Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vocera IPO

I know this is a bit of old news, but I have to many any San Jose-based IPOs. Vocera is mobile medical communications specialist that raised $94 million in their IPO late March. Unlike Facebook, their stock has actually been performing well. They were expecting stocks to initially trade at $12-14 per share, and the first day closed at $16. Now, a mere quarter later their stock is trading over 50% higher than their IPO debut.

Hopefully we'll see many more successful San Jose IPOs this year.

Source: SJBJ

Friday, June 29, 2012

Silicon Valley Reality Show

Finally, a reality show I might actually watch. Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi, is one of the co-producers of  this new show about to hit Bravo. The premise is simple. "Silicon Valley" will chronicle the lives of young local entrepreneurs that aspire to become the next Steve Jobs, Larry Page / Sergey Brin, or Mark Zuckerberg. I am hoping this will be far more interesting than watching bored housewives spend their husbands' money or cooking competitions to see who can make the best catfish ice cream.

It's about time we have a reality show about something that actually matters. Entrepreneurs are the people that have the ability to literally change the world. The only way to permanently increase the standard of living across the globe is through innovation. Anything else is just redistributing money from one party to another. Fortunately for us, we happen to be right in the heart of innovation and finally there is going to be a TV show to share with the world exactly how exciting our entrepreneurial ecosystem can be.

Source: VentureBeat

Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Jose Creatives Blog

I stumbled upon this blog recently where creative folks from San Jose are interviewed. Each week they feature a different artist, designer, musician, craftsman, etc. They ask the same 13 questions to each interviewee in order to see what makes each "creative" unique.

Check out the San Jose Creatives Blog over here.

San Jose Creatives

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: San Jose Grizzlies

It looks like San Jose could have another shot at a NBA team. Robert Pera, a billionaire who founded San Jose's Ubiquiti Networks, purchased the Memphis Grizzlies a couple weeks ago. I believe this is the same team that Larry Ellison tried to buy and move to San Jose.

While Robert Pera hasn't given any indication that he would like to move the team, I think it is definitely in the realm of possibility that he'll want them closer to home when their current lease expires. The HP Pavilion is already capable of supporting an NBA team so many of the hassles other Bay Area sports teams are facing with moving (A's, 49ers, Warriors, etc.) would not apply. No new construction, votes, or territory disputes would exist to impede a move.

The Bay Area can definitely support two NBA teams, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that Pera will one day make this happen!

Source: The Sale Lake Tribune

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Downtown San Jose Bags Grocery Outlet

An anchor retail spot next to City Hall has been leased! Grocery Outlet is filling the void that Albertsons and Su Vianda left behind at 272 E. Santa Clara Street. They are signing a 10 year lease on the 24,000sqft space and plan to open as soon as the end of 2012.

Having easy access to groceries is a key selling point to getting more residents and residential developments Downtown. By the end of 2012, The San Pedro Square Market will also become a viable grocer since it will have a butcher shop, cheese shop, and potentially a bakery in addition to Veggie Box (which is stellar by the way) and two farmer's markets a week. Then in 2014 the long wait for Whole Foods will finally come to an end. 

With four anchor grocers Downtown (five if you include Trader Joe's in the San Jose Market Center), we'll be in great shape for residential expansion.

Source: SJBJ

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Downtown San Jose Project: Illuminating Downtown

San Jose has received a $600k grant from ArtPlace--a national organization that funds art projects--in order to build something that could potentially be incredibly cool. The project is called Illuminating Downtown and the goal is to light up parts of Downtown using art and technology. The initial focus areas will include SoFA, San Pedro Square, and Santa Clara St. & 87. The first project will be on Santa Clara St. and is expected to be installed by Winter 2013. If any of these projects will be in similar scale to The 88's interactive light feature, they can't come soon enough.

If anyone has additional info on this, please post in the comments. Thanks!

Source: SJBJ

Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Jose Stage Company Presents The Buddy Holly Tribute Concert at the California Theatre

Friday, June 28, 29 and Sunday, July 1

San Jose, CA -- June 12, 2012– San Jose Stage Company presents a Buddy Holly Tribute Concert at the legendary California theatre in downtown San Jose.

For three performances only as a special benefit performance for the Stage, the stories and music of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valenz, and the Big Bopper will be performed. Not everyone knows that Waylon Jennings had a role in ‘the day the music died.’

The Buddy Holly Tribute Concert is the story of February 2, 1959, told through music as well as the narrative of Waylon Jennings, who gave up his seat on the airplane that crashed. Waylon will tell the story of the musicians, the music and the legend as it really happened.

Randall King, director of the Buddy Holly concert says of this show, “Buddy Holly, like Elvis, broke the rules of popular music and laid the foundation of rock and roll in a musical rebellion that continues to this day”

“Without Buddy and the Crickets, there would have been no Beatles.” Buddy is the guy who changed made music what it is today. The history of the evening that he died is legendary and this concert will tell the true story,” added King.

The lead role of Buddy Holly will be played by Travis Poelle. San Jose Stage Company originally co-produced "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story," which ran for eleven weeks at The Stage* before transferring to San Francisco. Poelle received critical praise for his work as Buddy.

Also from San Jose is actor/singer Manuel Romero, who plays Ritchie Valenz. Also getting raves for this role, Romero has recently released a CD and has won a Latin Grammy.

Buddy Holly’s celebrated quote says it all, “If anyone asks you what kind of music you play, tell him ‘pop.’ Don’t tell him ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ or they won’t even let you in the hotel.”

