Monday, April 25, 2011

SJ Eats 2.0 - May 7th

Downtown San Jose's 2nd mass-food truck experience is coming on May 7th! Ryan describes some of the improvements below, but basically there are going to be even more food trucks to help keep the lines short, the lines will be managed much better, the area will be 3 times larger than before, and there is even going to be some music this time around. Every day they are announcing more trucks at their facebook page right over here. My recommendation would be to come early so you can sample as many trucks as possible! The lineup already looks pretty amazing.

SJ Eats
SJ EatsPhotograph by Andre Rubang
A Note from SJ Eats
Monday, April 4, 2011: Thank you for making SJ Eats the largest grassroots event ever held in Downtown SJ. Almost 10K people attempted to attend on Sat, April 2nd. We were set up to handle maybe half that. Many passed by only to leave in frustration due to extremely long wait times & chaotic lines. I want to sincerely apologize for the substandard experiences many of you endured. We have learned from Saturday and plan to implement several changes.
Long Wait Times — The massive attendance at SJ Eats is proof that San Jose has an incredible pent up demand for quality street food. The only way to meet this demand is to increase supply. For this reason, SJ Eats is immediately entering talks with City staff to start a weekly street food meet up in Downtown.
Line Management — We are investing in line management hardware to bring order to the chaotic system displayed at the lunch session.
These changes along with the addition of live music will help push SJ Eats to meet its true potential as a social connector for San Jose. If you have any suggestions, please comment HERE. We hope to see you in May at the next SJ Eats!
Ryan Sebastian, Organizer

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