Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Le Marché Santana Row Farmers Market

Last week I attended the grand opening of the Le Marché Santana Row Farmers Market, located at the southern end of Santana Row. Le Marché is held every Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. and includes over 50 vendors offering vegetables and fruit, local cheeses, flowers, herbs, olives, and even whole rotisserie chickens! Le Marché passed all of my criteria for what qualifies as a great farmer’s market:

  • “Food on the fly” or food ready to eat from local food trucks in case you’re hungry for a meal right then and there
  • Fruits and veggies to make salads or sides for lunch and dinner during the week
  • High percentage of local vendors
  • Range of dessert, from pies to pastries

Some of my favorite purchases were the scallops from the Santa Cruz fishermen (all fish is sushi grade), the black raspberries from Borba Farms, and the olives from O’Live Healthy.  The live cooking show hosted in the center of the market was also a special treat! There is ample seating around the chef’s table so you may sit and listen to the chef during her show. While there weren’t any arts or craft tables, Le Marché has a smaller footprint than other local farmer’s markets. Le Marché is also very kid friendly as the site is closed off to vehicles and much of the plaza is dedicated to seating, socializing, and eating.

I would highly recommend getting to Le Marché before 6:30 p.m. as the parking garages were decently full by then. Although, a huge benefit to Le Marché at Santana Row is that there is always free parking! And a friendly reminder that due to health codes, dogs are not permitted in the market area. I was unaware of this rule and brought my dog with me, as shown by the picture below, but was never approached to leave the market. 

Overall, great food, great location, and a great time!

For more information, check out the Le Marché website:

-Kimberly Vacca

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