Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Retail Coming to Santana Row

It looks like many new additions are coming to Santana Row this year. Two new retailers have just been announced. Lavazza Espression is a high-end espresso shop that will be added near the office lobby in the 300 building (same building with The Yard House). Drybar will setup shop across from Hotel Valencia and offer women a shampoo and hair styling for $35. A press release with more information for both is below.

Also slated for Santana Row this year: H&M expansion into the former Border's Store, Kate Spade New York, Icebreaker TouchLab, Clary Sage Organics and The Veggie Grill (a very highly-rated vegetarian restaurant replacing Wahoo's).


Coming to Santana Row:
Drybar, a Blowouts Only Salon, and Lavazza
Espression, an Italian Coffee Shop

San Jose, CA (May 30, 2012) - Drybar, a buzzed about shampoo and blow dry-only salon and
Lavazza Espression, an Italy-based coffee shop, are the newest additions opening at Santana
Row. They're the most recent tenants to sign on at the Bay Area's most dynamic shopping and
dining destination.

Drybar is slated to open this summer at 377 Santana Row, across the street from Park
Valencia. The salon started a revolutionary concept by offering women a shampoo and blow-dry
styling for a flat rate of $35 and the motto, "No cuts. No color. Just blowouts."
The founder, Alli Webb, opened the first salon in Brentwood (in L.A.) and  Drybar has since
grown to 14 locations across the country. Celebrity regulars include Jennifer Love Hewitt,
Amanda Bynes, Mary Steenburgen, Maria Shriver and Rose McGowan, who liked the concept
so much that she became an investor.

Company CEO is Webb's brother, Michael Landau, a former brand marketing manager for

The 1,499 square foot location at Santana Row features all the whimsical components that
make Drybar such a hit: bright yellow ionic hair dryers that hang from ceiling fixtures and a
menu of blowout styles named after cocktails. Ask for a Mai Tai and you'll get a sexy beach look.
The Manhattan is a sleek city blowout. They're served with complimentary wine, champagne,
coffee or tea.

Lavazza Espression is scheduled to open this fall at 300 Santana Row next to Hastens at the
entrance of the office lobby. Lavazza's history started more than 110 years ago when founder
Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocery store in Turin. He is credited with inventing the concept of
the blend, the art of mixing coffee of different origins to obtain a flavorful brew.

Lavazza, known as Italy's favorite coffee since 2007, is expanding its presence around the world
with a contemporary and innovative approach to coffee with Espression cafes, a place where
consumers can experience an extraordinary blend of coffee creations and fresh food in an
atmosphere of award-winning design. Innovation and research are two essential ingredients for
Espression. The menu ranges from the very best of Italian traditional coffee drinks coffee and a
rich menu offering featuring fresh bakery goods, panini sandwiches, chocolate drinks and
gelato. The chain's signature atmosphere is the embodiment of eclectic creativity, characterized
by a sophisticated ambience of the best in Italian design.

Drybar and Lavazza join kate spade New York, Icebreaker TouchLab, Clary Sage Organics and
The Veggie Grill as the newest additions to Santana Row. Meanwhile, retailer H&M is tripling its
space by moving to the 26,000 square-foot location formerly occupied by Borders Books. The
move to the corner spot on Olin Avenue and Santana Row is expected in the fall and means the
store will be large enough to also carry apparel and accessories for men and children.


  1. Aww Wahoo's is gone? I noticed the Palo Alto one closed is SR's gone, too?

    1. Yup, looks like it. The vegetarian place replacing it looks pretty amazing though.

    2. Any reason why they closed? I really liked their food. It was an easy choice when I take my kids to play at Valencia park.