Sunday, December 31, 2023

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan's 2023 holiday message

Our mayor's end-of-year newsletter featured several highlights in 2023. You can read the full thing in the source link below, but the items that really stood out for me as big wins were:
  • Lower homelessness by 10% and we have 788 additional interim housing units in the pipeline
  • Lower crime by 5%, Automatic License Plate Readers have helped solve hundreds of crimes in San Jose
  • 300% increase in volunteerism, 500,000 lbs. of trash removed from streets and creeks
  • San Jose residents and companies were granted the most AI patents in the country, San Jose also hosted an innovation summit to help the city leverage AI solutions
  • Improved San Jose permitting times on both big and small projects
Overall, it seemed like 2023 was a very positive year for San Jose. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's Eve and hopefully we'll have an even better 2024! 🎊🥳

Source: San Jose Inside

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