Friday, March 25, 2011

Bike Party Survey

Interesting survey results from San Jose Bike Party participates. As soon as a bike sharing program comes to San Jose, I'm going to join the next run!

Survey Results

Bike Party’s goal is to build community through bicycling.  In order to determine if we are achieving our goal, we surveyed our riders and participants.
Over 500 participants responded to a self selection survey. (We posted in on the website and sent it out to the facebook group).
These are the results (with 585 completed).
34% of particiapants have attended 1-2 rides
28% have attended 3-4
13.6% have attended 4-6
15.3%  have attended more than 6 rides
After Riding with Bike Party,
30.3%  have purchased a bicycle
78.6% have purchased bicycle accessories
39.6% have paid for bicycle repairs
76% of riders have made friends because of Bike Party.
Because of Bike Party,
57.9% ride their bicycle more often for transportation
77.3% ride their bicycle more often for recreation
79.8% feel more confident riding solo or with a small group of friends
75% have learned more about local bicycle routes
79.8% have learned more about the local community
75.8% have learned more about safe riding
22.7% have participated with other groups


  1. sam liccardo announced that car sharing is coming late 2011/early 2012. when is bike sharing coming?

  2. It was supposed to be here already. I believe it was being funded by the VTA, so that could explain why it's not here yet.