
Image via Ultra Global PRT