Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos of Evergreen Village EPIC Festival

The Evergreen Village EPIC Festival last weekend was vibrant and lively. The crowd was bustling and kids were playing everywhere. It was a great day for some photos.

Lori and RJ hosted the event. You need to be a bit young to remember them. They use to host FOX Kids and the weekday cartoon lineup. What a flash back. I kind of miss watching cartoons.

The balloon artist was pretty cool. He was making neat multicolored multiballon animals and flowers. The T-Rex was pretty cool.

There were also various dances and some martial arts demos. Unfortunately, the stage was really hot due to the sun and so some of barefoot dances had to be done on the grass. But I think it turned out nicer dancing out on the green grass.

It was a great time. Also meet with Steve Natale from the Examiner who was doing some photos as well for the Evergreen Village site. Had a nice time chatting about photography gear and some classic cars.

The Evergreen Village will also be holding summer music and movie nights in the coming weeks. So, if you’re in the area, drop by and check it out.

To view the rest of the photos head on over to the album here.

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