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Friday, April 26, 2024

28-story high-rise proposed next to San Jose's City Hall - Part 2

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about a new high-rise next to City Hall, we now have renders thanks to Justin Daniels.

I have to admit that the renders of the 28-story tower (actually two towers) look much better than I expected. Since this was a preliminary proposal, I heard that the developer may not be serious about building the project but was likely more interested in getting the entitlements and selling them off to another developer. If that was the case, I'm not sure they would have put this much thought and effort into the design.

I love the tapered look, especially towards the top. It also now appears that the retail would be both on the ground floor and the very top of the two towers. The penthouse floors might be amenity space for residents, but those sure look like a lot of tables. It would be amazing to have a public restaurant on top of a San Jose high-rise. We have the Capital Club, but it's not very accessible and Scott's Seafood moved from their mid-rise location years ago.

Let's cross our fingers that this moves forward!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

28-story high-rise proposed next to San Jose's City Hall

A new high-rise is being proposed at the site of a Lee's Sandwiches and New Tung Kee Noodle House across the street from City Hall. The 28-story tower would have 529 residential units, 21,000 SQFT of retail or restaurant space, and 12,100 SQFT of office space.

There is a rumor that a drawing was made for the project, if anyone has it please send it in and I'll update this post. The project could also spur more development across the entire block, which also include a Grocery Outlet.

This is an up-and-coming part of Downtown San Jose. You now have the two MIRO residential towers across the street, a new project planned for where 4th Street Pizza used to be, and one of the best Downtown restaurants (Rollati). SJSU is just a few blocks away, as is a future BART station. Hopefully this new tower comes to fruition and further enhances the neighborhood.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Fay, Downtown San Jose's newest residential high-rise is almost complete

SoFA's shiny new 23-story high-rise is still on schedule to welcome its first residents in 2025. The building started construction in 2022 and already has had a major impact on the Downtown San Jose skyline. Below are a few recent photos for your enjoyment from my favorite online forum.

Amenities include a 24/7 concierge, co-working spaces, community lounges, and 5,000 SQFT of new retail on the ground floor. Best of all, it will have the amenity I have been clamoring for... a rooftop pool and amenity deck complete with cabanas, the gym, a sky garden, and BBQ grills. San Jose weather and Downtown San Jose's central location with views of the valley make it an ideal place for a heated rooftop pool and this will be the first high-rise building in San Jose to have this feature. In fact, it will be one of only three in the whole Bay Area I'm aware of when it's ready in 2025, the other two being built right now in Santa Clara.

Source: aphelion2100 from Skyscraper City

Monday, February 19, 2024

Updated SJSU Master Plan

SJSU has recently updated their development master plan and it looks quite impressive. The entire side of the campus closest to City Hall would feature a row of high-rises. The path leading to the Event Center would also be greatly improved and in general the campus would be modernized. Feast your eyes on the designs below.

Source: Silicon Valley Joe from Skyscraper City

Monday, February 12, 2024

Updates on Westbanks' Terraine

There are several new updates for a residential project called Terraine as well as a very unique parking structure. The 17-story tower will have 345 units and a verdant nine-story parking garage with 621 parking spaces in Phase 1.  In Phase 2, presumably we'll be in a world that needs cars less and the parking garage will be converted to 232,000 SQFT of offices above a ground-floor podium that has 11,777 SQFT of retail. 

The garage is a brilliant idea to satisfy the parking needs of today while also looking towards a future a decade or two away where most people will use robotaxis to get around.

The residential tower has its amenity deck on the 2nd floor with a pool, gym, and landscaped amphitheater. There are tons of new renders below. If built, this will be the nicest looking parking structure in San Jose.

Source: Scenic_SJC at Skyscraper City

Saturday, February 3, 2024

VTA abandons eminent domain plans that would have derailed a high-rise project

Given the likelihood of more delays and cost overruns, VTA wisely dropped plans to drop eminent domain proceedings for a prime site near the Downtown San Jose BART station. The land they were trying to forcefully acquire is between 17 and 31 East Santa Clara Street.

Proposed for this site is the Eterna Tower, a 26-story residential high-rise with 200 residences in a very central part of Downtown San Jose. Unfortunately this project is still at risk as the capital market landscape greatly changed since the tower was first proposed and delayed by the VTA's actions.

At this point, there is so much risk in the BART project that large parcels of prime land should not be held hostage for something that is at best 14 years away. There are plenty of options for subway entrances and exits throughout Santa Clara Street.

Source: The Mercury News

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Latest photo of The Fay

Quick post today, it has been a crazy week. Below is a recent photo of The Fay luxury apartment project, which looks pretty nice right next to The Sparq in Downtown San Jose's SoFA District. The Fay has reached its max height and is clearly visible off of 280.

