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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photolog: Nigel Who? Fashion Show

I happened to stumble upon this event and thought this should be a fun night out.  I figured with a brand name such as Nigel Who? the designs must be as interesting.  I’m no male fashionista (I would like to consider myself Geek Chic but that’s probably pushing it.  By the way is there a word for male fashionista?) but I like what I saw.

Ronnie Bogle’s, the designer of Nigel Who?, 2011 Summer Collection made use of cooling colors and fabrics.  Not only that but a lot of the designs had a sense of flow, movement and bounce.  Below are examples of pillowy bouncy dresses.

But the summer isn’t just about showing lots of skin.  There are also wonderful free flowing full dresses that would look great when a warm summer wind went by.

The range of designs is very diverse but they all stuck with the main principles.


 The event itself had a great turnout.  Even the kids were enjoying themselves.

To read more about Ronnie Bogle you can head over and read the article on the Content.

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