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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Taste of Paris Video + Special Offer


SPECIAL OFFER: Throughout March, mention White Road Films or to receive a free cup of coffee with the purchase of two pastries.

We personally believe in this boulangerie.

Lionel comes from a region in France called Alsace. His
father was a baker and the fifth generation to run the Haeberle
Bakery in a city in Alsace named Colmar.

Now, Lionel Haeberle becomes the sixth generation of
authentic French Chefs to offer bakery items of the highest
quality to his customers.

Ann is a 5th generation Californian with a family history that
goes back to early settlements on the East Coast. And though
Ann was not born in San Jose, her great-great-grandparents
married and raised a family there, developing strong roots in
the community where her mother was also born and raised.

Generations of Ann's family members also attended and
graduated from San Jose State University, to which the shop is
closely located. Her family has long standing ties to the San
Jose Bay Area

Ann and Lionel Haeberle are excited to welcome you to their
first bakery here in the heart of the Silicon Valley!

Stop by and ask for a sample of their quality French menu
items. And bring a friend!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Taste of Paris is Incredible!

My expectations were set already high by friends that have already eaten here and Yelp reviews... yet somehow A Taste of Paris still managed to blow my mind. I have to be honest. When I first heard a restaurant called "A Taste of Paris" was coming to the old Beard Papa space, I assumed it was just going to be another generic sandwich shop. What downtown San Jose ended up getting is a truly AUTHENTIC French Delicatessen with sets the bar for sandwiches downtown.

The authenticity begins with the proprietor Lionel Haeberle, a 6th generation French baker who also happens to be a fully trained French Chef. Then we have the food itself. The bread is made fresh throughout the day, from scratch, using base ingredients imported from France. Even the mustard is imported! Then you have small touches to complete the feel, such as French music playing throughout the cafe.

The menu is concise and focused on quality over quantity. My wife and I were fortunate enough to sample most of the menu, and EVERYTHING was amazing... the Brie Baguette, Pate, Cassoulet (traditional French country soup), Nutella Croissant, Almond Pastries, and even simple Ginger Cookies were incredible. The prices are also unexpectedly reasonable, especially considering the quality and meticulous prep work. 

In addition to their menu, they are also selling a few high-end imported products from France, such as slow roasted coffee, their mustard (which comes in thick glass jars), and jams. The selection here is going to be expanding over the next few weeks.

One last interesting tidbit is they are planning to build a traditional French patio, which would have an overhang above outdoor seating right on Paseo do San Antonio.

To summarize... authentic French delicatessen with phenomenal sandwiches and desserts. You might as well throw a dart at the menu when you get there because anything you order will impress. A very welcome addition to downtown San Jose!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Taste of Paris is Coming Soon to Downtown San Jose

A retail space that has been vacant for two years is finally getting a new lease on life. A French sandwich shop called "A Taste of Paris" is moving into what used to be Beard Papa's, just in time for Christmas in the Park. I was in the area yesterday morning and there was some nice activity around the space, mostly thanks to Philz Coffee. It'll be nice to have another unique, non-chain eatery downtown!

In other retail news, it looks like The clubHOUSE next to The Rep is just about ready to open. The interior is 99% complete and they are already doing soft openings. If the food is up to par with the interior, this could easily be downtown's next hot spot. I got a sneak peak yesterday, and sports fans are going to love this place. I'll have more info after the official opening.