Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: More Subzero-like Events in SoFA

Subzero yet again mesmerized thousands with tons of unique entertainment, food, and art... with often times 3 or 4 main attractions happening simultaneously. This week's wishlist is for more events like this in SoFA, which is uniquely suited for the arts in San Jose. We have Zer01 coming in September, but it would be great to see at least one other arts event of this scale each year in SoFA. I could totally see a Halloween costumed event in October or a Brazilian Carnival inspired event in February.


  1. I agree we need more events like this....I LOVE SubZERO. I don't like the idea of a Halloween event. It feels that every major city's Halloween event ends with a bunch of drunk people fighting and property damage. Maybe I've just lived in the wrong cities in the past.

  2. I wish every first friday was like this - not just specified events. In Phoenix, they have massive first friday's ( and it's just not in one area, it's in the entire downtown. I'm hoping that down the road San Jose will be able to get a larger art following to do something similar to it.

  3. Wow, looks like a great event! I agree that a city 'Halloween' event would likely degenerate into a drunk-fest.