Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Updates on 28-story high-rise next to San Jose's City Hall

We might have been the first website to publish the renders below for an ambitious new high-rise on a the current site of a Lee's Sandwiches across from City Hall. It has 529 residential units as well as 21,000 SQFT of retail or restaurant space and 12,100 SQFT of office space.

As I speculated, the top floors are more than just amenity space for residents. There are two bars planned for the northern tower (!!) which is the one right on Santa Clara street. This would be an outstanding amenity and the first public penthouse space of its kind in Silicon Valley.

The smaller southern tower would have a lounge at the very top as well, but likely only for residents.

Of the 529 residential , we now know that 348 would be one-bedrooms, 114 would be two-bedroom units, 63 would be studios, and there would just be four three-bedroom units. The swimming pool would be on the 5h floor podium along with a dining area. If built, this would be one of the most interesting pairs of towers Downtown.

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