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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets

For the first three Saturdays of December, SJMADE will be curating a holiday showcase of San Jose and Silicon Valley's best food/drink makers and food/drink-related makers at Whole Foods Market San Jose. Think of it as a joyous celebration of San Jose and Silicon Valley's foodie, coffee and beer culture. In addition to our amazing local food/drink makers and food/drink-related makers, Whole Foods will have a delicious tasting menu available in the outdoor breezeway space and Mission Creek Brewing will have tasting experiences as well as full-glass experiences available.

Are The San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets for YOU?
1. If you're looking to shop local high-quality food/drink makers for your holiday food shopping, so you and your loved ones can enjoy that super special small-batch sensation, the San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets are for you.
2. If you like craft fairs for food and drink, the San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets are for you.
3. If you like high-quality locally made food/drink goods, the San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets are for you.
4. If you like amazing coffee and beer, the San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets are for you.
5. If you're down with artisan quality, handmade quality, handcrafted quality then the San Jose Holiday Epicurean Markets are for you.

Racarons (
Sweetdragon Baking Company (
I Dream of Cookies (
Tico Coffee Roasters (
Hella Hot Hot Sauce (
Wild Orchard (
Cake Therapy (
Back Porch Bakery (
Suha Suha Inc. (

Whole Foods Market San Jose
777 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

Whole Foods Market San Jose offers the wonderful food shopping experience of all Whole Foods however it also brings its popular coffee and juice bar as well as its amazing on-premises craft brewery Mission Creek Brewing. With tons of comfortable outdoor seating, free WiFi, an indoor cafe and a second-floor terrace with a beautiful view of downtown SJ, Whole Foods Market San Jose has become that chill central hangout for the downtown San Jose and The Alameda community!

Friday, July 17, 2015

KQED's Boomtown - Finally: San Jose Starts to Capitalize on the Tech Boom

KQED has an interesting five minute radio spot on San Jose's relationship with the recent tech boom. They did a good job of presenting both challenges and opportunities, as well as some history. I don't necessarily agree with all of the statements made, but thought it would be interesting to throw it out there and see what everyone here thinks.

Hat tip to Erik Klein for sending this in.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

SJMADE Summer Series

SJMADE is a group of hyperlocal artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs that get together throughout the year at a variety of events. They frequently have pop-ups in Downtown San Jose and Valley Fair. This summer, they will be at the brand new Whole Foods on the Alameda every single Saturday!

Most of the pop-up markets will run from 10am to 2pm, but there are some days that will have longer hours or a even a night market. For more details and to see the other events SJMADE will be participating in, head over here.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Saturdays by SJMADE at Whole Foods!

SJMADE is launching a pop-up market filled with local artisans and designers at Downtown San Jose's new Whole Foods on The Alameda. The event runs from 11am-7pm every first Saturday of the month (hey that's today!) at the breezeway between the Whole Foods main entrance and the Tap Room.

I love how Whole Foods is allowing these types of events on their premises that add value and engage the local community. Hopefully this one will run year-round.

First Saturdays at Whole Foods, The Alameda
777 The Alameda, San Jose
First Saturdays
11:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Whole Foods San Jose Grand Opening Today

The other day I had the opportunity to eat dinner at one of the most anticipated new spots in Downtown San Jose. This place, known for its food, also has a microbrewery and tap-room on site. Today, December 9th, is the official GRAND OPENING!

Of course, I'm talking about the new Whole Foods on the Alameda!

As part of a media tour, they served us several delicious courses of food that you can easily find within the store itself. But I'm jumping ahead.

Here's a rundown of what I saw, heard, etc.. 

It's been awhile since I've driven past Stockton/The Alameda area. I was driving down Stockton and completely passed up the parking lot entrance (oops) - so a quick u-turn later, I was back in business.

The place is huge and it's quite pretty from the outside. It's not a stuffy looking grocery store. Colorful and modern design elements are everywhere. They used a lot of locally manufactured, reclaimed, and recycled materials to decorate the store. I loved it! 

Meat Department:
We learned about their rating system (displayed above the counter) -- the higher the number, the better that the animal was treated. Nice to know. 

Also, they have a big ole container full of bacon. 

Cheese Department:
They have many different kinds to choose from, and it is nice to know that if you are curious they'll bust one open for you on the spot and give you a taste. I picked up one package of a cranberry-orange cheese. I neglected to ask what the heck do I eat with that? Or what do I prepare it with? Next time I will ask.. and someone will tell me. Because that's how it works. ;)

The Berliners:
Custom-filled donuts made on the spot. Just for you. Maybe for your friends, if they're lucky.

Their official pizza dude (Matthew Driscoll) is on the U.S. Pizza Team. Look at him go!

Then I tasted their pizza - super yum. Did you see that fancy shmancy brick pizza oven too? Game nights are going to be filled with people buying some pizza or a hockey-themed (cute) sandwich and heading up the patio for a beer. (WHAT? Beer you say?! Keep reading...)

San Jose is home to the company's first on-site microbrewery and tap room in California called Mission Creek Brewing Company. 

"Mission Creek Brewing Company is located in a two story, 5,600 square-foot 'outbuilding' separate from the main store itself. The ground floor houses coffee and fresh juice bars, along with some seating. The second floor is home to the tap room, with eight bar seats, a birds-eye view of the brewery, and access to outdoor seating for around 75. A retractable roof and outdoor heating protect guests in inclement weather."

Neato, right? Here's the view from the patio.

As part of the tour/media day, we were treated to a three-course dinner (or .. is it five when you count the starter and dessert? I clearly don't have to many "course" meals…) The spread of tasty nibbles were delicious and the decor on the tables quite nice!

I have to say, everything was delicious. Not twisting my arm to say it at all. That's one of the things I really like about Whole Foods. If I was out running errands at one of my old jobs, I might find myself near the Hamilton location. I'd run in to their prepared foods section and try not to go too crazy buying things. They have a TON of delicious things to try. So I knew going in I was going to be enjoying my meal.

And lastly, we got a little sweet goodie bag with various products they carry in the store:

Now, some people flat out won't go to Whole Foods because products are not the cheapest in the land. No, they're not. You will be paying a decent amount for some products. But, don't let that stop you from ever going there. Buy some treats, try something new that nobody else carries. Want to make a nice gift basket for someone? This is a perfect place for that. Do you work downtown and want to grab a bite to eat - like I mentioned above, their prepared foods department (bakery, pizza and sandwiches, etc) have a ton of delicious options. Treat yourself! Or maybe you run a business nearby and you need to get some food for a client coming in for a lunch meeting? Swing by there and pick up a spread. If it's not your go-to grocery store, it certainly can be a place to stop by occasionally. Don't rule it out!

I'm hungry now just thinking about all the goodies.. so I'm gonna munch on some of my lemon pistachios.. or maybe a carrot cake cupcake.. 

Instagram: @WholeFoodsMarketSanJose


From Dec. 11-24, the store is hosting “The Great Holiday Giveaway,” offering one gift with a value up to $200, via its Facebook page and