Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bay Area Michelin Star Restaurants - 2019 Edition

The Michelin guide is the most renowned rubric in the world for measuring culinary success. Unfortunately, we have some bad news this year. San Jose's first and only Michelin Star restaurant, Adega in Little Portugal, lost its star after holding the honor for two years. It's unclear why, although it is still featured in the guide as a recommended restaurant.

Michelin has three different star categories:
  • One Star - A very good restaurant in its category with cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard. A good place to stop on your journey.
  • Two Stars - Excellent cuisine, skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality. Worth a detour.
  • Three Stars - Exceptional cuisine with distinctive dishes and superlative ingredients. Worth a special journey.
There are also restaurants in the Michelin guide that do not get a star, but are considered "Michelin Recommended." This is already a significant honor that a very small percentage of restaurants achieve. Within this category San Jose scored a total of 8 restaurants, which is up two from last year (one is Adega). Luna Mexican Kitchen on the Alameda is the newcomer. Fortunately we we did not lose any Michelin recommended restaurants this year.

San Jose Michelin Recommended Restaurants:
  • Downtown
    • Back A Yard
  • East San Jose
    • Adega
  • Midtown
    • Luna Mexican Kitchen
    • Din Tai Fung
    • Walia
  • South San Jose
    • Thien Long
    • Lau Hai San
  • Camden
    • Zeni

I also created a Google doc listing all of the star recipients for 2019, along with tabs for all previous years and some general statistics. Below is an image capture from the doc. This year there were a total of 57 restaurants that were awarded Michelin stars, which is up 2 from last year and an all-time high for the Bay Area. 63% of the restaurants are locating in SF, 18% in Silicon Valley (split evenly between the South Bay and the Peninsula), 16% in Wine Country, 2% in the East Bay, and 2% in Marin. This is the first time ever where Silicon Valley has more Michelin Star restaurants than Wine Country. There are 5 new restaurants on the list for 2019 and 3 that did not make the cut or were closed down. The only new starred restaurant on the list from Silicon Valley is Protege in Palo Alto.

Source: Michelin Guide


  1. Why can't downtown get 3 star restaurant?

  2. Don't know, but many South Bay residents don't want to come downtown to dine. You gotta pay for parking, and then encounter lower class and middle class people on the sidewalks. Walking downtown at night is not like walking in Saratoga, Palo Alto, or even Santana Row.

    1. Yeah, poor people suck. You definitely represent San Jose residents.

    2. Oh no, not people on the sidewalk! What kind of city is this?

  3. It's sad that the bums on the sidewalk as considered middle class.

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