Performances are Thursday, June 28 at 8 PM; Friday, June 29 with opening remarks and concert at 8 PM; and Sunday, July 1 at 3 PM.

Sponsorships are still available by calling The Stage and will include an exclusive VIP pre-show reception at the California Theatre for Friday’s performance.

Tickets are $75 and $100 and are available online at or through the Box Office by calling 408.283.7142. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and discounts are available for groups, students and seniors.

The California Theatre is located at 345 South First Street in downtown San Jose, CA and is handicapped accessible. The elaborate California Theatre opened in 1927 and is today one of the best preserved examples of historic movie houses of the ‘20s.

*Reviews for “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story”:

“Travis Poelle slings his Stratocaster like a Tommy gun while playing Holly as a defiant charmer” - San Jose Mercury News

“More than anyone else, Poelle carries the show...performing with a verve that delivers Holly’s passionate musicianship. He looks like Holly, and he rocks out irresistibly.” - San Francisco Chronicle

"Manuel Romero as Ritchie Valens had the audience roaring" - Metro

"Manuel Romero is a pitch-perfect Valens leading the ensemble on a rousing La Bamba" - San Francisco Chronicle

  # # #


Founded in 1983, San Jose Stage Company is recognized as The Bay Area's Premiere Off-Broadway Theatre, and known for its devotion to new and cutting-edge work and for its commitment to showcasing high-quality local talent. In 1986, San Jose Stage Company set precedence as the first arts organization to negotiate and receive support from the Redevelopment Agency and the City of San Jose when over $500,000 was appropriated in support of the development of a new 200-seat theatre featuring a 3/4-thrust stage, which opened in 1990. Now in its 29th Season, SJSC continues to center its operations in this facility and has successfully produced over 138 productions and premiered 44 new works, including 11 world premieres and is acclaimed for maintaining high artistic standards, investing in local talent and supporting the region’s community of working artists while taking artistic risks. In addition to its core programming, San Jose Stage Company offers five core education and outreach programs and has housed over 200 independent performance groups. San Jose Stage Company is a vital force in the community and has earned a reputation for artistic excellence by providing high-quality, edgy theatrical experiences that engage, educate and provoke audiences. San Jose Stage Company serves an audience base of 30,000 and is recognized as a leader in the arts for a theatre of its size. For more information

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Stats: Elon Musk Infographic

Connecting this post to San Jose is going to be a little bit challenging. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and they did try to set up shop in North San Jose at one point. In addition, the flagship Tesla store is in Santana Row. Okay, I'm stretching it... but this infographic is so neat that I had to share.

Elon Musk: The Real Life Tony Stark
Created by:

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Usuals is Hosting Josh Marcotte's Latest Work Today

Josh Marcotte from Lost San Jose is showcasing his latest guerilla photographs at The Usuals. If you talk to him, be sure to ask about the adventures he had to take in order to get some of these photos. While checking out his work, you can also enjoy music from Seabright.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Win San Jose SaberCats game tickets!

Attention San Jose SaberCats fans! 
Want to win tickets to an upcoming game? 
(Date choices are: June 23, July 7, OR July 14)

Contest is for TODAY JUNE 21st - ENDS AT 10PM!

Please read all the details below and fill out the form! Good luck everyone!

** Contest has ended! Winners will be notified by email! **

Many thanks to iolo technologies & Fry's Electronics for the ticket opportunity!

Third Thursday Event @ San Jose Museum of Art

June 21, 2012
5–9 PM
General admission is $5 after 5 PM.
Entertainment and activities enliven the galleries for after-work fun. At 7 PM, The Glowing Stars will perform their original chiptune music (combining sound chips from video games with more traditional instruments). A mini-trunk sale will feature unique decor, jewelry, and accessories by local designers Denise Peacock-Delisch, Lindsay Lassen-Linz Design, Ellen Brook--Works on Silk, and the Bay Area Glass Institute. No-host bar.
As a special thank you to our corporate members, we invite employees of our business partners and their families (as well as SJMA’s members) to join us for free. 
Click here for more information on corporate membership (or to inquire if your employer is a member).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: San Jose Needs to Fall in Love with San Jose

Today's wishlist comes courtesy of Think Bigger San Jose. In order for San Jose to truly become a great city, as many residents as possible need to fall in love with our city and evangelize what we have to offer. There is so much to explore here and we should all make an effort to try out new attractions and events in our own backyard. Random example... just when I thought I had been to every museum possible in San Jose, I find out there is a Quicksilver mine museum deep in the Almaden valley and just down the street is one of the highest-rated French restaurants in the Bay Area. Even for me, I'm finding all sorts of new things about San Jose all the time.

Anyway, read Mark's post below. I think he does a great job of making his point.


