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Monday, May 3, 2010

I Heart San Jose - Syndicated Facebook Posts

There are a lot of great Facebook pages popping up centered around San Jose and I've posted links to the best ones over on the right hand side of this blog. Out of all these groups, the one that has far and away gained the most traction this year is "I Heart San Jose." It has over 4,000 followers and the missions is simple: "For people who love San Jose!" Needless to say, there is a lot of synergy between their goals and the goal of this blog!

A lot of great content is being posted over at I Heart San Jose daily, so if you haven't done so already you can check them out here. I also think I've figured out a way to syndicate their posts, so every 1-2 weeks I'll post their latest updates over here as well. See below for last week's content from I Heart San Jose!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, this didn't work out quite as planned. The HTML from Facebook ended up killing the rest of the page. I'll have to better understand the code to make this work properly. Will try to get this back up ASAP!