Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Where is this in Downtown San Jose?

Again, this has been a crazy week. There is a lot of great news over the past few days including a brand new college coming to Downtown San Jose--just not enough time to post about it. So for today I just have a quick fun post. 

Where was the photo below taken from?

Hint: it's one of my favorite places to grab a bite. Answer is below.

Answer: SoFA Market Courtyard

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Building code update would make it much easier for anyone to own an EV in San Jose

San Jose is essentially ground zero for electric cars. Nearly 30% of new car sales are electrified and it has one of the highest concentrations of EVs in the world. Next week the San Jose City Council is going to vote on whether to make EVs even more accessible to everyone. The proposal is to have each multi-family residence with parking to have at least once space that is EV-ready.

Charging an EV where you live is a lot more convenient than going to to a charging station. It's extremely easy to charge where you live for San Jose homeowners with a detached home or even a townhome, but things get complicated when you live in an apartment complex.

It's also worth mentioning that this would not be retroactive. The vote would be to update the building code for all future multi-family developments. 

Opponents could argue that we desperately need housing and this would be another cost to discourage builders, but given how the car market is going I think most people will expect this in any new apartment they rent in the next 5-10 years. Also, a fair compromise would be to require a 120v outlet instead of the more expensive, but much faster 220v. A standard 120v outlet is cheap and powerful enough to add 50-60 miles per night on an EV, which is enough for 99% of drivers. 

Monday, January 29, 2024

New housing development proposed in North San Jose

250 apartments are being eyed in North San Jose at North First Street between Charcot and East Brokaw. Currently there is a 122,500 SQFT six-story office building on the site. It's not clear if this is an office conversion or they are planning to tear down and replace the building. Given the size of the building there already, my bet is on an office-to-housing conversion.

Source: The Mercury News

Sunday, January 28, 2024

San Jose is one of America's most creative cities

San Jose was recently ranked as America's 9th most creative city by Singulart. This was based on criteria such as the percentage of people surveyed that are training to be in a creative field, create art, work with textiles, redesign rooms at home, and hours spent on creative hobbies each week. San Jose scored very highly in hobbies such as photography.

New York unsurprisingly came in at #1, LA was #13, and SF was #19. For more info head over to the source link below.

Source: Singulart

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Latest photo of The Fay

Quick post today, it has been a crazy week. Below is a recent photo of The Fay luxury apartment project, which looks pretty nice right next to The Sparq in Downtown San Jose's SoFA District. The Fay has reached its max height and is clearly visible off of 280.

Source: aphelion2100 from the San Jose Development Forum

Friday, January 26, 2024

Abandoned youth center will turn into affordable housing for teachers

A blighted building that used to have classrooms, a gym, and track for the Mexican American Community Services Agency is going to be torn down to make way for a much needed project--housing for teachers. The Alum Rock Union School District is planning to build 78 homes across the 23-acre site which has sat vacant for over 10 years.

Housing costs are completely out of control and if we want our kids to be able to have a decent education, teachers need a place to live. The subsidized housing will go a lot way to attract talent to Alum Rock Union School District.

Surprisingly there is some pushback from the community on tearing down the building. As it would likely cost over $30 million to repair, it would be extremely expensive to integrate it into the housing project.

Source: San Jose Spotlight

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chick-fil-A proposed near Downtown San Jose

Yet another Chick-fil-A is planned for San Jose. This one is technically in Midtown but is just a few blocks away from Downtown San Jose at 1301 West San Carlos Street. This was once the site of a Burger King with a drive-through. Several years after the restaurant closed the building was razed and turned into a parking lot.

Most of the restaurant would be on that empty parking lot, but one building with Taqueria Eduardo and two other small businesses would have to be torn down to make way for the Chick-fil-A if the project is approved.

The popular chain is also trying to open a new restaurant in Evergreen at the corner of East Capitol Expressway and Silver Creek Road in a Target parking lot.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose is officially closed to cars... permanently

In a move that will delight pedestrians and Downtown San Jose advocates, San Pedro Square will officially become a pedestrian mall between West Santa Clara Street and St. John Street. It was first closed to traffic for an extended period to provide more room for outdoor diners during COVID and helped dozens of businesses to survive. After the pandemic, few people seemed to miss the ability to drive through the street.

