Monday, May 17, 2021

Urban Catalyst replacing Garden City Casino with a large mixed-use project

The former Garden City Casino and Harry's Hofbrau area in West San Jose is going to get a significant overhaul. Urban Catalyst would like to build a mixed-use project combining office space, residential, a senior living complex, and a hotel.

Each of these four elements would have it's own dedicated building. Along Saratoga you'll find the office building and hotel. The offices would clock in around 300,000 SQFT across nine stories. The hotel would have 175 rooms, with suitability for both for short and long-term accommodations (I think this will mean two hotel brands sharing the same back-of-house resources and staff). One really neat feature is a rooftop deck above the hotel lobby (or lobbies) with the swimming pool and amenity space.

The residential building will house 425-450 apartments across eight stories. A separate senior living and memory care facility will have 165 units.

This seems like quite a nice proposal. The only element missing is retail--it would be great to see some restaurants and stores on the ground floor of all the buildings. However, Santana Row and Valley Fair are less than a mile away so this is not as critical for this particular area.

Source: SVBJ


  1. I think this is ridiculous, more traffic jams because of buildings, and probably shorten the lanes like they have all over the area's, they could take out the sidewalks and keep the lanes clear

  2. Build a theatre for local groups to have an affordable venue, support the arts!

  3. A reference to Harry's Hofbrau! I really miss that place. I don't even like that kind of food, but it was one of a kind. W. San Jose lost a lot of character when HH shuttered. And now we'll have... another office building and a hotel. Shame.