From Think Bigger San Jose by Mark

When you visit any city, the best way to learn about that city is not from a book or even the internet, though those resources are helpful. The best way to find about any city is from the locals, that is except for in San Jose. San Jose is rich in history, technology, unique foods, cultures, events, and museums, yet ask an average San Josean to point you to places of interest and they’ll probably send you to San Francisco. It’s not their fault. The people of San Jose are just under-informed, they have no idea what is actually happening within the city they live in.
Lake Cunningham with Raging Waters in the background
An anecdote that illustrates this point is that I have a co-worker who moved to San Jose from Alaska over 20 years ago, and I was talking about the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. He had no idea that San Jose even HAD an Egyptian Museum, let alone the largest in the Northern Hemisphere!
The best way to remedy this problem is advertising within San Jose. Other cities advertise their “products.” They show off the best their city has to offer. The only thing that I have seen advertised in San Jose and throughout California is the Winchester Mystery House. Yet San Jose has the Egyptian Museum, The Tech Museum, The San Jose Museum of Art, Kelly Park which includes Happy Hollow and the Historic Park San Jose, Lake Cunningham, the Guadalupe River Park and Trails, Japantown, many historic homes and churches, countless art galleries, and many other museums and districts.
So it starts with educating San Joseans as to what is available around them. Advertising can be as little as the city putting up more signage for places of interest, to as big as advertising on local and national TV, radio, Pandora, internet, billboards, magazines. But it must start within the city limits of San Jose. Making the citizenry aware of the their surroundings in a good way. If the citizens love the city, the visitors will love the city. If the citizens know the places that are uniquely San Jose, then they can pass those insights on to the visitors. Even in as the self-titled “Capitol of Silicon Valley,” word of mouth is still the best way to promote a restaurant, club, shop, store, gallery, and yes, even a city. Spread the word.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Buck Tuesday Today, 7-10pm!

from Phantom Galleries 

Join us at KALEID Gallery for this upcoming Two Buck Tuesday!
Come enjoy an inspired evening of art demos, performances, live painting, $2 art & quirky people get together!

Here's some of what you have to look forward to this time:

Come get your knees dirty at our chalk art demo by street painters Cheryl and Wayne Renshaw.  Learn the secrets to their stunning 3D sidewalk renderings.

Stop by the Canvas Ghost table and write your own Cliffhanger short story! See if your’s is the top one chosen! Bring your most suspenseful story, jot it down and be part of our Canvas Ghost ‘Cliffhanger’ show!

David Mejia will paint your portrait on the spot for a small fee.

Kori Thompson will be on site painting live and available to answer questions about his feature solo exhibit currently on view at KALIED.

Nic Ceasar
Also featuring LIVE ART by:
 Al Preciado, 
Lydia Rae Black, 
Jehoiakim Santos, Lee Onista, and 
Nicolas Caesar

Beautiful Cello music will be provided by Freya.

Chara will screen 2 of her animated short films.
“End Street Harassment” is a illustrated poem themed for the international movement, Hollaback, which aims to end street harassment around the world.
“Your Heart’s Door” is a 1 minute animation with poetry and music to illustrate the sentiment of being a part of something greater than the self.
Chara Bui combines poetry, music, and drawing to create animations on a variety of topics that deal with being an aware human being in the world.

Join us Tuesday, June 19th, 7-10pm
 It's free and open to all ages!

88 South Fourth Street (@ San Fernando)
San Jose, CA
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon -7pm, free admission

Monday, June 18, 2012

261 New Homes Coming to E. Brokaw

The New Home Co. is planning to build 261 condos and townhomes on the corner of East Brokaw and Old Oakland Road. Each home will range from 1,400 sqft to 2,300 sqft and the development will also have a one acre park. Unfortunately there was no mention of retail in the article, but it is still nice to see these infill developments that are very close to North First, Downtown, and the Golden Triangle.

Source: SJBJ

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Annual ‘Bridge to the Future’ Event to Benefit San José/Evergreen Community College Foundation

San José, CA – May 23, 2012 – The San José/Evergreen Community College District Foundation (SJECCDF) announced today that the first annual ‘Bridge to the Future’ benefit luncheon will be held on Thursday, August 16 at the Corinthian Ballroom at the San Jose Athletic Club.
Key Note Speakers will include Carl Guardino,  CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and Dr. Rita Cepeda, Chancellor of the San José/Evergreen Community College District. The luncheon will begin at 12:30 p.m.
“This thought provoking event will demonstrate the tangible and achievable ways in which the public can link arms with the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District” said Autumn Young, SJECC District Foundation Board Chair. “This premiere signature event will “build the bridges” from student success to the economic vitality of Silicon Valley.”
Keynote speaker Guardino has written,  “in California, job one is jobs. We need an education system that prepares our young people for Innovation Economy jobs. Yes, our unemployment rate hovers around 11 percent, but if you have a college degree in ANY subject, the unemployment rate is four percent; and with an engineering degree, one percent. A great education for potential workers is key.”
Keynote speaker Cepeda states, “in a time when post-secondary education is becoming a necessity, the ability of colleges is to   serve their communities effectively is being compromised.”
“Public / private partnerships have become very popular in this new world economy,” said Carol Coen, Vice Chancellor, Workforce, Economic, Resource Development, “and it is imperative that we change our thinking about education and our educational institutions, in order to provide a skilled workforce for Silicon Valley.”
 “Our goal is to have the entire cost of this event underwritten so that all proceeds go directly to student scholarships and support programs ,"  added Heather Saito, Director of the SJECC District Foundation.
All proceeds from this ‘Bridge to the Future’ event will benefit San Jose/Evergreen Community College District students who attend Evergreen Valley and San Jose City Community Colleges.  
Corporate, business and individual event sponsorships are available at the Platinum $10,000 level, the Gold $5,000 level, or the Silver $2,500 level. Tables for ten are $1,500.  Individual tickets are available at $100 each by visiting 
or calling 408 223-6766 .
The Corinthian Grand Ballroom is located on the upper level of the San Jose Athletic Club, located at 196 North Third Street, San Jose, CA  95112, at East St. James Street.
  # # # 
About the San José/Evergreen Community College Foundation:
The purpose of the Foundation, which is an auxiliary organization of the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District is to advance the educational programs of the [SJECCD] in every way authorized including, without limitation, by cultivating partnerships, generating resources, supporting opportunities for growth and student success, and receiving gifts, property and funds for the benefit of the District.

