Sunday, September 8, 2013

Little Italy San Jose Updates!

So it looks like there is some movement in San Jose's new Little Italy neighborhood. First off, Paesano's is about to get some company. Bel Bacio Cafe should be opening any week now and they are also trying to get a Pizzeria/Wine Bar. The giant arch at the entrance of Little Italy is a go (design below). Last but not least, they are raising $360,000 to purchase and restore a 1910 Victorian house in Little Italy and turn it into an Italian museum to honor the contribution of Italian Americans in Santa Clara County. So far, they have already raised at least $280,000.

Keep on trekking guys, it sounds like you are making some serious progress!

Please Help and Spread the word. We have been working hard to raise $360,000 to purchase a property in Little Italy into an Italian American Museum and Cultural Facility. We have raised $280,000 and have secured the In Kind donations for renovation of the Home.

We need $80,000 in the next two weeks!!!

We have Bel Bacio Cafe opening in a few weeks, a 31 foot Arch going up soon, are in the works for a pizzeria/Wine Bar. Help us get the property for the museum!!!




  1. This is exciting news!

    Also, Josh, you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, check this new superb downtown SJ restaurant in SoMa: Orchestria Palm Court. I found it–and tried it–this week and CAN'T GET OVER IT!!!

    I have never seen a place like it, not even in SF. This is California saloon meets fin de siecle Parisian brasserie. Awesome period music, furniture, contemporary, ultra-California menu (organic, local, the works, something for everyone).

    Go visit them, enjoy their food and as an avid fan of downtown SJ (despite my panic over the shootings last week) I really hope you give this venture some publicity. They opened like two months ago, are doing OK, but could use more visibility.

    Thanks!! S

    1. I hope this place survives. It's awesome! They even open up the player instruments so you can see how they work.

    2. Oh yeah, Orchestria Palm Court is amazing! I went there a month or so after they opened and was blown away by their authenticity. Even the toilets are from the era they are going for. Probably the most unique restaurant I have ever been to in terms of ambiance. Their service and food was also excellent. Will definitely be plugging them at some point in the future.

  2. I saw that on an earlier Facebook post (a few weeks ago) the Little Italy folks mentioned that they were in discussions with a developer regarding the houses/lots surrounding the future cultural center....any chance you could get an update on that from them?