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Friday, December 15, 2023

San Jose Winter Wonder Market this weekend at Westgate Center

A unique SJ Made event is going down this weekend inside of Westgate Center. Instead of taking place in a convention center or outside in a parking lot, they are utilizing all of the free space within the mall (see map below).

San Jose Winter Wonder Market will feature 150 makers, artists, designers, and creators. All of the Westgate Center stores will still be open, so you can do the rest of your Christmas shopping in one convenient place and support local small businesses at the same time.

Hours for the event will be from 11am-5pm on Dec 16th and 17th. Attendance and parking is free. There is also a VTA Bus Station on-site called "Campbell & Saratoga." Below you can find a hand map sorted both alphabetically and by booth number. For more info, head over here.

Vendor Lineup (sorted alphabetically)

(the) Lisa Inez - N02
2pomelo - K16
9 Lunas Accessories - B03
A Jar of Pickles - D01
A Jar of Pickles - D02
A Miyako M - Q03
Accessories NAGAOKA - Q01
Alice Yang - A21
Alpine Soapery - A15
Art by Julia - R02
Aubluvion - O02
Bad Art by Nice - H04
Bad Witch Crystals - Q02
bananabbean - D03
bb mad designs - P09
Boho Moon Art - F05
Browned Butter Babe Co. - P06
Bunniejing Studio - P10
Buppydogs - H01
BVanSoi - D05
Candy Paint Cafe - R04
CasaPlants Bay Area - P08
Ceramics By Jane - B15
Charlotte Truffles - K18
cherrypugpie - O01
Chibi-Oneechan - Q10
Christine's Cookie Co - M04
CloverLeafPie - A17
Cocochoon - K13
CositasContreras - G09
crochetwhispers - Q05
Cupcakes for College - Q07
Deercassette - Q08
Derptiles - P11
Dezireecustoms - F12
Draw Jess Draw - B14
DrawnbyIvy - B05
Dream Fields Indigo - K03
Earthside Candles Co - F07
eelsilog - A20
Eizel’s Bakery - K22
EnV Bags LLC - F01
Escama Studio - E03
Eternal Trinket - G08
Euphoric Sun - B10
Exhilo Apparel - A19
Fern Flower Studio - K11
Fine Art & Illustration by Tabitha Jensen | Pabkins - O04
Florabel - F03
Fluffed Animals - F11
Fonzie's Artisanal Goods - H08
Franci Cakes - H03
Future Bloom Apparel - F08
fuwaffy - A22
Fuzzlecat - R03
Gabbie Gallery - A12
Gabriel Edwards - E08
Galaxsea Emporium - K07
Girthybobastraw - K15
Golden Circle - P01
Golden Lemon Studio LLC - Q06
Golden Luxe Jewels - K04
goyangii - G07
Hachi Bit - F13
Hannah Hillam Illustration - G02
Happy Goods - E02
Hello Lily - E04
homeyviis - F06
Homie SF - A06
Huang Pottery - A07
ItsKleine - G11
Jale - K02
Jaliren - A09
JaneLi.Co - B02
Jellybee Jewelry - A08
Joce - O03
Jodi408 - J03
Joy Blossoms Clay - G01
Kawaii Glass Co - B13
Kelsiekishidraws - P04
Kindred Caramels - G04
Krafttee - C04
Kristine Chen Ceramics - K05
Kuailin Studio - K12
La Paloma Imports - B04
Le Petit Elefant - M02
Leila's Divine Designs - F10
LettucePunch - K10
Limpachi - K01
Linked By Trini - K09
Magnote - J01
McKinnon Collective - B01
Meelee Art - H05
Menmin Made - P05
Midori Chan - A14
MiGi Cera Candle Co - P07
mintimelon marbles - K21
Misul Studios - A10
momofresh - K14
Motif's Art Studio - D04
Munespice - A05
Naptime Doodler - C01
Naptime Doodler - C02
Neko-Oi - Q11
No Thread No Life - A11
Nyaomikyu - K08
Out of the Woods - K24
Painting With James - B16
Panty Cat - H09
Paper Picture Mama - G06
Parasol Paper - P02
Peachirou - K23
Pink Little Clouds - A18
PinoyShotArt - A13
Prachie Studio - Q09
Prosecco Rose - H06
RainandJas - H10
rinihimme - K25
Rolilomi's Market - F04
Ronin Decals - F14
Rose Gold Jelly - Q12
Sakai Harts & Crafts - G03
sakuradragon - B18
sakuradragon - B20
Sam's Gourmet Jams - G10
Same Same Goods - E07
sanshocat studio - N01
Seto Arts - E01
Sherry Lou Studio - H07
shoyuscribbles - E06
Snippet Studios - B17
Snippet Studios - B19
soobiumi - A16
SoyFeliz - B09
Starry Droplets - K17
Sudibear - G05
Sundrop Studios - G12
Sweeter than Honey Bakery - H02
Teappo - P12
thanksxu - B12
The DLT Jewel Co. - K26
The Hungry Sloth - F02
The Joyful Thoughts - Q04
The Knotty Corgi - F09
The Little Forest Ceramic Shop - P03
The Little Red House - R01
Thrive Culture - E05
Treasure California - K06
Two Thicc Asians - B11
VinoBurrito - J02
Wild Rina - C03
Woofboard LLC - A24
Yanchako - B06
Yinaya - B07
Yours Truly, Mary Anne - A23


