Monday, May 5, 2014

Couple of New One South Market Shots

Below are a couple of new wide angle One South Market shots courtesy of Jeff Arko. Most shots of One South are taken from Santa Clara Street, but these were taken just north of Santa Clara in the parking lot between Market and 1st. One South is really helping fill the skyline from this angle and still has at least six more floors to go before being topped off. I can't wait to see this building when it's done, especially at night when the LEDs are on. I added a couple of renders for reference on what this will end up looking like.


  1. Notice that in the two renders that at night time the trees disappear. This is to prevent the drunks from peeing on the trees at night. In the morning the trees pop back up from the underground vault.

  2. The sun has also disappeared from the street for a better part of the day. No sun and no trees≠good.

    1. Is that a haiku? Otherwise it makes absolutely no sense.

  3. That's actually just north of Santa Clara St.