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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Updated lighting on the Adobe Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown San Jose

It looks like Adobe has further improved the lighting on their pedestrian bridge which now features a long gradient instead of a solid color. I also didn't notices the metal dragonflies the last time I was there (3rd photo).

In the very last photo, the main entrance to the free Adobe Museum is next to the A sign. I highly recommend going there if you are into tech nostalgia. It's open during business hours Monday through Friday and also has a slick interactive art room hidden in a corner.

Source: aphelion2100 from Skyscraper City

Monday, July 1, 2019

Adobe breaks ground on San Jose's largest office high-rise

Last week, Adobe broke ground on it's remarkable 4th tower in Downtown San Jose. At 1.3 million SQFT it is about as large as the existing three towers combined and will house over 4,000 employees. There will also be a new bridge over San Fernando connecting Tower 4 to the original campus

Adobe is already Downtown San Jose's largest employer, so this is a major vote of confidence for the area. If all goes well, the tower will be complete by 2022.

If this is what 4,000 employees looks like, imagine what 20,000 new Googlers will do for San Jose's core.

Source: SVBJ

Monday, August 20, 2018

New Adobe "Super Tower" design unveiled

Adobe has just released a drawing of it's massive 18-story tower dubbed "North Tower." It will eventually house 3,000 additional employees, which is roughly equivalent to the three towers it has today... combined. In other words, it's going to be insanely large.

The super-tower will clock in at 700,000 SQFT, with a retail component and several floors of parking both below and above ground. It will be the largest hi-rise of any kind Downtown. A bridge lined with trees and seating areas will connect the existing towers to North Tower. It also appears that a recreation area with trees will be placed on the roof of the building overlooking the Santa Cruz mountains.

It is fantastic to see Adobe--one of the first tech companies to seriously invest in Downtown--step up and increase their commitment to the city. The design looks eye-catching and contemporary. Yes, I wish this was a normal-width 56-story tall structure instead of effectively being three buildings put together side-by-side, but I have to hand it to Adobe for being creative and working with existing constraints (darn flight path). The expansion will be impossible to miss from the freeway and will forever change the skyline. I hope they will try to include the community as much as possible in the campus. I would love to be able to grab lunch and enjoy it on that bridge.