Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rose, White & Blue Parade on the 4th of July!

For those of you who have not attended this event before, it is considered one of the best parades in the United States! Those who have already know what a treasure this parade is for San Jose. This year's Rose, White & Blue Parade begins at 10am at the corner of Shasta Avenue and Martin Avenue (near West San Carlos St.). The parade follows Shasta/Hanchett Park and Rose Gardend neighborhoods and ends on the Alameda near Pershing with a massive picnic!

Click here to see the full brochure.
Click here for information on the Picnic at the end of the parade.
Lastly, click here for their facebook page.


  1. Can't wait for this parade! Thanks for covering it - it should be a lot of fun. We even have Treatbot coming :)

  2. I love participating. Each year. The look on the kids faces when they experience being IN their first real parade. Plus, expressing their patrioticism in a supportive environment strengthen their bonds to the community and country. I hope to see you On The Alameda this 4th.

  3. Great! We will be there. Thank for the post