Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Mural on Empire Street in Japantown

A killer new mural was just added to Japantown at Empire & 7th Street. More info and photos below:


San Jose Artist Sam Rodriguez Partners with Gallery to Paint Mural in Japantown

Empire Seven Studios owner, Juan Carlos Araujo, partnered up with local artist Sam Rodriguez to have a mural painted at the intersection of 7th and Empire Streets, located in San Jose’s Japantown. Araujo wanted to bring some positive attention to his neighborhood by having a large mural painted on the side of a building. Rodriguez, who works as a graphic designer for Cukui Clothing, was eager to be a part of the project.

The mural, which took a week from conception to completion, shows a man’s expressive eyes looking outwards. Rodriguez used spray paint for his artwork, which was painted on corrugated aluminum. Also known for his work as a graffiti artist, Rodriguez says he had to gain confidence at first with his more recent artistic style before doing such a large project. As for the subject of his mural, the artist would not specify. “It’s open to interpretation,” Rodriguez says.

Response for the mural has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Araujo says a surprising benefit to the mural is the slowing down of passing cars. “There is a big speeding problem here,” Araujo says. “People slow down to look at the mural now.”

Araujo hopes to bring more murals to San Jose in the near future, partnering with local businesses and residential owners. He hopes to use the series of murals as attractions in otherwise overlooked neighborhoods. “There’s such easy access to murals,” Araujo says. “The goal is to bring the community together.”

For more information about Empire Seven Studios or Sam Rodriguez, please email or call Empire Seven Studios at 408.638.7846.

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