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Sunday, August 9, 2015

San Jose Indie Hip Hop Artist Lucid Optics

Lucid Optics has just released his latest album called SADLIBS. The San Jose artist began playing guitar at eight years old and quickly fell in love with music. His style is a blend between indie and hip hop and he's known for his sarcastic whit and honesty. By 21, he booked his first tour covering the western states.

SADLIBS is the first album where live instruments play a key role in Lucid's production. The album was written and produced entirely by Lucid Optics, with one guest verse from Cauzndefx on the intro of "Seamless."

Below is "Miss No Plans," track 1 from the SADLIBS. For more information on Lucid Optics and links to all of his albums, head here.

Friday, July 31, 2015

San Jose Indie Band "A Yawn Worth Yelling" Releases New Single

One of our local indie rock bands called A Yawn Worth Yelling has just released their latest single and it is getting some national attention. The song is called Lonely Prisoner and you can hear it for free right over here. The band sounds great! Below is some additional information:

The San Jose, CA-based four piece formed in 2011, and have since shared the stage with prominent artists including Saint Motel and Relient K. They also recently played an exclusive showcase at E3 in Los Angeles, and have received praise from notable outlets including Examiner, Impose Magazine and PopMatters. The latter called their style, "upbeat, youthful, and sun-drenched pop...these guys know how to capture the summertime vibe with aplomb."

You can follow the A Yawn Worth Yelling website here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

New San Jose Band: Light the Rocket!

San Jose has been getting a lot of great music news in 2012. New venues for live music have been popping up all over the place (especially Downtown), it is now possible to catch great performances 7 days a week, and many new artists from all over the South Bay have joined the local music scene. Just when I thought things couldn't get better, they just did...

Light the Rocket is a new band where pretty much every single member was born and raised in San Jose, all of their music is recorded in San Jose, and their first music video was entirely shot at the Music Go Round in San Jose. If you had any doubts of their local ties, see how many Sharks shirts and jerseys you can find by the end of the music video below (there is even a "hella" variant from Bay Area Diehards).

Alright, so they're local and they're representing, but are they any good? Nope... they are friggin phenomenal. I think I've listened to all of their songs 7 or 8 times already. I love their sound--reminds me a bit of Dashboard Confessional. It's a long road, but I wouldn't be surprised if these guys one day surpass Smashmouth as San Jose's claim to musical fame for the newer generations.

Check out their Facebook page over here, listen to their songs here, and of course don't forget to watch their first music video below for their debut song, "Carefully"!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Famous People From San Jose

Were you just wondering about famous people that were either born or ended up moving to San Jose? ... No? Well, I bet you are now.

Click here to see the Wikipedia list of people that were born here, moved here, and just for kicks there's even a list of popular bands started in San Jose.