Vendor Lineup (sorted by booth number + row)

A05 - Munespice
A07 - Huang Pottery
A09 - Jaliren
A11 - No Thread No Life
A13 - PinoyShotArt
A15 - Alpine Soapery
A17 - CloverLeafPie
A19 - Exhilo Apparel
A21 - Alice Yang
A23 - Yours Truly, Mary Anne

A06 - Homie SF
A08 - Jellybee Jewelry
A10 - Misul Studios
A12 - Gabbie Gallery
A14 - Midori Chan
A16 - soobiumi
A18 - Pink Little Clouds
A20 - eelsilog
A22 - fuwaffy
A24 - Woofboard LLC

B01 - McKinnon Collective
B03 - 9 Lunas Accessories
B05 - DrawnbyIvy
B07 - Yinaya
B09 - SoyFeliz
B11 - Two Thicc Asians
B13 - Kawaii Glass Co
B15 - Ceramics By Jane
B17 - Snippet Studios
B19 - Snippet Studios

B02 - JaneLi.Co
B04 - La Paloma Imports
B06 - Yanchako
B10 - Euphoric Sun
B12 - thanksxu
B14 - Draw Jess Draw
B16 - Painting With James
B18 - sakuradragon
B20 - sakuradragon

C01 - Naptime Doodler
C02 - Naptime Doodler
C03 - Wild Rina
C04 - Krafttee

D01 - A Jar of Pickles
D02 - A Jar of Pickles
D03 - bananabbean
D04 - Motif's Art Studio
D05 - BVanSoi

E01 - Seto Arts
E03 - Escama Studio
E05 - Thrive Culture
E07 - Same Same Goods

E02 - Happy Goods
E04 - Hello Lily
E06 - shoyuscribbles
E08 - Gabriel Edwards

F01 - EnV Bags LLC
F03 - Florabel
F05 - Boho Moon Art
F07 - Earthside Candles Co
F09 - The Knotty Corgi
F11 - Fluffed Animals
F13 - Hachi Bit

F02 - The Hungry Sloth
F04 - Rolilomi's Market
F06 - homeyviis
F08 - Future Bloom Apparel
F10 - Leila's Divine Designs
F12 - Dezireecustoms
F14 - Ronin Decals

G01 - Joy Blossoms Clay
G03 - Sakai Harts & Crafts
G05 - Sudibear
G07 - goyangii
G09 - CositasContreras
G11 - ItsKleine

G02 - Hannah Hillam Illustration
G04 - Kindred Caramels
G06 - Paper Picture Mama
G08 - Eternal Trinket
G10 - Sam's Gourmet Jams
G12 - Sundrop Studios