Turning this area into a permanent pedestrian mall will allow even more activation up and down the street. It was already the most thriving district in Downtown San Jose, due in a large part to the San Pedro Square Market. Now the possibilities to add more businesses in the parking garage or even temporary popups down the middle of the street will help take the district to the next level. 

Improvements such as enhanced lighting and more public art are already in discussions with property owners in the area.

Source: SVBJ

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Urban Putt has a new grand opening date - February 8th

The hottest new minigolf place in the Bay Area is opening up in Downtown San Jose in a couple weeks. They have some of the most unique holes you can imagine with nods to Silicon Valley and unique interactive elements. The Winchester Mystery House, Sharks, a submarine, and a UFO are all items you'll find throughout the venue. When you're done, there are craft cocktails and unique food items to try out. It's one of the most exciting new entertainment options Downtown in years and is actually the first minigolf place I can remember in the area.

Opening day is February 8th starting at 4pm and it's located at 201 South 2nd Street (the old Camera 12 Movie Theater). For more info head to their website over here.

Monday, January 22, 2024

San Jose's Electric Light Tower and its connection to the Eiffel Tower

Built in 1881, the San Jose Electric Light Tower was one of the 50 tallest man-made structures on earth upon completion. It stood nearly as tall as the Signia Hotel in Downtown San Jose, but was built over 120 years ago. Not only was it extremely innovative for its time (illuminating a half-mile radius), but there several connections between this project and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is all the more reason to build a new landmark that pays homage to San Jose's Electric Light Tower.

You can now rent Tom Wohlmut's exceptional documentary linking the San Jose Electric Light Tower to the Eiffel Tower over here. The 56 minute film takes you through a journey of how San Jose's innovative light tower was built, how it brought San Jose international recognition, and how it was tragically destroyed. 

There were also several short interviews recorded about the relationship between the two towers that not many people had the chance to see. You can find those videos embedded below. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

San Jose looking for options to prevent encampments on the Guadalupe River Trail

The Guadalupe River Trail and Guadalupe River Park is essentially San Jose's "Central Park." The core of the trail and park network stretches from San Jose International Airport, through Downtown San Jose, all the way to the Children's Discovery Museum. Last year, San Jose received $ 2 million to relocate the homeless living in encampments along the trail and reclaim the trail for public use. Unfortunately, the encampments have come back.

Mayor Matt Mahan is proposing to redirect existing city funds to address this issue as soon as possible. He is also hoping that a similar policy could be used to address re-encampment in other public spaces in San Jose.

The Guadalupe River Trail and Park system has the potential to be one of the best urban parks in the Bay Area. It should be safe and accessible to everyone, and clearing or relocating the encampments is critical to that goal.

Source: KRON4

Saturday, January 20, 2024

New food hall is officially open in Downtown San Jose

A new "cloud kitchen" is now open on Santa Clara Street called the Downtown Food Hall. The concept is optimized for take-out food and delivery services like Doordash, but there will be a dine-in option for all of the eateries there.

One of the first restaurants to have their soft opening is Halal Taqueria, and anywhere from 11 to 19 more will soon follow. For more information on what's coming, head over here.

Source: NBC Bay Area

Friday, January 19, 2024

Honest reviews of San Jose's "iconic" statues

SJtoday had a post today rating various San Jose landmarks. I won't spoil the reviews, but I would rate the one below as 🐍💩 / 10. That is all, happy Friday. Oh, the reviews are over here.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

San Jose has the lowest percentage of population living below US poverty level

Among US cities, San Jose has the fewest percentage of people making less than $35k a year, which is the national poverty level. The exact percentage is 12.31%. Napa and SF were in the top 15 as well, coming in at 12th and 14th place respectively with around 15% of families living below the poverty level.

The study also points out that while San Jose has the best percentage, the cost of living is also much higher than other parts of the country.

