Friday, May 24, 2013

Dishcrawl Debuts Dine Downtown Dishes: Sneak Peek 8 Restaurants for Dine Downtown

The San Jose Downtown Association and Dishcrawl are teaming up to provide a sneak peak for the Dine Downtown Restaurant Week! This is the ultimate way to sample a bunch of different foods in one night and plan out your dining adventures. Tickets are only $5, and you can get them right over here. In addition, Discrawl will be donating a portion of each ticket sold to the Oklahoma Relief Fund to benefit those affected by the tornado (use the promo code "oktornadorelief"). The promo code will work until June 1st. More info below:


Dishcrawl Debuts Dine Downtown Dishes
Sneak Peek 8 Restaurants for Dine Downtown

San Jose, CA – Dishcrawl, popular for providing local food adventures, will be hosting a sneak preview to the annual Dine Downtown event. Join us in downtown San Jose on Wednesday, June 19th from 5-8pm, we invite you to engage your taste buds as we explore the many special offerings of our local favorites two days early.

“With participating locations like Fahrenheit and Billy Berk’s, Dine Downtown is sure to be a successful restaurant week and Dishcrawl is giving people a VIP exclusive,” says Kirby Ptacek, Dishcrawl ambassador.

With the destination set at serving quality dining experiences, the San Jose Downtown Association seeks to highlight the quality and diversity of dining options in downtown San Jose. This year, Dishcrawl will feature 8 of the participating Dine Downtown venues and dish out a unique and memorable way for people to connect over food.

A ticket grants entry to the event, a cupcake, and the chance to win up to $500 of prizes courtesy of the San Jose Downtown Association. Tickets for menu offerings will be available for purchase on day of event. Entry tickets are $5 and now available for purchase here.

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