H01 - Buppydogs
H03 - Franci Cakes
H05 - Meelee Art
H07 - Sherry Lou Studio
H09 - Panty Cat

H02 - Sweeter than Honey Bakery
H04 - Bad Art by Nice
H06 - Prosecco Rose
H08 - Fonzie's Artisanal Goods
H10 - RainandJas


J01 - Magnote
J02 - VinoBurrito
J03 - Jodi408

K01 - Limpachi
K03 - Dream Fields Indigo
K05 - Kristine Chen Ceramics
K07 - Galaxsea Emporium
K09 - Linked By Trini
K11 - Fern Flower Studio
K13 - Cocochoon
K15 - Girthybobastraw
K17 - Starry Droplets
K21 - mintimelon marbles
K23 - Peachirou
K25 - rinihimme

K02 - Jale
K04 - Golden Luxe Jewels
K06 - Treasure California
K08 - Nyaomikyu
K10 - LettucePunch
K12 - Kuailin Studio
K14 - momofresh
K16 - 2pomelo
K18 - Charlotte Truffles
K22 - Eizel’s Bakery
K24 - Out of the Woods
K26 - The DLT Jewel Co.

M02 - Le Petit Elefant
M04 - Christine's Cookie Co

N01 - sanshocat studio
N02 - (the) Lisa Inez

O01 - cherrypugpie
O02 - Aubluvion
O03 - Joce
O04 - Fine Art & Illustration by Tabitha Jensen | Pabkins

P01 - Golden Circle
P03 - The Little Forest Ceramic Shop
P05 - Menmin Made
P07 - MiGi Cera Candle Co
P09 - bb mad designs
P11 - Derptiles

P02 - Parasol Paper
P04 - Kelsiekishidraws
P06 - Browned Butter Babe Co.
P08 - CasaPlants Bay Area
P10 - Bunniejing Studio
P12 - Teappo

Q01 - Accessories NAGAOKA
Q03 - A Miyako M
Q05 - crochetwhispers
Q07 - Cupcakes for College
Q09 - Prachie Studio
Q11 - Neko-Oi

Q02 - Bad Witch Crystals
Q04 - The Joyful Thoughts
Q06 - Golden Lemon Studio LLC
Q08 - Deercassette
Q10 - Chibi-Oneechan
Q12 - Rose Gold Jelly

R01 - The Little Red House
R02 - Art by Julia
R03 - Fuzzlecat
R04 - Candy Paint Cafe

Monday, November 27, 2023

New San Jose mixed-use project moves forward with 1,100 homes and a Whole Foods

A massive project could be headed for a shopping center at the corner of Saratoga and Lawrence Expressway across the street from Westgate. The area would be developed into a mini-Santana Row anchored by Whole Foods. In total, it would have 1,100 residential units across several multi-story buildings sitting on top of 165,000 SQFT of retail. 

The Whole Foods would be the only single-story building on the property (to simplify financing and construction). However, that is just 43,000 SQFT of the overall project. The layout would include a retail "main street" and a new neighborhood park. 

Unlike most new projects of this scale in San Jose, there won't be an affordable housing component. Everything will be market rate. However, increasing the overall housing supply has a negative effect on prices across the board and 1,100 homes is a significant number.

Friday, June 23, 2023

San Jose Sticker Fest 2023

Love stickers? You won't want to miss Sticker Fest 2023, a two-day event that celebrates all things stickers. Sticker Fest 2023 will feature over 150 artists, makers and creators who will showcase their unique and amazing stickers, as well as other products. You'll also enjoy a special nostalgia themed photo booth, activities and activations that celebrate sticker culture, and free admission and parking. The first 1,000 attendees each day will receive a free Sticker Fest 2023 Sticker Pack.

