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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whipp's Frozen Fruit Deal

Whipp's has become one of my favorite dessert stops Downtown. They have a very unique product which essentially consists of fresh fruit ground up into something similar to ice cream. I typically combine their whipped fruit with some type of yogurt such as vanilla tart. They also have free parking right behind their store, a rare convenience downtown! Currently, KGB Deals is running a 50% off promotion for them. Check out the deal over here!

Hit the sweet spot with a medium-sized frozen fruit dessert for $1.95 at Whipp’s Frozen Fruit ($3.95 value)

who & where

by the way:

  • Valid until June 12, 2011
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

need to know:

  • Tasty and refreshing whipped dessert with your choice of two fresh fruit flavors
  • Choose from any delicious and low-calorie flavors like pear, banana, watermelon, peach, pineapple, and more
  • All-natural, non-fat, and non-dairy dessert

what & why

Since the dawn of low-carb-low-fat-low-calorie diets, faithful followers have been hunting down sugar-sweetened gratification that hits the spot without expanding the waistline. Satisfy your craving for something indulgent yet diet-friendly with today’s kgbdeal and enjoy a medium-sized frozen fruit cup for just $1.95 at Whipp’s Frozen Fruit. This health-conscious dessert destination sells tart, naturally tasty desserts that are non-fat, non-dairy, and topped with whipped fresh fruit in your choice of two seriously delicious flavors. Have your dessert and still fit into those skinny jeans with a satisfying sweet treat that somehow tastes like ice cream without all those unnecessary calories. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Icebee Yogurt Now Open

If you're craving yogurt and you just happen to be in Downtown San Jose, you surely won't go hungry. There are now at least 5 yogurt shops downtown: Penguin Froyo, Cafe Yolicious, Swirls, Chillfactor, and now Icebee.

Located next to the Pita Pit on 2nd St., Icebee is a self-serve shop with 12 different flavors--including organic yogurt which you don't see very often--as well as the usual assortment of toppings. The atmosphere is modern and hip with a really slick booth in the middle of the store. Definitely a sweet addition to First St. which will one day provide contiguous retail between Santa Clara and SoFA Downtown.