Through scholarships, program innovation and development funds, faculty development funds and our Chancellor’s Circle, the San Jose Evergreen Community College District Foundation helps community members and donors impact the future of over 64,000 community college students.
4650 San Felipe Road San José CA 95135   408 223 6789

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Gift Special at Burke Williams Day Spa

I have to say-- I'm a massage novice. I've only officially had one real massage EVER -- and it was probably three or so days before my wedding. A well-needed massage, believe me. I had just quit my job of 8+ years and was about to have a pretty large wedding. A massage was needed!

When Burke Williams Day Spa contacted me recently, asking if I'd like to try out one of their massages (and hydrotherapy baths) to review, I said sure. I will. I'm there. I will SACRIFICE my time for you, beloved SJBlog reader. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

That said, I'm going to have a lot of detail in this review that relates to a first-timers experience. Maybe you are a little shy or unsure about the process of getting a massage? Well, I hope to help you see how relaxing it can be and how respectful the company/massage therapists are. 

After a reschedule -- by the way, Mr Internet says to not have a massage if you are feeling under the weather. Massages increase the flow of your circulatory system and if within that system you are sick -- woosh, it is everywhere and apparently a little "cold bug" can become a crazy sickness. I was feeling a little under the weather so I opted to not have that as much as possible.

So, a few days after initially planned, I finally arrived at Burke Williams Day Spa (located in Santana Row) for my massage.

It's a quiet experience. Immediately you are in a waiting room with low light, comfy chairs to relax in and a few shelves of products to check out.

I was greeted by Jordana and she made sure my appointment was ready and in place, then she gave me a quick tour. There's the main waiting area for men and women. In between the separation of spas for men/women, there are two doors. These are to the quiet rooms. If you want to read, have some deep thoughts, or just lie back in a recliner with your eyes closed -- this is where you do it. 

She walked me into the women's spa side. There's a hot tub/spa, plenty of showers, the area to do your hair and makeup. They have everything from hair products, lotions, shavers, to clean hair brushes/combs, hair dryers and straighteners for you to use. 

Frankly, I was a little overwhelmed. I'm not used to this kind of service and everywhere I turned was either a relaxing location or somewhere to pamper myself. Where do I start?

So after I put my clothes and such into the provided locker and wrapped myself in the (extremely soft) robe, I made my way to a little sitting area near the spa/hot tub. By the way, clothing is optional - so if you are shy like me, bring a bathing suit if you want to go into the spa, or just bring your birthday suit if you are so inclined.

Just before the hour, someone goes around the spa informing people that they have appointments about to start and that they should gather in the main waiting room to meet your massage therapist (or the person that will do your facials, etc.) A few minutes later, Summer (massage therapist) showed up and introduced herself.

Oh by the way, plenty of refreshing water, tea, and fruit is available for you at any time you wish. Keep hydrated!

Summer took me to the massage room and asked me about any specific spots I needed worked on. My upper shoulders/neck area had been bothering me the last few days so I was totally in need of some focused work there. She left the room so I could get on the massage table in private. (See, for us shy people, this is a great thing! Too many TV shows/movies show the person in the room with you while you get on the table… I never liked that idea.) The room is dark and there is relaxing music playing softly in the background. 

Summer came back in and began the massage. By the way, the kind of massage I got was The Burke Williams Massage:

This massage includes our 'Signature Blend' of essential oils, accented with our famous Burke Williams scent. This customized massage uses warm, moist heat packs to relax the muscles and exotic herbs to polish the skin. Available in both Swedish and Deep Tissue styles, it is a uniquely relaxing massage experience.

Mine was the Swedish style and was 50 minutes long. Added to it was a massage enhancement: Hot Stones. Now I had it in my head that individual hot stones will be placed on my back - not so. They just recently switched over to these large packets that have hot clay in them. Same thing and able to conform to the shape of your body. The heat felt *GREAT*.

I gotta say, the massage was wonderful. There was this one technique right at the end that I found interesting (and for all I know, is very common -- again, massage newbie here!) I was lying on my back and she placed my head on a large towel and lifted it up and rolled my head side to side. I had to resist the urge to use my muscles to lift my head or to stop the movement -- just roll with it! 

After my massage, Summer walked me back to the spa area where I was to wait for my next service, a hydrotherapy spa bath.

By now I was already downing a few cups of water (drink lots of water before and after massages!)

A lady found me and asked what kind of scents/oils would I like in the bath - she had a list for me. Frankly after the massage I was a little fuzzy so I couldn't decide. I asked for a recommendation and she said she personally liked to mix the "Moisture Revival" with the "Harmony Bubble Bath"

Moisture Revival
Hydrate and nourish your skin in our soothing, aromatic blend of calendula flowers, aloe vera, rose elder, chamomile, lavender, palmarosa, olibanum and ylang yang.

Harmony Bubble Bath
This relaxing and soothing bubble bath combines aloe, chamomile, ginkgo, cocoa, flaxseed, jojoba, Vitamin E and patchouli with minerals to create a wondrous indulgence.

Sounded good to me!

She set up the bath, which is in a secluded room, and when it was ready, lead me in there. Now, because it was rather late in the evening and I don't think there were any more appointments, the privacy partition was not set up between the two baths. I got really self conscious and I suppose I could have just asked for the partition to get set up OR move it myself, but I didn't. So after she left the room, I just hopped into the very hot bath as fast as I could.

