Saturday, December 30, 2023

Breeze of Innovation Updates

Urban Confluence has been collaborating with Plaza de Cesar Chavez stakeholders on building a world-class landmark for the city in the heart of Downtown San Jose. The goal is still to place the winning concept, Breeze of Innovation, somewhere in Plaza de Cesar Chavez. In 2024, the organization will share an updated version of their vision--which was teased in the email below from Steve Borkenhagen. He's the Executive Director for the project (side note that he is also one of the key people responsible for the San Pedro Square Market's success and has owned several restaurants Downtown).

Some of the updates to the project will include elements that will dramatically honor Cesar Chavez and elevate San Jose events of all kind. The email specifically mentions Christmas in the Park and the San Jose Jazz Festival. I'm really excited to learn more about the possibilities of how Breeze of Innovation can further activate the park and add a new defining element to the Downtown San Jose skyline.

If you want to contribute to the project, the link is in the message below.

Dear Friend, 

Creating a dynamic city center involves lots of blood, sweat, and tears. In 2023, we’ve worked hard to collaborate with our fellow Plaza de Cesar Chavez stakeholders on plans to dramatically improve the most historic piece of property in San Jose. In 2024, we want to take the next step.

Great parks are the secret sauce for successful downtowns around the world.  For more than two centuries, Plaza de Cesar Chavez has been waiting for us. This is our chance to finally take Downtown San Jose to the next level by working together with our city's diverse and amazing citizens for the greater good. 

Along with many others who are deeply committed to Plaza de Cesar Chavez, we will reveal our shared vision for the park in the next six months. This vision will include Breeze of Innovation, elements to dramatically honor Cesar Chavez, and vastly improved park infrastructure that will amp up and elevate events of all kinds -- including Christmas in the Park and the San Jose Jazz Festival.

The mission for 2024 is tightly focused; we plan to join with the family of Cesar Chavez, concerned citizens, park event producers, and neighbors to begin to dynamically improve Plaza de Cesar Chavez and maximize the joy experienced by all park visitors.

Downtown leader Gary Dillabough says: “Sometimes to create an exceptional place, you need a catalytic event or a catalytic project. Our belief is that the Breeze of Innovation is that project.”

Will you please continue to support our game-changing project for downtown San Jose? 

Your donations will help us create this inspirational vision for Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Please donate HERE or by mailing a check to Urban Confluence Silicon Valley, P.O. Box 720813, San Jose, CA 95172.

Your financial support is deeply appreciated.

Please call Steve Borkenhagen any time with questions and comments.

Happy New Year!

Urban Confluence Silicon Valley

Executive Director Steve Borkenhagen

Please take a moment to watch this video of Mayor Matt Mahan as he discusses Breeze of Innovation. 

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  1. This seems like a silly use of the plaza, which is a great use of open space. Aesthetics aside, the Vessel in NYC has shown these kinds of giant sculptures that you can climb inside are just a magnet for problems.