Friday, October 8, 2010

San Pedro Square Market Press Release!

Foodies Rejoice!

Bacon flavored ice cream. Spaghetti tacos. Pulled pork sammies with cole slaw and Carolina vinegar sauce.  Watch a martini fly through the air at 15 mph without spilling a drop. Step up to a bar that sells T-shirts, not alcohol. The San Pedro Square Market is coming soon!
 A place unlike anything in the South Bay. Flash mobs, tango dancing, Shark away games projected on The Fallon House. We are breaking the mold with this project.
-Saturday morning fitness camps
-Grab a cocktail and walk from building to building while visiting your favorite vendors.
-Free music in the plaza! Everyday!
-Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings---in the middle of St. John Street.
-Rock climbing walls, big wheel races, treasure hunts and stroller Jeopardy.
If we tell you anything else, it will ruin the surprise!
Foodies rejoice! Finally a we are going to have our own Food Mecca. No more searching for cool food. Our vendors will be pushing the envelope everyday with their products and flavors. 

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