There was, again, cold water and a plate of fresh fruit set up behind me (on the ledge of the tub for easy access), candles and low-lighting promoting a relaxing atmosphere. Also, it's a jacuzzi-style tub, so the jets were on!

Now, I like a relaxing bath like most people but I cannot stand to be in the tub for very long. Especially if the water is super hot. It's just a personal thing about breathing hot air, sweating, etc, all the while you are trying to relax. That said, I didn't stay in the tub for the full 20 minutes. I probably lasted around 15 minutes max. Which was fine, I got out of the tub and ate some fruit, drank some water, and went on my way. You are not "required" to stay in the tub for the full 20 minutes. Stay in for as short of time as you like.

That's one of the things I really liked about this experience -- you are reminded that it IS all about you. You don't have to stick to rules of your services. Also, because you've purchased services (above $55), you have access to all spa amenities for as long as you like before AND after your treatments. 

After all my services I grabbed a brochure and began to eyeball the membership details.

And wouldn't you know, Burke Williams is running a special this month! 

Guests that spend $150 on a gift card at Burke Williams Day Spa will receive a complimentary $25 gift card. For each $250 gift card purchase you will receive a gift card for $50. This special offer expires June 30, 2012.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I know some of you out there haven't gotten your father a gift yet. Day spa treatments are not just for women! Or what about a graduation gift for your sister who just got her Master's degree? She could really use a relaxing day at the spa, don't you think? Plus, it's a win-win situation -- give a gift, and get a little something for yourself too.

Burke Williams Day Spa [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

Burke Williams provided these services free, but all these opinions are my own.

The Hellenic Heritage Institute Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Sunday, June 17 at History Park in San Jose

SAN JOSE, CA - JUNE 4, 2012 --- On Sunday, June 17, History Park in San Jose will serve as the background for the tenth anniversary of the Hellenic Heritage Museum with a Greek music and wine festival. Authentic Greek food, traditional pastries, imported wines and shopping at the specialty vendor booths will contribute to the festival atmosphere, 11 AM to 8 PM.
Honorary Chair of the event, and San Jose City Councilmember, Pete Constant will host the event, and will conduct the 4 PM program honoring the tenth anniversary. Also a special memorial tribute will be paid to late Greek musicians who shared their musical talents with the world and made “Zorba the Greek” a household song.
Since Greek music will be the focus of the festival, Mythos Greek Band will play popular Greek music, along with other young, emerging musicians playing throughout the day.
The best local Greek restaurants, including Dio Deka of Los Gatos, will provide typical Greek food for purchase. A favorite of the Greek dining tradition, pastries, will also be available.
The festival will take place on Father’s Day, so instead of a backyard barbeque, bring Dad to a Greek-style celebration.  Treat him to a Gift Certificate: the $45 includes admission, Greek food, wine, dessert, and a special t-shirt that says “Best Father”, in Greek. Gift Certificates will be pre-sold, and can be purchased by calling (408) 247-4685.
History Park is located at 1650 Senter Road, between Phelan and Keyes, San Jose, CA 95112.  Please enter through the back gate located on Phelan.  There is ample parking in the paid lot at the end of the street. Admission to this Greek Anniversary Celebration is $5.
# # #
About the Hellenic Heritage Museum: 
The Hellenic Heritage Museum serves as headquarters to the Hellenic Heritage Institute, a non- profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of various aspects of Greek culture, which constitute the rich Greek heritage.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Night Market in San Jose!

A really cool new weekly event is coming July. The creators of Moveable Feast and San Jose made are joining forces to create the largest Asian Night Market in the Bay Area. Each Saturday from 7pm to Midnight you will have 15+ gourmet food trucks, 50+ vendors, and top local entertainment. It all starts July 21st!

To stay up to date on this event, follow the Night Market's Facebook page over here!

Profile Picture

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Community Event for Downtown Residents Today

Don't miss this... a Special Community Open House & Movie Night on Thursday!
Community Open House June 14
Attention Neighbors
This Thursday, come on over to the San Jose Athletic Club. Meet your local merchants and sample some of their wares. Mingle by the pool for some jazz and then cross the street for the first Outdoor Movie Night of the Summer...HOOK. (Arrreee...don't forget your to bring your best pirate look if you dare)!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: More Subzero-like Events in SoFA

Subzero yet again mesmerized thousands with tons of unique entertainment, food, and art... with often times 3 or 4 main attractions happening simultaneously. This week's wishlist is for more events like this in SoFA, which is uniquely suited for the arts in San Jose. We have Zer01 coming in September, but it would be great to see at least one other arts event of this scale each year in SoFA. I could totally see a Halloween costumed event in October or a Brazilian Carnival inspired event in February.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pop-Up Brow Bar Downtown

The pop-up sensation is again moving beyond standard retail and food and is headed towards services. This weekend Plan Be Salon on 2nd St. Downtown is hosting a pop-up brow bar from 2-6pm. It would be nice to see more service oriented pop-ups in the future, perhaps even utilizing some of our empty retails space.

Massive New Office Project on Coleman

The big projects just keep on rolling in. Hunter/Storm LLC, the same developer behind @First, is gearing up to build out 1.5 million sqft of office space, 2 hotels, and 50,000sqft of retail along Coleman right across the street from the new Earthquakes stadium. The icing on the cake is all this is going in a location near mass transit. The Caltrain station is right around the corner and one day BART will be there as well. SJC is right across the street.