Sticker Fest 2023 will take place this weekend, June 24-25 at Westgate Shopping Center in San Jose, CA. The event venue is located next to Tuxedo Warehouse at 1600 Saratoga Ave #403, San Jose, CA 95129. The event will run from 11 AM to 5 PM each day and is open to all ages. Service animals only.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover new stickers, support local artists and makers, and have fun with fellow sticker enthusiasts. For more information, visit or follow @sanjosemade on Instagram.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Friend Fest 2023

The first weekend in March 2023 marks the return of a bigger and better version of SJMADE'S Friend Fest: An Art, Craft & Maker Celebration of Best Friends, New Friends, Old Friends, "We're Just Friends", "Wanna Be More Than Friends" or whatever! It's our largest ever with over 175 of your favorite creative small businesses.

Happening on Saturday, Mar. 4 and Sunday, Mar. 5 at Westgate Center in the former Walmart Neighborhood Market space at 1600 Saratoga Ave #501, San Jose, CA 95129. Featuring over 175 artists, makers and creators, a special Friend Fest nostalgic photo booth experience, special Friend Fest programming & activities, and most importantly, lots & lots of friendships vibes.

Free admission for attendees. Open from 11 AM to 5 PM each day. This venue is indoors. Face masks strongly recommended. All ages. 

Event Details

This event is free admission to attend. Free on-site parking. This venue is indoors. 

Event Dates & Times

  • Saturday, Mar. 4, 2023: 11 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday Mar. 5, 2023: 11 am to 5 pm

Location & Parking

  • The event location is the former Walmart at Westgate Center. Westgate Center is located at 1600 Saratoga Ave, San José, CA 95129.
  • We recommend that all attendees park in the section of the center's parking lot near the 49ers Fit located at 1600 Saratoga Ave Suite 46, San Jose, CA 95129. The event venue is located next door to the 49ers Fit. 
  • Parking in the Westgate Center parking lot is free. 

About the Venue: Westgate Center

Westgate Center features shopping, dining and services for the whole family. Conveniently located in West San Jose, California between the 85 and 280 freeways. Westgate Center features a multitude of shops, services and restaurants including Nike Factory Store, Target, Nordstrom Rack, Gap Factory Store, 49er Fit, Buffalo Wild Wings, Gen Korean BBQ House and more.

Learn more about Westgate Center:

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Good Samaritan planning a major hospital expansion

Today Good Samaritan Hospital in West San Jose has 273 beds but wants to undergo a major modernization project. The renovated hospital would expand by over 50% to 419 beds across 1.37 million SQFT (triple the size of the existing campus). It would also add 1,391 new parking stalls, a 200,000 SQFT medical office building, and seismic safety upgrades.

One part of the project that is bad news is their intention to drop acute care (urgent care) by 2030. Besides that it looks like a major win. Today all of the rooms at Good Sam are shared while private patient rooms are the norm for top hospital around the Bay. The expansion will likely address that gap and several other modernization opportunities.

The first phase of construction should be complete in 2029. It's great to see the hospital I was born in evolve into something better for San Jose residents.

Source: The Merc, Jawz from the SJ Development Forum 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Urban Catalyst replacing Garden City Casino with a large mixed-use project

The former Garden City Casino and Harry's Hofbrau area in West San Jose is going to get a significant overhaul. Urban Catalyst would like to build a mixed-use project combining office space, residential, a senior living complex, and a hotel.

Each of these four elements would have it's own dedicated building. Along Saratoga you'll find the office building and hotel. The offices would clock in around 300,000 SQFT across nine stories. The hotel would have 175 rooms, with suitability for both for short and long-term accommodations (I think this will mean two hotel brands sharing the same back-of-house resources and staff). One really neat feature is a rooftop deck above the hotel lobby (or lobbies) with the swimming pool and amenity space.

The residential building will house 425-450 apartments across eight stories. A separate senior living and memory care facility will have 165 units.

This seems like quite a nice proposal. The only element missing is retail--it would be great to see some restaurants and stores on the ground floor of all the buildings. However, Santana Row and Valley Fair are less than a mile away so this is not as critical for this particular area.

