Sunday, May 23, 2010

2010 NHL Playoffs: History in the Making?

It makes me wonder. What if the fans of the Montreal Canadiens gave up on their team when they trailed three games to one? What if the fans of the Philadelphia Flyers gave up on their team when they trailed three games to none? How fitting that the “History Will Be Made” theme is for the NHL Playoffs this year. Some of the best teams have been knocked off and some of the most amazing comebacks in history have been made.

Sharks fans have already watched the first three games versus the Blackhawks: seen the Sharks’ fantastic puck control, backchecking, and getting more shots on net. Everything has been going in favor of the Sharks – except the score sheet, and in some cases, the fans. For instance, many of you gave up on Dan Boyle when he inadvertently shot the puck into his own net in Denver during an overtime of Game Three versus the Colorado Avalanche, yet since then he has demonstrated to be one of the strongest players and contributors on the Sharks, making brilliant defensive plays and tallying points in every game thereafter that series.

As Sharks fans, we must continue to cheer on our team with the same great intensity as we do when the Sharks have momentum when playing at the HP Pavilion, much like Game Five, at home, versus the Detroit Red Wings.

The Sharks know what they need to do. It is not a matter of who is more skilled, but who wants it more. The want to make it all the way, no matter how steep the uphill battle may be. While the Sharks can do it, they cannot do it without your support. Let us start with a win in Chicago to bring the series back home!

What if Sharks fans gave up on their team? History will be made.


  1. I am so ready to watch the Sharks win today!

  2. We had a good season; just wish we had a better exit. Boys worked hard. Hope they get a nice break before next season starts.