Along with the new stadium, this will indeed be a great project leading people into Downtown from Coleman. Phase one should break ground early next year and be complete by Summer 2014.

Source: SJBJ

Rendering of Hunter Storm project

Locator Map of Hunter Storm project

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dine Downtown San Jose – June 20-July 1

Restaurant week is back for 2012! This is a great way to experience an assortment of different foods at San Jose's top restaurants for a reasonable price. New to the list this year are Vino Vino, Myth, and Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill. Also for the first time, we have 2 Dishcrawls that will feature Restaurant Week eateries. Full details below!

Downtown restaurants combine value, service and quality into fourth annual event

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Take a culinary expedition through Downtown San Jose during Dine Downtown restaurant week, June 20-July 1. 

Some of downtown’s best restaurants provide gourmet three- and four-course prix-fixe specialty dishes and equally outstanding service at special price points ranging $20-$70, most $40 and under.

“This is a favorite promotion of the year for many San Jose foodies,” said Julie Carlson, SJDA Marketing Director.  “Dine Downtown allows people the opportunity to try new places and return to old favorites.”

Participating restaurants for this fourth annual Dine Downtown Restaurant Week include (committed as of today):

•  19Market Restaurant - 19 N. Market St.; 280-6111
•  71 Saint Peter Mediterranean Grill - 71 N. San Pedro St.; 971-8523
•  Azucar Latin Restaurant & Lounge - 71 E. San Fernando St.; 293-8482
•  Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill - 80 N. Market St.;294-8626
•  Bella Mia Restaurant & Bar - 58 S. First St.; 280-1993
•  Billy Berk's Restaurant - 99 S. First St.; 292-4300
•  Britannia Arms Downtown - 173 W. Santa Clara St.; 278-1400
•  Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge - 99 E. San Fernando St.; 998-9998
•  Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant - 33 E. San Fernando St.; 294-6785
•  The Grill on the Alley - in the Fairmont Hotel, 172 S. Market St.; 294-2244
•  Habana Cuba  Restaurant, 238 Race St. 998-2822   
•  Il Fornaio - in the Sainte Claire Hotel, 302 S. Market St.; 271-3366
•  La Pastaia Ristorante & Enoteca - in the Hotel De Anza - 233 W. Santa Clara St.; 286-8686
•  Loft Bar and Bistro - 90 S. 2nd St.; 291-0677
•  Los Gatos Brewing Company - 163 W. Santa Clara St.;292-9928
•  Mezcal Restaurant - 25 W. San Fernando St.; 283-9595
•  Morton's The Steakhouse - 177 Park Ave.; 947-7000
•  Myth Taverna & Lounge - 152 Post St.; 286-7678
•  Paolo’s Restaurant - 333 W. San Carlos St. # 150; 294-2558
•  San Pedro Square Bistro & Wine - 20 N. Almaden Ave.; 298-9463
•  Sonoma Chicken - 31 N. Market St.; 287-4098
•  Vino Vino - 87 N. San Pedro St. #105; 703-2333

Dishcrawl will host preview events June 12-13.  Check

Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. nightly.  Reservations are recommended, and many of the participating restaurants accept reservations through  Or, contact the restaurants by phone or use their websites.

All the info and links are at

More information can be found at Metro, NBC Bay Area, KCBS, Mix 106.5, 94.5 KBAY, Silicon Valley Community Newspapers and El Observador.

More background information

•  Restaurants present specially crafted menus that showcase their unique flavor and flare
•  Goals:  
    • fun and entertaining evenings for customers  
    • new and repeat customers for restaurants
    •  improvedunderstanding of the quality and diversity of dining options of downtown San Jose, a true destination for quuality dining experiences
•  Reservations:  recommended.  Some reservations are accepted through
•  Restaurant info and prix fixe menus available on
•  Call (408) 279-1775


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scenes from SubZERO

Did you go to the SubZERO Festival? If not, you totally missed out. It was packed with art, music, local vendors, street performers and more. My husband and I got there around 6pm and didn't leave until close to midnight. We roamed up and down the street about three times; checking out local vendors, the tech-art projects, watching a performance… there was always something going on.

We grouped up with Josh and his wife (of TSJB) and hit up a few of the art galleries, had some dessert from Treatbot, and tasted the locally brewed beer from Strike.

Plus! Yay for community - we ran into so many people there! It was definitely the place to be. Do not miss out next year.

Silicon Valley Roller Girls

A few more of my photos can be found in my SubZERO Flickr set.

SubZERO Festival [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

San Jose Trails update from City Trail Manager Yves Zuetty

from One Square Mile 

View San Jose Trails - Updates from Yves Zuetty in a larger map

San Jose Trails Update - May 2012

Highway 237 Bikeway Construction

Construction of the bikeway project between Zanker Road and Coyote Creek (north side) continues. Asphalt paving, striping and fencing are in place. Opening of the trail is delayed until early June as final work items are completed – installation of bollards, new wheelchair ramps and restoration of a vehicle detection loop at the nearby freeway off-ramp traffic signal. Follow “SanJoseTrails” on Twitter for notification of the trail’s reopening and get more detailed updates and photos by following the Construction Updates.