Source: SVBJ

Monday, September 28, 2020

Cambrian Park Plaza Proposal

A once popular West San Jose shopping center is slated to be fully redeveloped into a mixed-use urban village. Cambrian Park Plaza is slated to have 58,000 SQFT of retail, a six-story apartment building with 305 units, 25 townhomes, 48 single family homes, a four-story assisted living facility, 229 hotel rooms and generous amounts of park space with include a children's playground, dog park, and community garden.

Weingarten Realty--the developer--was able to cram all of this into 18 acres by placing almost all of the 1,469 parking spaces underground.

The retail spaces are going to be between 1,080 and 5,000 SQFT, which will make it difficult for larger retailers such as BevMo to move back in but will be a convenient size for restaurants and small shops.

Cabrian Park Plaza drawings look pretty darn good so far and remind me a bit of Evergreen Village Square. This is envisioned as a signature project and effectively a downtown area for the Cambrian district. 

There is no ETA yet, but hopefully this moves into demo and construction by the end of 2021.

Source: San Jose Inside, SVBJ

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New office and fitness center proposed for West San Jose

Not all of our major development proposals are in Downtown or Midtown. Cypress Equities submitted a proposal for a 12-story office building and 24-hour gym in place of five low-rise buildings in West San Jose.

The 6.3-acre project at 3806 Stevens Creek Blvd includes 275,000 SQFT of office space, a 150,000 SQFT Life Times health club, 15,000 SQFT of retails, and a massive eight-story parking garage that takes up 495,000 SQFT [???]. For the urbanists out there, obviously this much parking is not ideal. Hopefully they will design the garage as flexible space that could be converted to another use in the future.

The project also includes a plaza at the intersection of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Northlake Drive.

Source: SVBJ

Monday, March 11, 2019

New homes and office space coming to Steven's Creek

Fortbay has just received approval for one of the first San Jose "signature projects" at 4300 Steven's Creek. This is just a few minutes west of Valley Fair and Santana Row and near the border of Cupertino.

The plan is to build 582 residential units, 233,000 SQFT of office space, and a multi-story parking structure. There will be some retail element, but it is not clear from the article how much or where in the project it will be. The new buildings will be between six and eight stories and will wrap around a new 1.4 acre promenade and park.

It's nice to see new mixed use projects being developed outside of Downtown San Jose. The one missing component here is access to public transit, but I have a feeling most of the residents will have a short commute to the Apple campus down the street. We really need to build some sort of mass transit from Downtown all the way to De Anza since this corridor is densifying rapidly.

Source: SVBJ

Monday, October 30, 2017

San Jose is the 2nd Best City for Trick-or-Treating!

As a huge fan of Halloween, I'm thrilled to see San Jose maintain its Zillow rank as the 2nd best city to Trick-or-Treat in. Each year, Zillow creates the list using population density, walk score, home values, local crime data, and age distributions. This should theoretically provide the cities where trick-or-treaters can get the most candy, in the least amount of time, with the fewest safety risks.

This year San Francisco has overtaken Philadelphia for the top spot, which now ranks #3 right behind San Jose.

Within San Jose, the top specific neighborhoods for trick-or-treating were West San Jose, Willow Glen, Cambrian Park, Rose Garden, Almaden Valley.

Source: Zillow

Friday, September 15, 2017

New Proposal in West San Jose

A Preliminary Review Application (File No. PRE17-143) was recently submitted at 375 S. Baywood Avenue for a 12-story, 65 unit multifamily building with underground parking on a 0.3 acre site. Currently the site has two existing single-family homes and could be developed with up to 75 units under the Urban Village land use designation. This property falls within the newly adopted Valley Fair/Santana Row Urban Village Plan. The VFSR Plan sets a capacity for 8,500 new jobs and 2,635 new dwelling units.

The applicant submitted several design concepts to gain an understanding of what staff would support. The conceptual designs can be found here. The concepts are all of a similar design but different enough to be able to have a preference for one over the other. I will say it is very exciting to see interest in architecture that is different from the typical boxy industrial look we have seen all too much in the Bay Area (think Mission Bay in San Francisco).

