Friday, July 8, 2011

Myth Grand Opening!

Downtown San Jose's newest restaurant (and nightclub) is starting their grand opening bash tonight. They'll have free appetizers and modern Greek cuisine to munch on, as well as live music and DJs. For more info, click on the flyer below.


  1. well this promises to be good. their website isn't even launched... on opening day? sigh...

  2. Check their facebook page. I saw the inside, it looks pretty damn nice. Even better than Smoke.

  3. Club Myth used to the a great place to hear great music and have a great time. However on March 29, 2012 my bottle service party of over 20 guests were not allowed to enter the club because one of the girls who happen to be a little heavy set was wearing silk flow pants (wide leg) and they told her that her pants were to baggy. When we started to argue, they brought over this over makeup'd, fake blond haired (fake as in damn near plastic hair) guy who they called their stylst. They basically embarrased her and our group because we weren't "pretty enough" for them and didn't have the style they were looking for....We were pisst! First of all we pre-ordered bottle service (2 bottles) which was costing already over $400, then because we have a party of over 20 guest coming to the club there was going to be over $1000 spent or more by our group alone. The club wasn't even having a cover charge that night. They are dumb and instead of speaking to your stylst, I wish I spoke to your accountant because they made a dumb ass financial decision, over a girls pants! Not a boy's tennis shoes, or sports hat or any other lame ass thing they could have come up with, it was a girls nice silk pants. All of us were dressed up, and no not trashy or anything, but looking really nice for my best friends going away party because she got a new job at the DA's office......hows that for irony. This club is now lame, oh and Studio 8 is no better, we told them the story and they were going to let us in, but then they changed their minds and tried to tell us the men's pants were too baggy (they were wearing nice slacks, the kind that you wear to a job interview, WTF).......SAN JOSE IS DUMB AS HELL AND I HATE GOING OUT HERE NOW....what kind of image are you really trying to pull off here, you all are fake as hell, especially because we go to these clubs all the time wearing the same type of ish!

    MYTH IS WACK and discrimintory against big people and people who don't look like they should be in fashion magazines, this is why they will only be around for so long.....good bye Myth, it was nice knowing you!