Tuesday, February 1, 2011

La Vic's on Santa Clara Street is Now Open!

The remodeled and expanded La Vic's is now open on Santa Clara Street! This was pure serendipity. As my wife and I were driving by I noticed a decorated horse dancing on the sidewalk (literally). Of course we had to go check it out.

The remodel is surprisingly upscale. All counter tops are granite, there are crown moldings, and plenty of comfortable seating. This is a dramatic improvement over the old storefront. My favorite touch is the bright orange wall in honor of their famous sauce. The menu is exactly what you would expect... whatever your feelings for La Vics were before the remodel, expect them to stay more or less the same. I'm hoping for the same hours as their SJSU location, but they may need to file new permits to stay open that late (3am).

La Vic's, welcome back!


  1. I'm heading home next week from Singapore and La Vic's is on my bucket list of San Jose places to eat at. Thanks for posting about it!


  2. Awesome! Better access to Orange Sauce.