Lower Guadalupe River Trail Construction

A construction contract has been awarded and the pre-construction meeting occurred on May 23. The City will provide a project schedule and details about phasing during the week of June 4. Weekly project updates are posted on the Construction Updates link found on the Trail Program homepage:

Lower Guadalupe River Trail – Tasman Under-Crossing

A grant has been secured to elevate the under-crossing at Tasman Drive so that it is flooded less frequently from seasonal rains and tidal flows from the Bay. The project is within the limits of the larger Lower Guadalupe River Trail project, however, the City has postponed construction until after the larger trail project is completed. In this way, the 6.4 mile trail project is not subject to a possible seasonal closure that would only occur due to flooding at the under-crossing. The California Transportation Commission approved a grant extension on May 23, 2012. Work on the under-crossing is to get underway immediately after completion of the Lower Guadalupe River Trail project.

Thompson Creek Trail (Tully-Quimby)

Preparation of construction documents is on-going. PG&E has issued a permit and the City has positively identified all utilities along the trail alignment. Funding is in place to construct the 0.65 mile trail (improving the existing interim gravel surface). A schedule for construction will be provided once construction documents are completed.

Doerr Parkway

Two community meetings have occurred for Doerr Parkway project. The west San Jose project will develop a landscaped trail along a short 500' parcel currently used as a utility corridor. Design work is now underway – you’ll find conceptual drawings of the future trail posted at:

Los Gatos Creek Trail Under-Crossing (San Carlos Street)

The City has secured $1.6M in grant funding to prepare environmental and construction documents for the under-crossing that will span beneath the West San Carlos Street bridge, active Caltrain/Amtrak railway bridge and future High Speed Rail alignment. A Request for Qualifications was issued on May 24 to hire a design consultant for the project. A schedule will provided at a later date when the project team is hired. A conceptual image of the under-crossing is available.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't miss Mary Poppins!


As of this post (Saturday, June 9th.. 10ish-am), there are only four showings left of Mary Poppins at Broadway San Jose! So if you were on the fence about attending, now is the time to make up your mind!

If you are like the majority of us, your memory of Mary Poppins is the magical Disney musical movie staring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Sometimes when you go to see a show and you already have an image of what you expect to see you can sometimes be disappointed if it doesn't live up to those memories.

Let me say, this production was RIGHT THERE with the movie, of course including a few of its own characteristics and moments, but I felt the movie come alive!

So I'm not a professional critic - I'm Jen. I like movies, and musicals, and a play here and there. Let me break this down in a few points:

Set design & technical bits:
WOW. Oh my wow. Right away my jaw kind of dropped at what we were treated with and within a few short minutes you are left thinking, "What are they going to do next?!" I want to list the specifics but I don't want to give them away because they're just such fun, it adds a whole layer to the show. They did a great job adding the "magic" to the show for sure.

Song & Dance numbers:
I'd say 90% of them had me smiling and singing along, tapping my toes along with the cast as they danced. The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious number alone had me in awe of the awesome memory skills the cast possess. It's CRAZY. Let's just say, I can manage a good YMCA, but this is just nuts. ('Nuts' in a totally awesome fantastical way, that is.)

While the whole cast was wonderful, the powers that be certainly picked awesome actors for Mary and Bert. The Mary felt very "Julie Andrews" to me, and that's meant as a compliment to the actor - I wanted my take-away to feel like I just watched the movie LIVE, I didn't want to walk away thinking they changed too much or went off character too much -- and they didn't. The Bert character, had his own approach to the character but totally nailed a lot of the Dick Van Dyke mannerisms from the movie too. 

Overall it was one of those really heart-warming, wholesome, good fun musicals. Right away you're transformed into the Mary Poppins world and from beginning to end there are technical treats, colorful numbers (they treated the 'cartoon' parts perfectly!) and so much more. I love it when the show is over and you hear everyone immediately singing their favorite part or mentioning how amazing another part was… 

Now it's your turn - go see it before it's gone!

Broadway San Jose [Website] [Facebook]
Saturday June 9th: 2pm & 8pm
Sunday June 10th: 1pm & 6:30pm

San Pedro Square Farmer's Market Today

My favorite Farmer's Market is happening today, and every Saturday year-round. Everything is local and organic, plus you couldn't ask for a better venue. Check out the video below courtesy of WMS Media.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Evergreen Village Square Music Series

I think Evergreen Village is one of South San Jose's hidden gems. It's like a little oasis in the middle of the most suburban part of San Jose that resembles a mini Downtown wrapped around a beautiful fountain and park. At one point they were even planning a small movie theater and a restaurant on the lake, but unfortunately that never came to fruition.

If you've never been there before, the music series below is a great reason to come and enjoy the village. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will one day build out the rest of the site and have even more community-centric events like these. 


This year’s free Evergreen Village Square Music Series kicks off Friday June 8th with the amazing California Cowboys. There will be a total of six free outdoor concerts taking place at the beautiful Evergreen Village Square in San Jose. Enjoy the music every other Friday throughout the summer, from 6:00pm to 8:00, followed by a family-friendly movie.

Here is a list of the great bands coming to Evergreen Village Square:

June 8th- The California Cowboys (country music at its best!)
June 22nd- Macy Blackman and the Mighty Fines (Rock the house with classic New Orleans R&B)
July 6th- The Fabulous Cruisetones (Classic oldies from the fifties to the eighties)
July 20th- Alvon Johnson (Award-winning blues and R&B)
August 10th- The Hum (Rock ‘n Roll and Blues)
August 24th- The Road Dogs (Classic Rock)

Evergreen Village Square is located on Ruby Avenue, off Aborn Road East, in San Jose. Sponsored by Involved Evergreen.

Like Evergreen Village Square on Facebook!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dia de Portugal 2012

This Saturday, History Park is hosting the annual Dia de Portugal festival. There is no better event to come an sample tons of amazing Portuguese foods! You can also enjoy multiple museums, World Cup qualifiers matches, and live entertainment.