Source: Madison Trust

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Massive new Tesla sales and service center proposed for Evergreen in San Jose

A whopping 49,600 SQFT Tesla store and service center is being proposed near Eastridge Mall and the Costco Business Center at the border of Evergreen and East San Jose. San Jose is Tesla's top market per capita in the US (30% of all San Jose car sales are EVs), so any expansion of service and delivery centers would be very welcome. I already know several people on their 2nd or 3rd Tesla.

The new location would be built on 3.6 acres of empty land close to the corner of East Capitol Expressway and Evergreen Palace. If you look at the site on Google Maps, you'll notice quite a bit of vacant land. Arcadia Development made the proposal to build the Tesla center, but that wasn't the full scope of the project. Next to Tesla would be 250 new homes, sports fields, retail, restaurants, parks, and a medical office.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

iChina hires a rockstar chef, obviously aiming for the stars

By aiming for the stars, of course I'm talking about those rare Michelin Stars. As our one and only Michelin Star restaurant--Adega--closed their doors in 2023, iChina is our next best shot.

Yesterday iChina announced that Singapoean Chef Chen Zhinengh is joining the team as Executive Chef. He has worked at multiple Michelin-star restaurants including Hakkasan in New York, Empress By Boon in SF, and 3 Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurants.

Below is the full text from the email blast. I'll look forward to trying iChina soon after his updated menu is live.

Introducing Chef Chen Zhinengh
We are thrilled to announce Chef Chen Zhinengh has joined iCHiNA to lead our kitchens. Because eight is an auspicious number, here are eight reasons we’re lucky to have him.

Born in Singapore, Chef Chen started working in restaurants at the age of 16.

He has cooked at some of the top restaurants in Singapore including the Mandarin Oriental and Ritz Carlton Hotels.

Chef Chen was part of the opening team for Hakkasan New York and went on to help oversee all US locations.

Prior to joining iCHiNA Chef Chen was Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Empress By Boon, in San Francisco.

A master of Peking Duck—one of our signature dishes—Chef Chen has combined culinary methods from top restaurants around the world to create a Peking Duck with  distinctive taste and a richer texture.

Chef Chen has cooked at 3 Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurants.

This video starring Chef Chen making dumplings has been viewed over 54,000 times. If it doesn’t make you want to try our dim sum, we don’t know what will!

Chef Chen is developing some amazing specials to offer during Lunar New Year including 魚生撈起 (Prosperity Salad) and 红豆汤 (Red Bean Glutinous Rice Soup) to bring you health and prosperity in the new year. 

Book a table now for a taste of Chef Chen’s exquisite cooking. Some of his new dishes include Golden Tofu Lobster featuring lobster, pumpkin, and silken tofu and Black Bean Prawns with housemade black bean sauce and fresh gai lan.

Monday, January 15, 2024

World's first radio show was in... San Jose

SJtoday had a great post last week about a San Jose invention most people don't realize came from San Jose, the radio. Well, there is some debate on who invented the actual radio technology, but at minimum the first radio broadcasts were in San Jose. 

It all went back to the early 1900s, well before the Silicon  Valley era. Charles David "Doc" Herrold was the first radio broadcaster in the world and in 1910 created the first radio show. At one point, he had to tap into San Jose street car power lines for transmission. It's an interesting story and you can check it out at the source link below.

Source: SJtoday

Sunday, January 14, 2024

New housing proposal near Five Wounds future BART station and urban village

The densification of the Little Portugal neighborhood around Five Wounds Church and our next BART station is beginning. There is a new proposal to replace two residential lots at 1271 and 1279 Julian Street with a 140-unit apartment building sitting on just under an acre. The seven-story building would have two floors reserved for parking and five floors with 1-3 bedroom apartments. 14 of the apartments would be reserved for very low income housing.

The development permit is going to be considered for approval this Wednesday. This would be one of several projects in the Little Portugal neighborhood, which could see up to 2,000 new jobs, 600,000 SQFT of commercial space, and 5,000-7,000 residential units long-term. The neighborhood is likely to look very different in 10 years.

