Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Stats: San Jose is the Healthiest City for Women

San Jose made it into another top 10 list, and this one has nothing to do with salaries. 84% of women in San Jose exercise, only 8% smoke, 99.8% wear a seat belt, and in general women here eat far more fruits and vegetables than the average American. All these stats led San Jose to be proclaimed the top healthiest city for women in the country. The net result of the data above is a life span that is 3 years longer than average in the country.

That life span should get even longer in the future given the many billions of dollars of new investment into medical care happening throughout Silicon Valley hospitals. Another positive future factor is leading the country in hybrid and electric vehicle adoption, which will reduce pollution despite population increases.

Top 10 List
1.) San Jose, CA
2.) Bethesda, MD
3.) San Francisco, CA
4.) Santa Barbara, CA
5.) Honolulu, HI
6.) Santa Ana, CA
7.) Minneapolis, MN
8.) Fargo, ND
9.) Portland, ME
10.) Burlington, VT

Source: Self

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