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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Genghis Khan is Coming to The Tech!

A new exhibit is heading over to the Tech to replace Star Trek later this month. This will be the first and only west coast appearance of this exhibit featuring over 200 artifacts from Genghis' reign as well as a touch of Mongolian culture (just writing the word Mongolian is making me hungry for some Mongolian BBQ). For all the details, take a look below! If I find any available discounts, I'll post a link here.

Genghis Khan
Opens Saturday, May 22!
Tickets on Sale Now!

Discover the innovation, technological mastery, engineering marvels, the treasures and culture of the world's greatest and most misunderstood conqueror in this one-of-a kind exhibition. 

First and only West Coast appearance opens Saturday, May 22, for a limited engagement at The Tech Museum in San Jose in partnership with Team San Jose.

Learn about the two faces of Genghis Khan: Conqueror. Statesman.

Khan's infamous brutality is well known, but there was another side to the man - that of a gifted, innovative leader who brought stability and unity to his people who would form the first united Mongol nation. Genghis also brought us passports, the pony express, printed money, hamburgers and even pants.

View more than 200 13th century artifacts from Genghis' reign - including gold, silver jewelry and authentic clothing - never before seen outside Mongolia including a 13th century Mongolian princess mummy and her treasures.

PLUS Enjoy live cultural performances, featuring Mongolian singers, contortionists and musicians performing traditional folk arts. 

Adults: $25.00
Seniors (65+) / College Students with ID: $22.00
Children (ages 3-17): $15.00 

Includes admission to the exhibition and admission to all the galleries of The Tech Museum. Pricing does not include IMAX. 

Order Tickets Now!