Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Downtown San Jose Wikedly Fast WiFi

Downtown now has one of the fastest free WiFi hotspots in the US! The city partnered with SmartWAVE Technologies and Ruckus Wireless to launch the "Wickedly Fast Wi-FI Network" which is available in the area bound by East St. John, Balbach Street and Viola, North 6th, and Almaden Boulevard.

The network will only cost the city a $94,000 one-time fee and $22,000 annually, the same as the previous network.

There are a few gaps in coverage right now, but those should be addressed by the end of the summer. You can click the image below to see where all of the current and planned access point locations are. Also, the Wickedly Fast WiFi webpage is over here.

Source: SVBJ


  1. i've only ever heard of one account of a person who was able to connect, and that was very slowly. my iphone 3gs has never connected.

  2. I've connected but I wasn't able to bring up a single webpage.

    Also, we're not Boston. We need HellaFast Wifi.

  3. Definitely need more coverage. Especially across 87 from HP pavillion to make it feel more connected to downtown. Also, Sam Liccardo talks about an interesting proposal here -

  4. Incentivize public transit - expand to cover Diridon Station.