Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Stats: San Jose is the 2nd Safest U.S. Driving City

Here is a Saturday stat I was not expecting. Despite being the 7th most congested city in the US, San Jose is the 2nd safest city in the country when it comes to driving. Only New York had a lower vehicle fatality rate among the ten largest cities in the country. I also was not aware that San Jose has actually held this 2nd place distinction since 2003. I would expect when self-driving cars hit the market, the fatality rates will go even lower.

Fatality Rate Per 100,000 People
  1. New York City  - 3.21
  2. San Jose - 4.27
  3. San Diego - 5.23
  4. Chicago - 5.34
  5. Los Angeles - 6.27
  6. Philadelphia - 6.91
  7. Houston - 9.01
  8. San Antonio - 9.54
  9. Phoenix - 10.14
  10. Dallas - 10.96

Source: NBC Bay Area, hat tip to Jordan Toy


  1. We may not have the fatalities, but holy crap can people in the Bay not drive. Drivers in the greater San Jose area don't know how to properly merge, and think that putting their turn signal on means they can change lanes RIGHT THEN regardless of where other cars are.

  2. Yet another carcentric post on the San Jose. Driving may be safer but the pedestrian fatality rate in San Jose is a different story. If you need to leave your car and walk a short distance to your destination, you may be forced to play froger in marked crosswalks with the timer counting down. Instead of yielding to peds in a crosswalk, SJ drivers will often punch the accelerator as if in a drag race to try and beat you to the lane, sending in you fleeing back to the curb or leaving you stuck in the middle of the road, as they blow by at twice the speed limit.

  3. ^ a bit dramatic...

  4. Should be an * next to San Jose to reference "with the exception of Evergreen drivers." Seriously, some people shouldn't be driving and/or think they're still on the streets of the Third World...

  5. It doesn't matter where you are or what the statistics say, everyone thinks everyone else is a bad driver.

  6. Show the pedestrian fatality ratings for east San Jose. Numbers don't lie.