Monday, July 18, 2011

San Jose Could Get High Speed Rail This Decade

The California High Speed Rail Authority has been getting a lot of flack for the proposed first phase of the HSR system that will one day connect all major cities in California. They are planning on building the least expensive (and least controversial) portion of the track first which would would essentially connect Fresno and Bakersfield, giving it the nickname "the train to nowhere." Now, they are saying that before revenue service begins, they will extend the tracks either to San Jose OR south to Palmdale or San Fernando Valley.

If the San Jose route is chosen, that means that we could have access to the fastest rail system in the country this decade. A 250-mile trip between Downtown San Jose and Bakersfield would take just 1 hour and 49 minutes. There would also be a second Santa Clara County station in Gilroy. For more info, click here.



  1. not gonna happen... and not only that, who would spend 2 hours on a train from san jose to bakersfield? this whole plan is so messed up.

  2. A really cool idea, although I would be extremely surprised if it actually got decent use. I, for one, would be against using my tax dollars to fund something like that.

  3. Such a lack of vision, you two!