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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Thanks again to everyone that participated in the Pinkberry contest. Choosing winners was a huge challenge since all of the answers were great! Listed below are the 5 winners:

San Jose is eclectic – Payge
San Jose is progressive - Arlene
San Jose is visionary - Kevin
San Jose is unique – Heidi
San Jose is home – Joie

Congratulations guys! If you're a winner, please send your mailing address to and I'll send over your gift card.

For everyone else (including those that did not participate), your consolation prize can be the Pinkberry party today with FREE yogurt and musical entertainment, featuring Evan Taubenfeld (lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne). The party goes from 6-10pm at the new Pinkberry location in the Pueblo Plaza Shopping Center, 1110 Blossom Hill Road. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pinkberry Contest Entries

The Pinkberry contest is now closed for business. Thank you to all who have participated! Contenders for the 5 Pinkberry gift certificates are:

San Jose is awesome
San Jose is innovative*
San Jose is eclectic
San Jose is in
San Jose is cool
San Jose is legendary*
San Jose is underrated
San Jose is unique
San Jose is dependable
San Jose is home
San Jose is genesis
San Jose is hip
San Jose is inspiring
San Jose is ingenious
San Jose is visionary
San Jose is diverse
San Jose is faboo
San Jose is progressive

The two with asterisks were actually submitted by The San Jose Blog contributors, so they don't qualify =). Winners will be announced tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In honor of the 2nd Pinkberry in San Jose at 1110 Blossom Hill Road, we're giving away five $5 Pinkberry gift cards. Also keep in mind that everyone will be able to snag some free yogurt at their grand opening party on Thursday between 6pm and 10pm, all while being entertained by guest DJ Evan Taubenfeld (lead guitarist for Avirl Lavigne).

Alright then, onto the contest.  This time around it's very simple:



San Jose is [ your word here ]


Everyone gets a single shot in the comments section below. Some disclaimers:
  • In order to participate in the contest, you cannot post anonymously.
  • Please use the format "San Jose is [ your word here ]" 
  • You can only post a single answer, although it is okay to have multiple comments regarding other people's posts.  Posting more than one "San Jose is [ ]" answer in the comments below will get you disqualified!
  • You cannot post anything that has already been posted by another reader.

But of course, there is more. You can also get a BONUS post on Facebook! All you need to do is find the Facebook post called PINKBERRY GIFT CARD CONTEST IS LIVE!!! and post another answer over there for a second shot at winning. It is possible to win 2 cards thanks to the BONUS post.

The contest ends in 24 hours and the winners will be announced Thursday morning! Good Luck!

Pinkberry Gift Card Contest Starts Tonight!

To celebrate the grand opening of the 2nd Pinkberry in San Jose, we're kicking off a contest which will culminate in 5 winners of Pinkberry gift certificates! The new location is at 1110 Blossom Hill Road (Pueblo Plaza Shopping Center) and they're having a grand opening party on Thursday featuring free yogurt, music, and a celebrity guest.

The contest starts tonight at 7:00 PM!

Monday, February 28, 2011

New San Jose Pinkberry and a NEW CONTEST!!!

It's no secret that the Santana Row Pinkberry has been insanely successful. It was the very first Pinkberry in Northern California and still has lines wrapping around it at all hours of the day, even when it's freezing cold outside. Swiftly responding to market demand, Pinkberry is opening a second location in San Jose @ 1110 Blossom Hill Road (Pueblo Plaza Shopping Center).

The new South San Jose Pinkberry is having their grand opening party this Thursday, March 3rd, between 6pm and 10pm. Everyone is invited! You may be thinking, what do they have in store for their very first guests?

  • Musical Entertainment
  • Guest DJ appearance by Evan Taubenfeld, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne

To top it off, The San Jose Blog is doing a contest on Tuesday to give away some Pinkberry gift cards! Stay tuned for more details. The format of the contest is still being decided, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter just in case! =)

More Swirly Goodness Comes to Northern California on March 3

SAN JOSE, Calif (February 28, 2011) – Pinkberry, the number one tart frozen yogurt brand, will open its second San Jose location on March 3, 2011 at 1110 Blossom Hill Road – in the Pueblo Plaza shopping center. The Pinkberry Pueblo Plaza grand opening event will be held on Thursday, March 3. Consumers who stop by anytime from 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. on Thursday will enjoy free Pinkberry, musical entertainment and a special guest DJ appearance by Evan Taubenfeld, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne.

Pinkberry is premium frozen yogurt made with real non-fat yogurt and nonfat milk that is rBST hormone free. Pinkberry is made with only the highest quality ingredients and is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, resulting in a refreshing, clean and craveable taste.

The Pueblo Plaza location will be will be serving Pinkberry’s six distinctive flavors: the signature Original flavor, a sweet and tangy yogurt with a refreshing finish; Pomegranate, a bold and tangy flavor made with 100 percent California-grown pure pomegranate juice; Coconut, smooth and subtle, made with real coconut puree for a fresh and cool finish; a rich, indulgent Chocolate; Mango, a fruity and light flavor made with authentic Alphonso mango puree for a soothing finish; and a Featured Flavor that rotates seasonally, such as the recent Blood Orange, paired with succulent blood orange pieces, fresh blood orange purée and a crisp waffle cookie.

Customers can personalize every yogurt experience at Pinkberry with any combination of delicious toppings. At Pinkberry, uncompromising quality is paramount and the toppings bar is no exception. Each topping is selected with the highest quality standards, whether it’s Grade-A fresh fruit that is hand-cut daily in-store, organic gummy bears with no high fructose corn-syrup, all natural honey almond granola, 100% pure Pomegranate juice, or rich, premium Belgian chocolate shavings. Toppings are thoughtfully selected as a unique and delicious complement to the various Pinkberry frozen yogurt flavors.

In addition to frozen yogurt and toppings for immediate consumption, Pinkberry also offers Pinkberry Take Home, which is 25 ounces of Pinkberry, swirled-to-order and packed on ice to ensure your Swirly Goodness will get home safely to your freezer. Pinkberry also offers Fruit Parfaits, Smoothies, and Fresh Fruit Bowls as fresh and satiating choices for any time of day.

The new Pueblo Plaza store incorporates modern furnishings and clean lines into an inviting, lively atmosphere that mirrors Pinkberry store concepts across the country and established in Southern California and New York. San Jose residents are invited to experience its uniquely refreshing combination of tastes, textures and flavors as Pinkberry swirls daily in Pueblo Plaza from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Local fans who want up-to-the minute news and discount offers should sign up to be a Pinkberry Groupie at The brand can also be found on Facebook and at Twitter @pinkberryswirl.

About Pinkberry
Pinkberry reinvented the frozen yogurt category when it launched in West Hollywood, CA, in January 2005. Today it is the most talked about, best tasting, premium frozen yogurt, made with high-quality fresh ingredients. From store design to exceptional customer service to irresistible flavors and toppings, Pinkberry provides a social experience that indulges the senses. Pinkberry’s distinctive flavors are expertly crafted to complement its daily fresh-cut fruit and premium toppings that offer an irresistibly tangy, incomparably clean and refreshing taste. Pinkberry is certified by the National Yogurt Association and carries the Live & Active Cultures Seal. Get a taste of Swirly Goodness by visiting