Sunday, March 27, 2011

Downtown San Jose Restaurant List Updates!

Here's the latest round of updates:
  • We'll start off with the bad news. The following restaurants have closed:
    • E&O Trading Company
    • Ruffled Feathers
    • Penguin Froyo
  • Added the following restaurants:
    • CJ's Cafe & Catering at 303 Almaden
    • Supreme Dog at 284 S. 11th St.
    • House of Bagels at 505 E. San Carlos St.
If you haven't bookmarked it yet, here's the link to the spreadsheet! There is also a permanent link over to the right entitled Downtown San Jose Restaurants.


  1. Why did E & O close??? It always seemed really busy...

    That's a real, real shame. It's one of the few higher-end restaurants in town.


  2. There is a big article in the Silicon Valley Business Journal about it. I really like E&O too (corn fritters!). The good news is that it will be replaced very soon. I think I'll summarize that article in a Future post.

    This is one more bit of good news. A new restaurant is going in what used to be Smoke Tiki Lounge. It seems like the number of new restaurants coming in is greater than the number of places closing down.

  3. The newspaper article indicated that they were on a month to month lease the past year and they couldn't agree on a new lease. There is already a replacement for the sport.

  4. Why didn't E&O move to a new location then? There's plenty of open spots.

    Does anyone know of a downtown happy hour list? It'd be cool to have all of the options listed in one spot. I know Billy Berks, Wagon Wheel, and Firehouse all have happy hours.

  5. What bar doesn't have happy hour?... And they're all in a 3-4 block radius...