Admission is free and the event goes from 10am-5:30pm!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Virgin Airlines

In an article about Measure B in the latest issue of the San Jose Business Journal, I noticed an interesting tidbit. It was casually mentioned that the CEO of Virgin is trying to get flights at SJC next year. What a perfect match... they hippest, most tech forward US airline in the middle of Silicon Valley. Yes, please!  I think I would actually fly much more frequently if Virgin came to San Jose.

What do you guys think and which airlines do you want in San Jose?

The Tech Museum After Hours Today

6:00 p.m. – Midnight (new time!)   [Josh: the event now goes one hour later]

Celebrate your birthday at The Tech Museum's After Hours event! If your birthday occurs in the month of June, get in FREE to our June After Hours event! Just show your ID and YOU get in for FREE!

After Hours is the only monthly evening event, in downtown San Jose, where adults 21 and older enjoy science, technology, entertainment, and cocktails together with their friends.

Each month provides an exclusive and fun setting of music, games, hands-on exhibits, and more. Explore the entire museum with other adults under moody lighting and music as you play a bevy of giant games, discover more about science and technology, or just relax and have fun with friends! 

  • GIANT GAMES like 4 Foot Tall Jenga-Style Blocks, Over-Sized Chess, and Giant Four in a Row.
  • Live music and dancing.
  • Sip on a glow-in-the-dark Tech-tini from our no-host bar.
  • Limited cafe menu available for purchase.
In June, DJ Komodo is back in the house and will be joining The Tech Museum After Hours to give us some beats to jam to! So bring your friends for an exciting evening of fun, games and music!

Don't forget to go over to After Hours Photo Booth and share smiles with your friends. We'll post your photos on our After Hours Facebook page and share your pictures! Enjoy our new bar menu with tasty appetizers now for only $5 per item!

Admission Prices:
General: $10
Member: $8
Group of 10 or more: $8

For more information or to buy tickets please call (408) 294-8324. Or buy online now. (Service charges may apply. Members service charges waived.)

Get directions and parking tips.

Like our After Hours Facebook page!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Retail Coming to Santana Row

It looks like many new additions are coming to Santana Row this year. Two new retailers have just been announced. Lavazza Espression is a high-end espresso shop that will be added near the office lobby in the 300 building (same building with The Yard House). Drybar will setup shop across from Hotel Valencia and offer women a shampoo and hair styling for $35. A press release with more information for both is below.

Also slated for Santana Row this year: H&M expansion into the former Border's Store, Kate Spade New York, Icebreaker TouchLab, Clary Sage Organics and The Veggie Grill (a very highly-rated vegetarian restaurant replacing Wahoo's).


Coming to Santana Row:
Drybar, a Blowouts Only Salon, and Lavazza
Espression, an Italian Coffee Shop

San Jose, CA (May 30, 2012) - Drybar, a buzzed about shampoo and blow dry-only salon and
Lavazza Espression, an Italy-based coffee shop, are the newest additions opening at Santana
Row. They're the most recent tenants to sign on at the Bay Area's most dynamic shopping and
dining destination.

Drybar is slated to open this summer at 377 Santana Row, across the street from Park
Valencia. The salon started a revolutionary concept by offering women a shampoo and blow-dry
styling for a flat rate of $35 and the motto, "No cuts. No color. Just blowouts."
The founder, Alli Webb, opened the first salon in Brentwood (in L.A.) and  Drybar has since
grown to 14 locations across the country. Celebrity regulars include Jennifer Love Hewitt,
Amanda Bynes, Mary Steenburgen, Maria Shriver and Rose McGowan, who liked the concept
so much that she became an investor.

Company CEO is Webb's brother, Michael Landau, a former brand marketing manager for

The 1,499 square foot location at Santana Row features all the whimsical components that
make Drybar such a hit: bright yellow ionic hair dryers that hang from ceiling fixtures and a
menu of blowout styles named after cocktails. Ask for a Mai Tai and you'll get a sexy beach look.
The Manhattan is a sleek city blowout. They're served with complimentary wine, champagne,
coffee or tea.

Lavazza Espression is scheduled to open this fall at 300 Santana Row next to Hastens at the
entrance of the office lobby. Lavazza's history started more than 110 years ago when founder
Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocery store in Turin. He is credited with inventing the concept of
the blend, the art of mixing coffee of different origins to obtain a flavorful brew.

Lavazza, known as Italy's favorite coffee since 2007, is expanding its presence around the world
with a contemporary and innovative approach to coffee with Espression cafes, a place where
consumers can experience an extraordinary blend of coffee creations and fresh food in an
atmosphere of award-winning design. Innovation and research are two essential ingredients for
Espression. The menu ranges from the very best of Italian traditional coffee drinks coffee and a
rich menu offering featuring fresh bakery goods, panini sandwiches, chocolate drinks and
gelato. The chain's signature atmosphere is the embodiment of eclectic creativity, characterized
by a sophisticated ambience of the best in Italian design.

Drybar and Lavazza join kate spade New York, Icebreaker TouchLab, Clary Sage Organics and
The Veggie Grill as the newest additions to Santana Row. Meanwhile, retailer H&M is tripling its
space by moving to the 26,000 square-foot location formerly occupied by Borders Books. The
move to the corner spot on Olin Avenue and Santana Row is expected in the fall and means the
store will be large enough to also carry apparel and accessories for men and children.