-Kimberly Vacca


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Le Marché Santana Row Farmers Market

Last week I attended the grand opening of the Le Marché Santana Row Farmers Market, located at the southern end of Santana Row. Le Marché is held every Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. and includes over 50 vendors offering vegetables and fruit, local cheeses, flowers, herbs, olives, and even whole rotisserie chickens! Le Marché passed all of my criteria for what qualifies as a great farmer’s market:

  • “Food on the fly” or food ready to eat from local food trucks in case you’re hungry for a meal right then and there
  • Fruits and veggies to make salads or sides for lunch and dinner during the week
  • High percentage of local vendors
  • Range of dessert, from pies to pastries

Some of my favorite purchases were the scallops from the Santa Cruz fishermen (all fish is sushi grade), the black raspberries from Borba Farms, and the olives from O’Live Healthy.  The live cooking show hosted in the center of the market was also a special treat! There is ample seating around the chef’s table so you may sit and listen to the chef during her show. While there weren’t any arts or craft tables, Le Marché has a smaller footprint than other local farmer’s markets. Le Marché is also very kid friendly as the site is closed off to vehicles and much of the plaza is dedicated to seating, socializing, and eating.

I would highly recommend getting to Le Marché before 6:30 p.m. as the parking garages were decently full by then. Although, a huge benefit to Le Marché at Santana Row is that there is always free parking! And a friendly reminder that due to health codes, dogs are not permitted in the market area. I was unaware of this rule and brought my dog with me, as shown by the picture below, but was never approached to leave the market. 

Overall, great food, great location, and a great time!

For more information, check out the Le Marché website:

-Kimberly Vacca

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New AC Hotel on Stevens Creek

The AC Hotel is expanding their San José footprint! On May 18th, AC Hotel representatives submitted a Site Development Permit for a 6-story, 132-room hotel at 5969 Stevens Creek Boulevard. The site currently has a Shell gas station and an auto repair shop, and is located on the San José side of the border between Cupertino and San José. The hotel proposal is most likely moving forward in order to capitalize on business from the new Apple campus, located less than a mile north of the site.

Thankfully the architecture is an improvement over the atrociously-designed downtown AC Hotel; however, I would still like to see better quality design as the proposed hotel maintains a similar boring box shape and has zero window ornamentation. Even so, if approved by the Planning Director, a new boutique hotel would be a welcome addition to San José as we have many less hotel rooms per capita than our surrounding municipalities.

-Kimberly Vacca 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Best Cities to Trick-or-Treat 2016

As a huge fan of Halloween, I'm thrilled to see San Jose maintain its Zillow rank as the 2nd best city to Trick-or-Treat in. Each year, Zillow creates the list using population density, walk score, home values, local crime data, and age distributions. This should theoretically provide the cities where trick-or-treaters can get the most candy, in the least amount of time, with the fewest safety risks.

Philadelphia took the top spot away from San Francisco this year, which now ranks #3 right behind San Jose. This means we now have the highest ranking west of the Mississippi for the study.

Within San Jose, the top specific neighborhoods for trick-or-treating were West San Jose (new this year), Cambrian Park, Willow Glen, Almaden Valley, and the Rose Garden.

Source: Zillow

Monday, August 15, 2016

Major mixed-use redevelopment project proposed on Stevens Creek

West San Jose has not been getting a lot of attention lately when it comes to major development projects--especially when compared to Downtown and North San Jose. Developer FortBay LLC is stepping up to the plate and is proposing a 244,000 SQFT office complex along with 500 apartments at Stevens Creek and Lopina Way. That would been enough space for 1,500 jobs in West San Jose, allowing more residential to be built without contributing to our current jobs/housing imbalance.

The apartments would be built in two six-story buildings, the office would be in a separate six-story building, and there would be a six-story garage to handle the parking. It looks like the developers are a fan of buildings with six levels. Unfortunately it does not sound like there is a retail component.

Right now the area is not permitted for residential, so the developer is hoping to get "signature project" status which would given them a bit of leeway here. Combining office and residential into an urban village makes a lot of sense from a logistics and parking perspective, so I hope this goes through.

Source: SVBJ