Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop San Jose

I am finally getting around to putting together a list of San Jose companies that are making CONSUMER products (not business products). This is easier said than done because most companies in San Jose are focused on making products for other businesses. For everything I buy these days I'll always look up where the company is headquartered and try to buy as close to San Jose as possible. This maximizes the amount of money that will feed back into our local economy.

The list includes companies like Adobe, Netgear, eBay, and Orchard Supply as well as a couple smaller companies that may one day change the world. A great example is Switch, whose product is pictured below. They created the most advanced light bulb in the world, a liquid-cooled LED bulb that produces the exact same type of light as an incandescent using a fraction of the electricity (even less than compact fluorescent bulbs).

I also created a tab called "Almost SJ Consumer Goods" for companies that are located in Santa Clara County, but not in San Jose. It's a short list because I haven't done as much research on these, but am expecting to add many more in the future.

To access the document click the "Shop San Jose" link on the right menu or click here. Also, if there are companies you would like to add to the list just post in the comments.



  1. Cisco...they make wi-fi routers for home use (I working on one now...purchased at Fry's)

  2. Satori tea
    100% Pure cosmetics
    OCZ Technologies (solid state hard drives)

  3. Thanks guys! I made several additions and also added a column for the address of each company's headquarters in San Jose.

    As for Cisco, unfortunately their consumer division is Linksys and is actually based out of Southern California :/

  4. How could I forget.. Gordon Biersch!

  5. You should add Veggielution Community Farm!

  6. and also Phil Wood Co., which makes and sells excellent bicycle components from their shop at 9th and Taylor, and Shorty Fatz, who makes custom bikes, also at 9th and Taylor.

  7. Added Phil Wood and Veggielution, also added URLs for each company.

    Gordon Biersch was founded in SJ, but is now headquartered in Tennessee.

  8. Good one, added it to the list. I still haven't tried Treat but heard their ice cream is amazing.