Source: SVBJ

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Sonic Runway

One of the most interesting and dynamic public art installations in San Jose lights up the block in front of the San Jose City Hall from 5pm to midnight every night. It creates a visualization of the speed of sound and was originally featured at Burning Man. You can park for free for 90 minutes at the 4th Street Garage and enjoy it all the way until January 1st, 2028.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Content 16.2

The latest issue of Content Magazine is about to drop (Silicon Valley's top publication on local arts and culture). This issue will come with a limited edition flexi disc vinyl record from Needle to the Groove, as long as you preorder or subscribe by January 31st.

To top it off, they will do a Pick-Up Party in partnership with Creekside Social on February 22nd at 20 Barack Obama Boulevard in Downtown San Jose. Subscribers always get some sort of perk at these parties--often a free cocktail, apps, or other goodies.

Here are some of the people featured in the upcoming issue:

Musician - Amara 林 | Videographer - Victor Aquino | Photographer - Britt Bradley | Rapper - Chow Mane | RecordLabel - Discos Resaca Collective | Dancer - Srividya Eashwar | Artist - Girafa | Rap Crew - Kid Lords | Photographer - Josie Lepe | Artist - Julie Meridian | Record Shop and Label - Needle to the Groove Records | Illustrator - Shaka Shaw | 2024 San José Creative Ambassadors - Dancer - Alice Hur - Artist - Pantea Karimi - Artist - Deborah Kennedy - Artist - Rayos Magos - Storyteller - Yosimar Reyes

To learn more or subscribe, head over here.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

The South Bay is looking for more action from Super Bowl 60 than it received from 50

San Jose had a lot to gain from Super Bowl 50. There were major events throughout Downtown San Jose, including the SAP Center, San Pedro Square, and Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Hotels saw a huge boost. Plus most of the costs and risks were covered by Santa Clara.

Now for Super Bowl 60 in 2026, the South Bay is looking to better capitalize on the event. Of the $240 million of estimated economic impact to the Bay Area during the last Bay Area Super Bowl, San Francisco got a whopping 57% of that amount, San Jose scored 12%, and Santa Clara only got a sliver at 7%.

Fortunately, the numbers might swing more in the South Bay's favor the next time around. Several San Jose leaders are looking at way to attract more of the attention (and revenue) related to Super Bowl 60. Ideas include undercutting SF for major hotel events, host simultaneous music festivals, food festivals, tech showcases, charity events, and so on. 

It may also help that San Francisco's brand has been in decline with high levels of crime, homelessness, and squalor on city streets. However, it's never good to benefit from someone else's suffering. If your read the source article, the president of the Bay Area Host Committee believe by working together the pie will grow larger verses trying to compete with one another. That seems like the ideal perspective for maximum returns. We also have to do a much better job of marketing the assets we already have, and there are many.

It's a fascinating read. What do you think San Jose and Santa Clara should do to keep more Super Bowl dollars near the stadium where the game is actually held?

Source: San Jose Spotlight

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Pianist Nicolas Namoradze performs for Steinway Society in San Jose

WHO: Steinway Society – The Bay Area presents

WHAT:  Nicolas Namoradze 

WHEN: Sunday, January 21, 2024 @ 2:30 pm

WHERE: Montgomery Theater, 271 S. Market St., San Jose.  Live and LIVE STREAMED



Pianist and composer Nicolas Namoradze came to international attention in 2018 upon winning the triennial Honens International Piano Competition in Calgary, Canada—among the largest prizes in classical music. His recitals around the globe have been met with universal critical praise, and recent album releases have received extraordinary accolades, including the Choc de Classica, Record of the Month in Limelight, Instrumental Disc of the Month in BBC Music Magazine, Editor’s Choice in Gramophone, Editor’s Choice in Presto Classical and Critics’ Choice in International Piano.


Among the most critically acclaimed musicians of his generation, Namoradze was bestowed the 2020 & 2021 Young Pianist Award by the UK Critics’ Circle, which called him “very much more than a top-flight pianist.” Recent highlights include recitals at concert halls including New York’s Carnegie Hall, London’s Wigmore Hall, Konzerthaus Berlin and the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan; festival appearances at Tanglewood, Banff, Gstaad, Santa Fe and more; and performances with orchestras including the London Philharmonic, Budapest Festival Orchestra and Sinfonieorchester Basel.


