Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Jose 2030

I have to tell you guys about an amazing new endeavor that videographer David Manzo has embarked on. His plan is to fully document Downtown's transformation over the next 20 years in a project called San Jose 2030! Over the next several months, he will be videotaping and photographing key areas throughout downtown including the San Pedro Square Market Site, Saint James Park, and other places of historic significance. As major changes occur, he will go back and re-record those areas in stunning high definition. Not only will this capture significant eras in San Jose's history, but it will provide a time lapse of how Downtown will grow and achieve new heights over the next 2 decades!

To start tracking Dave's progress, access the San Jose 2030 Facebook page here! A website is also coming soon.


  1. Joshua,
    Anthony Dominguez here. Wouldn't that be awesome if the above photo of downtown San Jose were taken from an actual high-rise! OK, that might be a little to much skyscraper for SJ's liking, but you get my drift. Peace!

  2. All we need to do is build a Burj Dubai and you'll have your wish =)