Source: aphelion2100 from the San Jose Development Forum

Monday, January 8, 2024

Flashy housing tower expected to break ground within a few months in Downtown San Jose

Orchard Residential is planning to break ground on 540 high-rise residential homes within months at 409 South Second Street. This is the site of the former Bo Town restaurant in the SoFA District.

The design for the tower is stunning, featuring hundreds of staggered balconies and built-in planters to make the building look like a vertical forest. If the final product ends up looking anything like the renders below, it will be one of the most unique projects in Silicon Valley.

The location is also excellent as it is right in the middle of San Jose's arts district. Residents would be able to easily walk to restaurants, bars, galleries, and theaters. 

Source: The Mercury News, aphelion2100 from Skyscraper City

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Student Housing tower at 100 North 4th Street moving forward to environmental review

Another Downtown San Jose high-rise is getting closer to becoming reality. A 23-story tower designed for student housing near San Jose State University has published its initial environmental study. 

The tower would have 1,424 beds, which means another 1,424 people in Downtown San Jose right behind MIRO and City Hall. Units are split between 147 two-bedrooms, 105 three-bedrooms, and 78 four-bedrooms. Each apartment has one bathroom for every bedroom.

100 North 4th is 270 feet tall and comes in at 703,360 SQFT. There is a retail component, but it is just a single 8,420 SQFT space, which is quite large for an undivided unit. It would accommodate a restaurant the size of Rollati, but I imagine it would be something student-focused.

There is also 21,900 SQFT of common open space (including homework rooms every other floor), and a four-story podium parking garage for 287 cars and 426 bicycles.

While targeted towards students, they cannot restrict who occupies the building similar to The Grad. This type of project can be a really great value for young people that are just starting out in their careers. The apartments are furnished and include most utilities. You can also likely get by without a car in Downtown San Jose. 

These co-living upscale dorm projects are rare in San Jose but I hope we see more of them. It's one possible solution for adding large amounts of low-cost(ish) housing in our urban core and it happens to be a couple blocks away from a future BART station.

Source: SF YIMBY

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

New permit activity for Orchard Residential in Downtown San Jose

A 30-story apartment tower called Orchard Residential is slowly moving forward. Plans were approved last November, but some revisions were requested such as cutting car parking by half. They are hoping to receive their full building permit by fall to proceed with a pretty stunning 294-foot tall project.

The building will have 502,340 SQFT dedicated to residences, 13,860 SQFT of ground-floor retail, 104 parking spaces for cars, and 176 spaces for bicycles. The renders below are not just concepts--they are actually planning to plant 312 fruit trees and additional plants across the facade which is something more projects should consider doing.

Source: SF YIMBY, Dirk_Birkin from Skyscraper City

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A look inside Adobe's 4th Tower

Adobe was the first large tech company to be headquartered in Downtown San Jose. What started out as one tower eventually became an urban campus of three high-rises with some cool amenities like hidden a basketball court in the middle of them. Now there is a fourth Adobe tower to rule them all that is roughly the same size as the previous three combined. It also has a museum that is publicly accessible!

The Mercury News has a sneak peek inside the shiny new tower. From Highway 87 it's almost an optical illusion where it looks like a mid-rise building, but it's 18 stories and has 700,000 SQFT of office space with a bridge to connect it to the other three towers.

Inside, areas are color-coded based on function and local artists have left their mark on the new tower. There is a 50,000 SQFT cafe with cuisines from all over the world, both a perk and curse since Adobe employees should go out and also discover the amazing multi-cultural cuisines in Downtown San Jose.

I have a friend that works at Adobe so hopefully I'll go get my own photos at some point in the future. For now, check out the source link for a look inside one of San Jose's newest towers.

Source: The Merc

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

25-story apartment tower proposed for Downtown San Jose

An environmental impact report was filed recently for an infill high rise building at 439 South 4th Street. The property is only half an acre and currently has an aging three-story apartment building and detached single family home.

The proposed tower is 274-feet tall, 25-stories, and will have 1,500 SQFT of retail and five stories of parking. The parking will take up the majority of the basement and first four floors and allow for 168 cars and 70 bicycles.

Most of the 210 apartments appear to be three bedrooms, so they are likely targeting SJSU students similar to The Grad. There also appears to be a community room, dog park, fitness center, and pool deck.

If this moves forward, construction will take about two years after groundbreaking.

Source: SF YIMBY

Monday, September 12, 2022

The Future of the Bay is San Jose

Nabr is building a sustainable, contemporary Scandinavian high-rises in Downtown San Jose's SoFA district and they have produced several articles that highlight just how walkable the area is. I think they nailed it (I visit most of the places mentioned frequently).

Click here to read "The Future of the Bay is San Jose"

Then follow it up with "72 Hours in San Jose, CA"

If you might be interested in their unique rent-to-own apartments, then I have one more link for you over here.