Namoradze earned his master’s at The Juilliard School and his doctorate at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in neuropsychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College, London, where his research interests include the effects of mental practice and mindfulness on musical performance. Namoradze is the author of the book “Ligeti’s Macroharmonies,” published by Springer in the Computational Music Science series, and his compositions are published by Muse Press.


”Set to become one of the truly important artists of his generation.”

–American classical pianist Emanual Ax


Bach-Busoni, “Ich ruf zu dir, Herr” BWV 639

Bach, French Suite No. 1 in D minor BWV 812

1.    Allemande

2.    Courante

3.    Sarabande

4.    Minuet

5.    Gigue

Bach, The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080

1.    Contrapunctus VI

2.    Contrapunctus VII

Fauré, Preludes Op. 103

1.    No. 3 in G minor

2.    No. 6 in E-flat minor

3.    No. 9 in E minor

Ligeti, Etudes

1.    1. No. 11, “En suspens” 

2.    2. No. 13, “L’escalier du diable”

3.    3. No. 16, “Pour Irina”


Nicolas Namoradze, Memories of Rachmaninoff’s “Georgian Song”

Pärt, Für Alina

Pärt, Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka

Rachmaninoff-Namoradze, Adagio from Symphony No. 2, Op. 27

Scriabin, Sonata No. 4 Op. 30



Single Tickets: $45 to $70 

General Admission: $70/$60/$50

Senior & student: $65/$55/$45

Livestream online: $25 per household / live + unlimited listens for 48 hours  

Purchase Tickets:

Box Office: 408.300.5635


Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Bay Area Michelin Star Restaurants - 2024 Edition (Part 1)

It has been a long while since doing a post about Michelin recommended/starred restaurants--2019 in fact.

The Michelin guide is the most renowned rubric in the world for measuring culinary success. Unfortunately, we have some bad news this year. San Jose's first and only Michelin Star restaurant ever, Adega in Little Portugal, is now permanently closed. The silver lining is that it will be replaced with a second Petiscos restaurant. The original Petiscos is in Downtown San Jose's SoFA District and is not only featured in the guide but is one of San Jose's first two Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants (a step below a Star and signifying a restaurant is of outstanding value for the quality).

Michelin has three different star categories:
  • One Star - A very good restaurant in its category with cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard. A good place to stop on your journey.
  • Two Stars - Excellent cuisine, skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality. Worth a detour.
  • Three Stars - Exceptional cuisine with distinctive dishes and superlative ingredients. Worth a special journey.
New last year were "Green Stars" for restaurants that are at the forefront of sustainable, environmental, and ethical standards.

There are also restaurants in the Michelin guide that do not get a star, but are considered "Michelin Recommended." This is already a significant honor that a very small percentage of restaurants achieve. This distinction has gotten more rare since the guide now covers all of California instead of just the Bay Area. San Jose has a total of 4 Michelin Recommended restaurants (one of which is now closed), which is down 4 restaurants from 2019. LeYou Ethiopian is the only newcomer.

San Jose Michelin Recommended Restaurants:
  • Downtown
    • Petiscos $$ (Bib Gourmand)
  • East San Jose
    • Adega $$$$ (Closed)
  • Midtown
    • Luna Mexican Kitchen $$ (Bib Gourmand)
  • North San Jose
    • LeYou $$

I also created a Google doc listing all of the star recipients for 2023, along with tabs for all previous years and some general statistics. 2020-2022 were crazy years and I still have to update data there. I also expect new stars and restaurants to be announced this summer. There is no longer a physical book for California, but Michelin will update their site after new stars are awarded.

Below is an image capture from the doc. This year there were a total of 45 Bay Area restaurants that were awarded Michelin stars, which is down 12 from before the pandemic in 2019. 60% of the restaurants are locating in SF, 18% in Silicon Valley (split evenly between the South Bay and the Peninsula), 18% in Wine Country, 2% in the East Bay, and 2% in Marin. There are 3 new restaurants on the list for 2023 and several that no longer made the cut or were closed down. There were no new Silicon Valley restaurants on the list from 2022, but Selby's and Sushi Shin were both added post-pandemic.

