Sunday, December 19, 2010

Downtown San Jose Restaurant Spreadsheet Updates

A few notes on changes and improvements that are coming to the Downtown San Jose Restaurant list:
  • Created a column for restaurants that are open on Sundays (green means they are)
  • Added late night formatting for restaurants open late in the Hours column. I'm surprised at how many Downtown restaurants are open until midnight or later. I wish I had this list back in college =)
    • Pink - open until midnight or later
    • Light Purple - open until 1am or later
    • Dark Purple - open until 2am or later
  • Added a count of restaurants in the Downtown core, which excludes the San Jose Market Center, and will exclude the restaurants between 5th St. and 11th St. that I will be adding in 2011.
  • Added instructions up at the top on how to sort and filter (you need to go to View >> List View).
To see the spreadsheet, just click here!


  1. Does the old city hall area count as downtown? I just got back from lunch at Fantasia (or Fantazia?) Thai restaurant near there, and it was much better than I remember from just after they opened a few years ago.

    Also near there is Spice Hut south Indian fast food, and Hunan Taste (my vote for best Chinese in central SJ). And yet another Subway location...I'd hate to have you miss one of those.

  2. It's difficult to draw an exact line, but I think either St. James St. or Julian would be the cutoffs for downtown. After that you start getting into Japantown.

    Spice Hut and Hunan Taste are definitely in my list of top places to try (especially Spice Hut), but I would consider that 1st St. outside of Downtown for now. It will be interesting if all of the new development on 1st St. will eventually be seen as an extension of downtown or an autonomous district. All of those restaurants as well as some killer Japanese places are already long that corridor.