Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spirit of Japantown Festival TODAY

Thanks to Glady for submitting this.  Today is the Spirit of Japantown festival featuring all sorts of demonstrations, food vendors, fanime, and San Jose Taiko.  More info below!

San Jose Japantown is one of the last three major Japantowns that remain in the United States. Japantown Community Congress of San Jose (JCCsj) was created to continue the cultural and historical preservation of our 120 year-old, multi-ethnic Japantown. The JCCSJ is composed of Japantown advocates, including representatives of major organizations, members-at-large, residents, businesses and property owners. We invite everyone to be a part of our unique experience! (One day only from 10am to 5pm.)

Food vendors, Arts & Crafts, Car Club Expo, FanimeCon anime all day, Martial Arts demonstrations, San Jose Taiko, Scojourners, Spirit of Hawaii stage, Beer/Wine/Sake Garden, Midori Bonsai Exhibition, Ikebana Arts, Kids Zone, Open Houses, storytelling, Southwest Airlines Raffle, Gift Certificate Raffle - and ALL Japantown OPEN!

 Hosted by Japantown Community Congress of San Jose

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