Thursday, November 20, 2014

Downtown San Jose - Current Development Projects

The San Jose Downtown Association has released its latest development map showing off the projects in the works today in Downtown San Jose (you will have to click on it to blow it up and get a good look). Blue squares are the four existing Downtown residential high-rises, anything in yellow is currently in development, and purple indicates development sites for future projects.

There are two surprises on here that Robertee points out. The first is a "Mill Creek" project with 194 units and 3,500 SQFT of retail a few doors down from the San Pedro Square Market in what is currently a parking lot. This should be a great infill project to continue accelerating the traction in the San Pedro area. The second is a Park & Almaden 5-story office project, which would be the first major office project in Downtown San Jose in over a decade. This new office would replace a super-ugly abandoned two story building that looks like a jail.

If half of the projects on this map come to fruition, it will already have a dramatic impact to Downtown San Jose.

Source: Robertee from the San Jose Development Forum


  1. The Pierce's retail better be really cool to make up for kicking Art Boutiki out.

  2. We're way better off with no office building than a measly 5 story lowrise building. It should be over 14 story and above. Scrap this little suburban cheap building. Wrong area!