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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The 88 Interactive Art Codes - "Show Your Stripes" v2.0

My favorite art project Downtown is still the LED light installation at The 88. Few people realize that the lights are completely interactive and can be controlled by anyone. Where else can you completely change four stories of a high-rise facade with nothing but a cell phone?

All you need to do is dial (408) 287-0128, wait for the tone, then enter any 3 digits (including # or *), then press 0 and hang up. I recommend saving this number on your phone and impressing your friends whenever you walk by The 88.

Last month, the artist Jim Conti significantly expanded the number of codes available. When "Show Your Stripes" launched in 2008, there were only 129 possible combinations. Now there are 318!!! During SubZERO last June, Jim asked festival-goers for feedback and ideas. The new additions are a direct result of that feedback.

Below you can find a full list of all public codes and a rough description of the effect. There are also some secret codes that are not on the list such as *14, *25, *69, *88, ***, and my personal favorite *#*. If you find any other "Easter Egg" codes that are not on the list below, let me know and I'll add them to this post!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 88 Interactive Art Codes

One of my favorite art projects downtown is the LED light installation at The 88. It happens to be completely dynamic and interactive. Have you ever wanted to change the way a high-rise looks with a push of a button? All you need to do is dial (408) 287-0128, wait for the tone, then enter any 3 digits (including # or *), then press 0 and hang up.

Here are the codes I was able to find online so far:

*25 - Xmas Dance
*14 - Valentine's Day Beat
*88 - The 88
*** - Ship's Wheel
168 - Green with Red Bolt
182 - Happy
193 - Rainbow Chase
194 - RGB Down
197 - Rainbow Sweep
228 - Yellow Sweep
268 - Brackets Out
311 - Cyan Sweep
323 - Red Pulse
341 - Slow Easter Sweep
486 - Arrows Going Down
555 - Green Warp
666 - Bright Red
526 - Red with Blue Sweep
541 - Easter Sweeps
565 - Green Pulse
766 - Snow Falling
919 - Blue Flutter
927 - Mom's B-Day
931 - Rainbow Left to Right

My favorite is one I discovered on my own: *#*  I won't spoil what this one does!

If anyone knows of any others, I would be happy to add them to the list =)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The 88 Achieves a Perfect Walk Score!

Walk Score is a website that lets you know how walkable a particular home or neighborhood is. Proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, retail, parks, schools, transit hubs and entertainment all factor into the score. Getting a perfect 100 is near impossible, even in very dense cities. However, one of the downtown San Jose condo projects managed to pull it off. Thanks to being located in the middle of the downtown core, The 88 achieves a perfect 100/100 walk-ability score. After the San Pedro Square Market opens, I imagine Axis will also be very close to 100 (right now it's at 89). For more details, just click here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice Blog Post RE: The 88

I recently ran into this article on The 88. Interesting read, especially since it is written by a former San Franciscan. Here's my favorite quote: "San Francisco isn’t the only urban option for the Bay Area. San Jose downtown is a newer, cleaner, safer urban option for the Bay Area." Click here for the full post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 88 Promo Video

In honor of The 88 snagging Downtown Condo Owner #1500, I thought I'd share a promo I found that highlights the benefits of living downtown using stories from actual residents there:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1500th Person to Call the Heart of Downtown San Jose Home!

Last Thursday Downtown San Jose achieved a major milestone in its history. Sarah Ligda became the 1500th person to clutch the keys of a brand new Downtown San Jose condo! If you've been to downtown lately, you've probably noticed that there are a few more lights on when you look up at the sky and a few more feet on the streets. Despite a rocky economy the heart of our city continues to grow in every way possible: density, eclecticism, and culture. It's becoming a place were people want to live, work, play, and just be. Every key that gets passed on to new condo owners chisels away at the stereotypes and misconceptions Downtown has dealt with for decades and paves the way for a much brighter future.

Now, it is with tremendous pleasure that The San Jose Blog gets to bring you the following press release before anyone else. Enjoy!


SAN JOSE (March 4, 2010) Sarah Ligda, a recent San Jose State University masters-degree graduate now working in high-technology in Silicon Valley, was heralded today as the 1500th new downtown resident of San Jose’s two-year surge of condominiums. A resident of The 88 highrise at 88 E. San Fernando, Sarah joins the growing population of singles, couples and families who are finding greater appeal in urban life than the previous generation, a lifestyle also seen as a path toward greater sustainability for the planet, according to officials who gathered downtown to mark the occasion.

Nearly two-dozen new downtown retailers were also feted, including 12 that have opened in 2009 and 11 more planned to open in 2010.

San Jose City Council Member Sam Liccardo, San Jose Downtown Association Executive Director Scott Knies and The 88’s Seth Bland of developer Wilson Meany Sullivan were among the officials presenting a basket of downtown retailer gifts to Sarah.

The 1500th resident marks the move-in of over 850 new buyers, plus a multiplier for household size, in nearly 20 downtown properties since late 2007 when the first highrise, City Heights, welcomed new residents, according to research by Pacific Marketing Associates.

“Sarah’s move to downtown is emblematic of our emerging Downtown populace,” said Liccardo. “She’s a young, well-educated, tech worker seeking an urban environment where she needs to walk no more than a block to encounter a yoga studio, Brazilian restaurant, grocery store, a live theater, and a comedy club. It’s all here.”

“Day by day, we’re seeing small but significant forward-steps downtown, and the addition of 1500 new residents plus our new retailers is part of that story,” said Knies. “The new downtown condominium buildings are bringing more vibrance and activity compared to a year or two ago, and you can see the incremental change every afternoon and evening on the sidewalks and in the restaurants.”

The new downtown retailers of 2009-10 include:

-- Newly-opened in the past year::
The Market by Safeway, E. San Fernando at 2nd
Maceio’s Brazilian Restaurant - 72 S. First St.
Soula Power Yoga Studio - 200 S. First Street
Icebee Yogurt - 151 S. Second St
Silk Road Mediterranean Café - 185 Park Ave
San Jose Glass Artist Alliance – 465 S. First St.
The Heel Bar – shoe repair, service for residents – 134 E Santa Clara St
Love’s Cupcakes - 85 E. San Fernando St.
WOW Noodle Bar - 76 S. First St.
The Old Wagon Saloon & Grill - 73 N. San Pedro St.
Downtown Yoga Shala 450 S. First St.
The Cheesesteak Shop - 76 E. Santa Clara St.

-- Retailer planned in First Quarter 2010
The MMoon Empanada Restaurant - 177 W. Santa Clara St [cq: MMoon with 2 M's)
The Pasta Market - Market Center on Coleman
Pho 69 - 321 S. First St
U-Food Grill - 143 W Santa Clara St
Tangerine Hookah Lounge - Fountain Alley
Morton’s The Steakhouse – expansion (177 Park Ave.)
La Victoria – expansion - 131 W. Santa Clara St.

-- Planned later 2010:
Market at San Pedro Square – open August 2010
Flames Eatery - 88 S 4th St - expansion to add bakery and extra seating - December 2010
Higher Fire Ceramics Gallery & Studio – 495 S Market – Summer 2010
Ross Dress for Less – 27 S First St –June 2010

From the left: Seth Bland of The 88; Scott Knies from the SJDA; Nancy Avila from Maceio’s Brazilian Steakhouse; Sarah Ligda, the ceremonial 1500th new downtown condo resident; Sam Liccardo, City Council Member; Kimberly Beach, store manager of The Market by Safeway; and (Mr.) Meredith Davis, a teacher at Soula Power Yoga.