Friday, September 15, 2017

New Proposal in West San Jose

A Preliminary Review Application (File No. PRE17-143) was recently submitted at 375 S. Baywood Avenue for a 12-story, 65 unit multifamily building with underground parking on a 0.3 acre site. Currently the site has two existing single-family homes and could be developed with up to 75 units under the Urban Village land use designation. This property falls within the newly adopted Valley Fair/Santana Row Urban Village Plan. The VFSR Plan sets a capacity for 8,500 new jobs and 2,635 new dwelling units.

The applicant submitted several design concepts to gain an understanding of what staff would support. The conceptual designs can be found here. The concepts are all of a similar design but different enough to be able to have a preference for one over the other. I will say it is very exciting to see interest in architecture that is different from the typical boxy industrial look we have seen all too much in the Bay Area (think Mission Bay in San Francisco).

-Kimberly Vacca



  1. .30 acres? That's about 13k sf. Geez, can you go any tinier? Buy another house next door at least if you're going to go through all this trouble to build a 12-story building.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Can you continue to do this on any preliminary applications? I hope you will consider massive reductions in parking (like maybe making parking maximum of .25 or .5). This is the heart of the SR/VF Urban Village and transit will improve. It has to.