Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Downtown San Jose Retail - Q2 and Q3 2010

The latest San Jose Redevelopment Agency monthly report is out and it has an updated list of new retail opening it's doors Downtown through September. Details below!

Retail Under Construction
There are twelve retail stores or restaurants Downtown currently under construction or in the permitting process.

Opening Second Quarter 2010
• Ruffled Feathered Eatery (200 S. First St., Ste. 10)
• The Pasta Market (579 Coleman Ave., Unit #80 - San Jose Market Center)
• Sante Grill (143 West Santa Clara St.) Now Open!
• La Victoria - expansion (131 W. Santa Clara St.)
• Teagre Tea Shop (33 North Almaden Ave. - San Pedro Square)
• Panda Express – (567 Coleman Ave. - San Jose Market Center)
• Tutti Frutti Yogurt – (567 Coleman Ave. - San Jose Market Center)
• Paesano’s Sicilian Restaurant (350 W. Julian St., - Little Italy)

Opening Third Quarter 2010
• Ross Dress for Less (27 South First St.)
• Morton’s Steakhouse – expansion (177 Park Ave.)
• Pho 69 Restaurant (321 South First St.)
• The MMoon Empanada Restaurant (177 W. Santa Clara St. - San Pedro Square)

To read the full report, click here!


  1. This site has done wonders for my optimism about San Jose. However, I have to ask: do you think the bunch of stuff opening is more than usual, or just part of the open/close cycle downtown seems to always be in? I can't help wondering with the closures of AP Stump's and Tied House (I'm sure there are more I don't know about).

  2. Yeah, definitely more than usual. More retail is coming in than out, and I also think the retail mix is improving. For example Ross will get way more utilization than the furniture store that was there before (Black Sea Gallery). Several months ago the Market opened on the ground floor of The 88. I was skeptical at first but it pretty much activated the entire block and has been filled with people every time I go there.

    The fact that 3 restaurants are doing well enough to actually expand is also a very promising sign (Morton's, La Vitoria, and Flames).

  3. More info on Ruffled Feathers can be found on their Facebook page:

    Their scheduled opening date is June 1st....

  4. Thanks Anonymous! I was able to get more details, will break it out into a new post right now.

  5. The Pasta Market is opened already I believe. I noticed it last week and it tried it out. Really great food!

  6. San Jose has many places to eat... Very few places to shop. I would be there (and eat there) more often if I didn't have to leave Downtown every time I needed to buy something. Less pawnshops and discount stores. More mid-range retail and known brands. We have so many empty store fronts... Let's generate some foot-traffic and create a reason for people to return to the area.