Thursday, December 22, 2011

ANA Bringing Direct Flights to Japan from San Jose!!!

Wow, Merry Christmas San Jose! SJC is finally reaping some fruits from years of lobbying for more international flights.

Yesterday, All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced that they will be bringing a new nonstop flight between San Jose and Tokyo. This will be a tremendous benefit to Silicon Valley companies, the city of San Jose, and of course those of us the would like to visit Japan.

Could this news get any better? Apparently it can. When the new route kicks off in 2012, ANA will be using their brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes. In fact, it will be one of the first routes in the US to use the 787. Some of the amenities include a full bar in coach, the largest windows ever put in commercial aircraft, LED lighting, and restrooms with built in bidets (it's a Japanese thing).

For more info click here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for special pricing during the first couple months of flights like Alaskan has been doing on their new Hawaiian flights.



  1. Awesome news! My wife and I are already planning to use ANA out of SJC for a future trip to the Philippines.
    By the way Joshua, those ANA 787's will look great in 20 years flying out of our future Moffett airport ;) the eternal optimist at thought. Happy Holidays!

  2. Very cool. In many respects SJC has a lot going for fog delays like another airport to the north :), brand new terminal, close to downtown (some would say that goes against it !), lots of high tech companies close by, etc, etc.

    Only downside is the curfew which airlines absolutely hate if I understand.

  3. I'm perplexed by San Jose. I was a visitor to San Jose over the holidays and am usually perplexed by events when I travel there. The latest was my experience purchasing boxes of holiday candy for business associates.
    I bought 4 boxes ($90.00) and when handed a bag was informed that after the 1st it would cost 10 cents.
    Inquiring why, I was told that I needed to bring a bag with me. I shouldn't have but I pushed the clerk further asking; isn't there enough mark-up to cover the cost of your bag and was told it was a City imposed Tax (?).
    Of course next time I leave Chicago I will be sure to ask a clerk there for an extra bag in case I decide to buy something at the SJC airport. But really, what happened to Community Goodwill. Do you intend to lecture all guests to your community?

  4. It will never happen because of the communities below the glide path...remember the heat they brought when informed the Google guys have their jet there. These may be 'green' communities but when it comes to what is green for the region they insist self comfort over the larger community.

  5. Regarding the bag thing, I have to agree with the Chicagoan. This seems like the government over-reaching a bit. What I noticed today at Santana Row was that many stores were packaging things in cheap re-usable bags, which are not recyclable. If people end up throwing these away, or worse... mixing them in with recyclables, then it will make the problem worse, not better. I'm all for being green (even reserved an electric car), but I'm a bit skeptical on this particular policy.