This post is entitled Part 1. As previously mentioned Michelin will announce updates to the guide for Bay Area restaurants this summer. It will be interesting if San Jose can get back in the guide with a starred restaurant. There are certainly several that deserve it. Some of my top picks for addition would be iChina, Le Papillion, and Rollati. We'll have to see if anyone will come along and fill Adega's shoes in Part 2 later this year.

Monday, January 8, 2024

Flashy housing tower expected to break ground within a few months in Downtown San Jose

Orchard Residential is planning to break ground on 540 high-rise residential homes within months at 409 South Second Street. This is the site of the former Bo Town restaurant in the SoFA District.

The design for the tower is stunning, featuring hundreds of staggered balconies and built-in planters to make the building look like a vertical forest. If the final product ends up looking anything like the renders below, it will be one of the most unique projects in Silicon Valley.

The location is also excellent as it is right in the middle of San Jose's arts district. Residents would be able to easily walk to restaurants, bars, galleries, and theaters. 

Source: The Mercury News, aphelion2100 from Skyscraper City

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Samsung is launching new AI-focused smartphones in San Jose

Samsung is gearing up to launch their newest flagship devices on January 17th at their North American headquarters, right here in San Jose. The theme is "Galaxy AI is coming." 

It's not entirely clear how Samsung will spice up their lineup but is easy to speculate that they will have components similar to ChatGPT or Google Bard. The new phones could also have new hardware to accelerate AI functionality or apply AI to phone use itself (e.g. predicting what you are going to do and setting up automatic routines). Whatever happens, they'll be filming here.

Samsung's North American Headquarters is located in North San Jose at 3655 North First street.

Source: The Mercury News

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Downtown San Jose could be getting a new pet store/hotel/daycare

The "Workingman's Emporium" retail store in Downtown San Jose at North First and Devine Street has been bought by a pet services entrepreneur. The plan is now to convert the 7,900 SQFT property into a care facility and retail store for pets. This would include pet boarding, daycare, and grooming. 

With so many new homes and residents in Downtown San Jose, this will be a major amenity for pet owners that is just a short walk from most major Downtown residential buildings. 

No ETA was provided but given the owner already has has experience in this space and another store that is currently open (Pet Villa in Santa Clara), I wouldn't expect it to be a long wait before the grand opening. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

Updated photos of the tallest buildings in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is growing up. The Tasman East area at the border with North San Jose and Alviso is going to have several new mixed-use residential towers go live well before Super Bowl 60. Gillynova from Skyscraper City has a ton of new photos of the development in the area.

These are the first residential high-rises in Santa Clara (besides a SCU dorm) and feature surprising amenities like rooftop pools. The towers are 238 and 219 feet tall. There is also a new midrise housing building which you can see below.

There are plans for even more towers in the future courtesy of Related Co, who also wants to build hotels, offices, and an entertainment complex right in front of Levi's Stadium.

Source: gillynova from Skyscraper City

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Iconic San Jose tower will be converting offices to homes

Demand for office space is low and housing is high, which will likely lead to several office to housing conversions throughout San Jose. One of the most interesting proposals is by the owners of the historic "Bank of Italy" tower in Downtown San Jose. The building was San Jose's original high rise, and the company that built it eventually became Bank of America. It was actually the tallest building between Los Angeles and San Francisco between 1926 and 1970... 44 years.

The latest proposal is to convert the 13-story office building to between 125 and 150 homes across at least 11 of the floors, in addition to doing significant interior and exterior renovations. The attic below the spire and cupola would also be used to support the residential component (perhaps as amenity space). The plan also references a 1,400 SQFT lower penthouse and 900 SQFT upper penthouse. It's not clear exactly where those would be--if they are part of the tower component above the attic or the terraces along the side.

Dining and retail spaces are also earmarked for the project, including one with a 2nd floor terrace which you can see in the 2nd and last images below. I'm reminded of the old Scott's Seafood location. This could be a really unique spot for a restaurant overlooking Fountain Alley and First Street!

It also looks like they want to add some dynamic lighting elements to the top of the tower, which would be a nice bonus for the project. Hopefully they can get this completed before the market shifts again.